Okay then! This is Chapter Two, and as such this is where the POLL VOTES will start to come into play. Your votes on who will be with Harry in banishment will play a huge part in the way this story plays out from Chapter Three to the end of the story. So, from the votes that were cast, I will now list some of the people definitely going into exile alongside Harry.

The ones going with Harry are:

Sirius Black - I was surprised to see how many of you actually voted him up. Though he's too old to be a Jedi, he's not too old to be just about anything else. So, his career will be something you guys can pick for yourselves. If you can convince me, he'll be a Jedi, but that's only if you can convince me.

Dobby the House-Elf - … To be perfectly honest, when I picked him for the POLL I figured you'd all see him like Yoda or something. To be honest, Dobby may become a Jedi, but he'll always be Harry's servant first. For some reason, Dobby just seems to love be Harry's House-Elf, even though he was free… or was he?

Fred and George Weasley - They're twins, so they technically count as one to me. I couldn't see them separating from one another by choice, so if they go with Harry; it'll be together. Will they always be together…? Who knows…

Chapter 2: Banished? Alright Then…

"You can't put him to death! He's just a boy!"

"Lord Weasley, he has helped smuggled a dragon out the country and aided in hiding a famously wanted criminal that is still at large. You and the others that support him won't allow Azkaban as a punishment, so what then!"

"Lord Malfoy, I implore you and the others of this court to see reason. We have revealed more than enough to settle this-"

"Lord Dumbledore, the information you've revealed isn't enough. You were right about Lord Black's innocence, but the matter still stands that he and Peter Pettigrew are both wanted for trials now. Dragon smuggling is still highly illegal and Lord Black still must answer for the crime of escaping prison, and being an unregistered Animagus."

"Yes, that is all true, Madam Umbridge, but Lord Potter is not a criminal!"

"One would think that helping in the revival of the most feared of Dark Lord would say otherwise, Lord Dumbledore."

"Lord Malfoy, you of all people know that he wasn't a willing participant in that affair!"

"And how would you know, Lord Weasley? Whose to say the boy hasn't been serving the Dark Lord since Day One?"

"He defeated Voldemort year after year, Lord Fudge, and has defied him many times! He has defended Hogwarts and his friends like they were his own! I implore you all to see reason!"

"Seeing reason or not, Lord Dumbledore, the facts still remain. The boy has not answered for his crimes, and he will do so now!"

"If we kill him off the Potter line will end just as the Gaunt line did with Voldemort, Lord Kalama!"

"That doesn't matter, Madam Zabini!"

"We can't allow more of the lines to end as we did with the others, Madam Umbridge."

"Blood lines and Noble Houses have no place in our decisions, Madam McGonagall!"

"Lord Fudge, please don't do this… Harry's a good friend of mine. I know for a fact that he wouldn't hurt anyone! You can't do this to him! He's the prophesized Chosen One, for Merlin's Sake! Think about what you're about to do! Harry is-"

"Silence, Lord Longbottom! Silence from all of you! Justice must be served, and no one is above the law! Isn't that right… Dumbledore?"

"Cornelius don't do this… Cornelius, please… Y-Yes… y-yes, you're right… I simply hope you can live with the consequences from this day forth, Cornelius. It will be on your head…"

"Very good then! Someone, bring the defendant and his party in! Hurry now, hurry!"

As a person's footsteps moved toward the door, both the twins took their multiple extendable-ears from the door and spelled them away just as the doors to the Noble Houses Chamber of Meeting opened.

Harry gulped thickly as the two Auror ushered him and the others into the room. Harry had found out a lot in the three hours it took to assemble all of the Noble House Heads. Harry had been given his inheritance in the light that it might be enough for him to get in and defend himself, but since they had so many charges against him, he had to pick others to state the facts for him instead. He never believed helping Hagrid, blowing up his Aunt, or even taking the blame for Hermione's punching Draco would land him in this kind trouble.

Hermione, and the Weasleys had come to support him while he and they waited for Arthur and the others to defend. In fact, he and they were the only families out of the court waiting. Draco had sent him several comforting looks while his friends did too. Hell, Blaise and Theo (being the wild and unpredictable pair they were) had even walked right over to him and hugged him in front of everyone. The others had been shocked into silence for a few minutes as Luna came up and offered him a apple core, saying that it helped avoid death penalties from Juggernauts (the evil corn people that lived in the brains of people like Fudge and Percy). Neville, as Head of his own Noble House (since his Grandmother was just "too old" and his uncles were all "a bit too loony for the courts") had given him a reassuring nod as he walked into the court with the other Heads looking as regal as they did. Susan Bones and even Daphne Greengrass and the girl's younger sister Astoria Greengrass had been trying to get him to ease up.

But in the end, all Harry did was try and mediate on it all. He, like all the others, had been listening with the Weasley twins on their Extendable Ears, so he didn't find much inner peace. Though now he wished he had used that time to come up with an escape plan so he go hide out with Sirius for the rest of his life.

Harry walked solemnly at the front of the march into the court. He had his chin held high, hoping that he looked more ready for his end than he felt.

"You'll be alright, mate. Most of the Lords and Ladies said they'd support you." Ron said behind him as Harry sighed.

"That was before they knew what was happening, and they probably only said that to get on my good side…" Harry said dejectedly.

Harry glanced around a bit and saw that the two Aurors were guiding him to a completely different area than where the others were sitting. He was being led to the center floor where the Lords and Ladies were looking down at him from their high chairs. When he got center floor, he realized that he was standing in the middle of a circle, was rose from the flood and quickly became a cage in which he had been trapped inside of. He sighed mentally as he now really wished they hadn't taken his wand at the start of the whole. He glanced back at the others and saw that Draco was chewing at his nails while Narcissa was rubbing his back in a subtle gesture to comfort him. Hermione was crying into Ron's shoulder while Luna and Ginny were comforting each other and Susan while the two Greengrass sisters were teary-eyed. All the Weasley siblings looked like they were at a funeral, and none of this was feeling Harry feel any better about standing trial.

Harry saw Mrs. Weasley sending looks at her grave and pale-looking husband who refused to look at Harry as he looked to be ready to cry. Neville, Professor McGonagall, and even a woman he had come to know as Blaise's mother all looked like they could barely stomach what was happening.

Lucius, Fudge, Percy, and the woman Umbridge looked like they had good news to share with the world as Madam Bones looked like she eaten a lemon and was frowning from it.

"Harry James Potter, born son of James Potter and Lily Evans, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter as well as other Houses, you have been-"

"Wait a moment, Lord Fudge: other Houses? What other Houses?" one of the Lords asked as everyone else was curious as well.

"They don't matter right now, Lord Nott, so please be silent."

"But if he is to be punished, then he deserves the right to know, and so do we all."

"Silence, Madam Zabini! Fine then… The Houses of Gryffindor, Slytherin, Gaunt, and some other minor ones I'm not saying. Now then, let's get on with the punishment!"

"But doesn't he have a say in this if he is Head of those Houses?"

"No, young Lord Longbottom! He is the accused and as such has no vote in his own trial. Now then, who votes for death?"

Harry was sure that Fudge was glossing very many things just to get to the penalties, but Harry was still thankful that only four hands were raised, including Fudge and Umbridge. Fudge looked as if things weren't going as planned, but he smiled none the less.

"Alright then, death is out. Who votes for prison?"

"We only have two prisons, and the boy is not going to either one!"

Harry looked around and saw that four of the many hands were once again raised, all being the same people. He sighed out a breath he didn't know he was holding in. He would have gladly bared his neck to a guillotine rather than face another Dementor without his wand and Patronus at the ready.

"Fine, no prison! Then he has to have a punishment that fit's the crime! He may be the "Chosen One", and "the Boy-Who-Lived", and "Master of the Most Noble Houses", and "Head of Hogwarts" since the other two Hogwarts' Heads haven't been found or have simply died out, but none of that has any baring on his punishment or his crimes! He will face a steep punishment, or else we will simply put him to death; the true punishment for reviving the dead, and dragon smuggling!" Fudge yelled as many eyes widened.

"You can't mean that!"

"I do, Lord Weasley, and I suggest you all come to an agreement on something quickly. I am still the Head of the Ministry and I will not stand by while a guilty criminal is made to go free because of his sway with the masses. I threw Sirius Black in jail, and I'll be damned if Harry Potter goes free when he truly is guilty!"

"Fine then… give us a few minute to converse."

Harry jumped a bit when he felt something crawling across his brain. It was like slime dripped into his skull and burrowed into his mind until he started hearing voices.

"Harry, can you hear me?"

"Professor Dumbledore?" Harry asked aloud as Dumbledore never glanced at him but continued to talk with the Lords and Ladies around him.

"Yes, but speak mentally Harry. Just think to yourself and I'll hear you. Also, we're not alone in this conversation. Arthur, young Neville, Lucius, and even Lord Lovegood are here as well. Not to mention Minerva, Madam Zabini, and others as well."

"Ummm, okay… Hi everyone…" Harry did as he was told.

"Hello, Harry/Lord Potter." the voices in his mind were enough for him to cringe, but he played it off as a yawn.

"Lord Potter, as much as we wish to, we can't help you much in this case. The only things we can do is stop you from being imprisoned and stop the death penalty."

"Ummm, thanks… Lord…?"

"Greengrass. Lord Greengrass, Lord Potter."

"Okay, thank you, Lord Greengrass and all of you, but what could be severe enough so that Fudge will accept it? I mean, he may have been voted in, but so long as he holds the power, he can get away with murder: particularly my murder."

"There is only one thing he that he will accept, and he knew it would come to this…"

"What is it?"

"Harry, my boy… Do you trust us?"

"Of course, Professor. I trust you and all the others with my life, especially since that's all I can practically do."

"A wise choice, Potter…"

'Lucius Malfoy… why are you in my head?"

"Because even I am trying to help you, you ungrateful brat! The Dark Lord wants to kill you himself, and he sent me a mental command saying to be sure he still gets his chance to."

"Oh… What's the other reason?"

"… Draco wouldn't stop crying on the way here after we got the summons. He kept whining about helping you and not seeing you dead. Something about our family secret being with you, but it was the whining that grated my nerves."

"Oh… Good to know… I guess…"

"We have finished our convergence, and reached a decision." Dumbledore stated loudly and clearly from his high place on the eastern wall. Fudge nodded with a regal look on his face as he leaned back into his chair.

"And you decision?" Fudge said as Dumbledore appeared next to Harry's cage in the blink of an eye.

"B-Banishment." Dumbledore stated quite solemnly as his olden voice shook while he tried so hard to keep the raw emotion out of it. Fudge and Umbridge looked positively estatic as Fudge banged his gavel happily.

"Yes, yes! I mean… Banishment it is then. Amount of duration?" Fudge asked as Harry looked pleasantly shocked. Even though he knew banishment meant he was cast out of Great Britain, he didn't think they'd give him a time limit.

"Until he is ready and able to return to us." Dumbledore said as he turned and winked at Harry with his twinkling eyes. Harry, though, noticed that the twinkle in Dumbledore's eyes were as bright as they normally were.

They had been quite dim actually…

"Fine then, but you do know that his banishment is able to land him anywhere, right Dumbledore? Anywhere at all." Fudge said, looking at Dumbledore as though the ancient wizard was trying to pull a fast one over him.

"Yes, we are all quite aware of that." Harry, however, wanted to protest that statement since he had no clue what wizarding banishment could entail, but when his eyes swept around the courtroom and over his friends, he saw that they all understood perfectly fine.

Great, he was the only one who didn't…

"Then this case is closed. Harry James Potter is hereby banished from the Wizarding World until he is reformed, where he will be ready and able to return onto us of his own free will and under his own power!" Fudge said as he banged his gavel, but he didn't look quite as pleased as he did in the beginning.

When Fudge stood and left the room with Percy and Umbridge at his heels, the cage holding Harry disappeared in a bubble-like burst. His friends and others came running to him, but when he turned to Professor Dumbledore, the man was already hot on the heels of Fudge with several others as well, all of them hounding the man about something. Harry only caught some words of it all and they were: "… law… right to have others… with him… can't refuse!" He wasn't sure what was being said, but as he turned to his friends he didn't really care.

Hermione nearly bowled him over as she came flying at him, wrapping him up with a bone crushing hug as Mrs. Weasley and Ginny did the same. Draco at the least waited for the others to get off him before he tried to squeeze the life out of him. Draco looked back at the others and growled as he pulled Harry closer to him.


"Now, now, Draco, be nice. I'm sure you've all gotten to know him, what with the way I saw you all worrying over me." Harry said as he gently pushed Draco from himself.

"Oh Harry, this is terrible! It's a relief you're not going to die and all, but banishment? It's not fair on you." Hermione said as Harry chuckled.

"I'll be alright, Hermione. It's not Dementors, Voldemort wouldn't know where I am for at least a few days, and I'm not gonna die outright. It'll give everyone else some time to get safe too. Besides, where will they send me anyway? Most of the world is populated, and all cultures have a connection to the magical world. I'll just hide out as a muggle with my gold, and live a peaceful life until Voldemort finally comes. He'll put killing me at the top of his list, anyway." Harry said as everyone else grew eerily quiet. Harry looked them all over, realizing only now that they all found the marble floors and other things in the room more interesting than him.

"What is it? What's up? I mean, they said they'd just randomly put me some place, right? What could be so bad about that? I'd end up instantly in a place it'll take Voldemort days to at least find, none the less get to."

"It's not that simple, mate." Ron said in a low and hollow voice.

"What do you?"

"Well, Harry… when they said anywhere; they meant anywhere." Draco said as Harry looked even more confused, if that was even possible.

"What does that mean?"

"Harry, it means you could end up on Mars, or a truck-stop bathroom in the States, or an alternate reality in which Ron is the Boy-Who-Lived." Hermione said as she gestured to Ron for the last one. Ron's ears went pink as Harry chuckled a bit.

"Really, Hermione? They said banishment-"

"And they meant it. Wizarding banishment isn't at all like normal exile or deporting. They are won't even know where it is you'll end up, and the only reason Fudge accepted it is because you have to get back on your own. T could take weeks, months, years, or… Or…" Mrs. Weasley was explaining before she went pale and laid a hand over her heart.

"Never…" Ginny said solemnly as the full weight of what they were trying to get him to understand hit Harry like a ton of bricks. His stomach dropped and he felt his insides run cold at the mere thought.

Banishment? Exile? Winding up anywhere from the courtroom they were standing in to an alternate world? Harry collapsed into a quickly transfigured chair thanks to Mrs. Weasley. His breathing became erratic and his sight seemed to blur as shock filled him like an air balloon.

"Harry…? Harry, you have to calm down." Draco said as he got to his knees and gripped Harry's hand in support. Ginny and Luna were on the other side trying to calm Harry, but Harry just seemed to have snapped at some point.

He'd never be able to see them again if what they were saying was true. He'd never be able to see any of them. Not Ron or Hermione. Not Neville or Susan. Not Daphne or Blaise. Not his Professors, not the Weasleys. Not Draco, Luna, or Ginny…

Hell, not even Snape or Voldemort!

He'd never be able to buy those new Star Wars comics he wanted, or watch the Phantom Menace again with Dudley. All of that; all of his happiness! Gone! Though he was slightly cheered by the fact that most of his sorrows would be gone too. Like no more Dursleys and no Voldemort trying to kill him. Then he remembered that with him gone to anywhere outside the planet, Voldemort might just shrug and start a killing-spree of all of his friends, family, and loved ones.

Harry realized he was going out of control, so he closed his eyes tight and tried to center himself. He tried to focus on his breathing, getting it under control and starting it in slow deep breaths to better relax himself.

He did everything he had learned from Star Wars to keep himself from having a complete and total mental breakdown. He took slow deep breaths. He imagined one color at a time, and only those he liked. Hell, he even thought of Yoda in the back of his mind saying, "Good, good… Feel the Force, you do, hmmm?" And he did. Well, he felt the magic of those around him, but he always felt that consciously or not. It was only when he got himself back from the brisk did he notice the voices around him.

"Is he sleeping or did he snap?" that was Draco, and he actually sounded worried. Harry had a feeling Draco always harvested feelings for him ever since they had first met in Madam Malkin's shop. Draco was always such a little girl about things like that though.

"No, he's just doing that freaky mediation thing. He does it all the time when things get to be too much, though I haven't really seen him do it since Second Year." Ron, his best prat of a friend. Ron was probably the one waving a hand in front of his face if the hair moving on his forehand and the air hitting him in the face were any indication.

"Is that what it is? He does it some times around me, but I thought he was have mind-chatting with someone and wouldn't tell me who. I guess I owe him an apology…" Blaise said as Harry was sure Draco was nodding in agreement.

"How long is he gonna do that? It's kind of creepy, ya know, seeing someone so… tranquil." a female voice, it was cool and somewhat lazed in it's forming of words… Daphne! Yup, it was her!

"I don't know… I think he looks kinda cool; all mysteriously calm in the face of a storm, ya know." a bubbly voice said as it moved around him. Harry was sure it was Susan because he could practically feel her eyes raping every inch of him.

"Susan, stop that, please. And could you all stop staring. It makes me uncomfortable." Harry said without moving anything other than his mouth. His eyes remained close and his breathing never changed as he was sure every was blinking at him in surprise.

"Heh, heh… Sorry, Harry…" Susan said as she backed away from him to the others.

"I'll stay here, but you all should go and see about the others. I saw then following Dumbledore as he and they were hounding Fudge about something." Harry said as he sighed in peace.

"Oh, that was about the right for people to go into banishment with you." Mrs. Weasley said as Harry's eyes shot open faster than she thought safe. Harry stared at her in disbelief while gaping in shock.

"Go with me? No! No one is giving up there good and normal lives just to follow me into a basic form of oblivion." Harry said firmly as he dared any of them to speak against him.

It was just his luck that Hermione and Draco were two who didn't back down from challenges like him.

"We're going with you, Potter, and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it." Draco said hotly as Hermione nodded with her arms crossed over her chest.

"That's right. You'd be completely hopeless without any of us! I'm going with you, and that's finally." Hermione said as Harry sighed.

"What about your families? Draco, you're your parents' only child and heir to everything they have. And Hermione, your parents are normal, non-magical muggles. How the hell are you gonna make them agree to this?" Harry said as Draco and Hermione looked away.

"We'll think of something before the end of the week…" they muttered as Harry blinked.

"Wait, end of the week? That's it? That's not much time at all! Don't I at least get two weeks!"

"No, it's so you don't flee the country and try to escape exile. They'll give you your wand, all your worldly possession in a magical truck, and a final request which must be obeyed on their magic. From there you and whoever wishes to follow you into banishment will be wherever you end up. If you manage to get back here then you have to swear to never do what got you banished in the first place."

"What? Helping people and being a good friend and person?"

"No, the specific stuff not the reason behind them. Anyways, when Fudge ended the trial without stating those rights to you Dumbledore and the others wanted to be sure they weren't being taken away; that's the reason why they're bugging him."

"Oh… So… what do I do now?"

"You come with us, Harry." Tonks said as she and another Auror, Kingsley Shacklebolt if Harry remembered right, made their toward him. Tonks looked to have cried a bit, but Shacklebolt looked perfectly professional, though he looked to be only a bit saddened by what was happening.

"You are to come with us so we can place you in a secure room until your exile." Kingsley said as he grabbed Harry's arm while Tonks grabbed the other.

"Hey wait a minute-"

"Don't resist, Harry." Hermione said as she and Ginny looked on in worry along with the others.

"I'll… I'll be okay. Listen; no one is coming with me. All of you move on with your lives. Help stop Voldemort, and bring back the Light. You're the ones fighting now, so do all you can so things like this never happen again!" Harry said, having to shout as he was dragged out of the courtroom.

Harry was thrown into his cell by two Aurors he was sure were Death Eaters, especially when they said that Voldemort would be making a "special visit" later some time in the week. And true to their word, Voldemort did show up, though the sight of a mediating Harry greeting him was not what he expected. But then again, the boy was always so brave and calm in the face of his betters and his own death.

"Ah, Harry Potter, the great Chosen One and Hero to the Light. Reduced to nothing more than a broken soul behind the bars of a world which he tries to protect." Voldemort taunted, though his sneer twitched when Harry still hadn't opened his eyes.

"Is there a reason you're here now, Tom. I know you won't kill me; I can feel it. I can hear your thoughts as if they were speaking directly to me. My death here wouldn't satisfy your ego enough." Harry said calmly, hearing Voldemort's thoughts once he had quieted his own.

The whole meditation thing was good for something after all!

"Ah, yes. You can hear my thoughts and sense my feeling due to the link we share. I don't know how it came into being, but I shall eventually." Voldemort said as he stood in front Harry's cell, "How does it feel? To be trapped behind bars like an animal?"

"Better than my childhood, I'll tell you that much." Harry shot back coolly.

"Yes… you're poor muggle relatives who hate magic. So much like my dear muggle father." Voldemort spat as Harry shrugged.

"Your father was drugged into loving your mother. He had no true hate against you." Harry said, reading Voldemort's thoughts on his father.

"I did not come here to discuss my life! I came here to taunt and jeer at you as the very friends and society you want to protect turn on you!" Voldemort exclaimed hotly, the boy's calm nature irking his nerves.

"Then by all means Tom-"

"Don't call me that filthy muggle name!"

"Fine then, Voldemort, do as you please. I don't much care right now. My friends haven't "turned against me" and the Wizarding World hasn't either." Harry said as he finally opened his eyes to gaze up at the snake-like man that was Lord Voldemort. What he didn't expect to see was the smile on the man's face.

"Oh, you don't know then, do you, young foolish Harry Potter. Read this." Voldemort said as he tossed a newspaper at Harry's feet.

Harry picked the paper up, but his brow quickly quirked as the front page of the Daily Prophet dragged him through the mug as a "hypocritical, lying, insane criminal". They spoke on each of his "crimes" and never once defended him, but greatly played up the negatives of his so-called crimes. Like his "dragon-smuggling" to help Hagrid was called, "Harry Potter's earliest and most enjoyed recreation to do since the start of his Hogwarts schooling", and how his illegal use of Polyjuice Potion from Second Year was to "take the law into his own hands, because he feels superior to the Auror forces since he was quoted to say they could not take down a Dark Lord as he did when he was a baby".

"Oh, now this one is amusing. Apparently my unwilling participation in your revival was an act of once again proving that I had what it takes to save the world from the likes of you even twelve years later. Hilarious." Harry said with an amused chuckle as he sat the paper aside. Voldemort couldn't help it, he gaped in pre shock at Harry as he was sure the boy would feel some sense of emotion at what was done to his image.

"Do you feel nothing, boy? Have they truly broken you that quickly? They have dragged your precious name through the mud! Don't you feel angered, betrayed? Something!" Voldemort, bewildered by Harry's apathy just as he was by the concept of love and kindness.

"Yes, I do. I feel a rage more powerful than I can hope to express. "Harry said with a small smile, then it turned to a frown, "The sheep of the Wizarding World will believe anything printed on a paper, but that is none of my concern. I know the truth, and so: that is all that matters."

"Join me, Potter. We could let them feel your rage. Don't bottle it up, your hate will make you much stronger; it will give you focus. Strike them down and rule this world at my side! Become my Apprentice!" Voldemort offered as Harry blinked.

Voldemort wasn't sure of it before, but now he was definitely sure Harry Potter had snapped and gone insane. The boy was laughing loudly and without careless. It went on for a number of minutes before the boy was calming himself down and wiping away the tears that came from his laughter.

"Oh Tom, I needed that. Thanks."

"Don't thank me, fool! And you dare to call me that! I offered you a chance to join me, but instead you laugh! Have they truly driven you to madness?"

"No… no, it's not that. It's just… I've heard another Dark Lord say almost exactly what you just did. The Dark Lord turned the Hero to the Dark-side and into their apprentice, but years later the guy killed the Dark Lord."

"What Dark Lord? What hero? I have heard no tales of such! Do you think you have information I do not?"

"Yes, I do. The Dark Lord's name was Sidious, and the Hero's name was Anakin. When he turned to the Dark-side, he choose a new name just as you did: his name became Vader, and he stroke down many of those that crossed his path. He could even kill people with a simple thought, but in the end he turned back to the Light."

"Lies! Lies and garbage! I have heard nothing of a Sidious and Vader. I would know if there were any Dark Lords by those names! I researched every Dark Wizard from before me!"

" Hmm, then you have failed. Your arrogance blinds you from the truth, and it shall be your undoing." Harry said, using his Emperor Palpatine voice as he gazed up at Voldemort. Voldemort stepped back at the cold rasp of a voice that made his own seem pleasant. Was Potter possessed by the very dark Lord he was talking about? He looked into Harry's eyes and saw that they were still green, but seemed to gaze at him with all the warmth of a glacier.

"Who are you?" Voldemort asked in a hiss as Harry wanted to laugh, but decided to have a little more fun.

"I am the Dark Lord who ushered in a secret Empire. I fooled the Aurors of Old into a false war; which I played both sides, and I took over the world. I had my forces kill the Aurors of Old and took over the Wizengamot. I am Emperor Sidious!" Harry said as Voldemort quickly got out his wand and took a defensive pose.

"I am the only one to claim such titles! I am the Darkest of Dark Lords, and I shall not have competition!"

"Fool! Only a true Dark Lord knows how to play to the side of the Light! You are no more than a emotional deprived school boy who wants to escape Death."

"That's it! Crucio!" Voldemort said, and Harry braced himself for pain, but it never came. He opened his eyes again, not knowing when they had closed, and saw that the bars were shimmering.

"How foolish of me. I forgot about the prisoner protections on the boy. He cannot be harmed until after his return from banishment or unless found while banished." Voldemort hissed to himself in anger, "You shall not use Potter as a shield! Come out here and face me, Phantom!"

"No, I think not. The boy is of little use to me right now. After his banishment and upon his return, I shall give him the power to strike you down. Until then, I shall go." Harry said, and fell to the side as if a spirit had left him. He got up with a groan and blinked his eyes as if dazed and saw Voldemort of his ceil looking as anger as a steamed crab.

"Voldemort, why are you here. You have no power here, now be gone." Harry said calmly with a wave of his hand.

"You were possessed, boy. The Dark Lord you spoke of earlier was the one to take over you." Voldemort said tightly as he gripped his wand in anger.

"The Emperor possessed me? You must stop him, Tom! He'll bring this world to it's knees! He'll kill all those in his way, and that's you!" Harry said as if panicked while Voldemort leaned forward to touch the bars, but pulled his hand back with a hiss of pain. His hand was smoking slightly as if burned, but he didn't seem to care as he looked at Harry.

"Where is he? Tell me! No one claims to be more powerful than I am!"

"He's hiding in the remains of his ancient empire. It is in a place called Coruscant in China and is called Imperial. You must track him down and stop him! He may be anywhere from there. Check Roman, Greece, Spain, Mexico, and even South America's countries. If you don't, then by the time I return, if I ever do, he will have regained his power." Harry said, acting as though there was very little time while Voldemort turned from it.

"Know that I'm not doing this for you, boy. No one challenges my rule over the Wizarding World. He shall be gone long before you return… That is, if you ever do." Voldemort said before he made his exit, turning into a black smoke and disappearing through the ceiling.

"And now, I simply play the waiting game. The goose chase will keep him busy for a while." Harry said, resuming his mediations as he waited, falling asleep as he did.

"Star Wars! Destroy new Deathstar's generator! Ewoks to the rescue! Blast through to the core! This Regime's gonna be brand new! Galactic Empire's through! The Jedi have returned! Return-! Returned!" Harry sang as he sat in his cell with sitting in his meditative pose.

Harry was about to start on another Star Wars song, but the doors at the other end of the room slammed open and Fudge walked in with Percy, Dumbledore, Mr. Weasley, and several other people along with a few Aurors.

"Let's get this over with. Have a job to do, after all." Fudge said as Harry raised a brow coolly.

"As do the others here." Harry said calmly as Fudge glared at him. Fudge signaled the Aurors to open his cell and they came in, pushing Harry out of it and into the ground.

"Cornelius!" Dumbledore shouted as he glared at the politician. Fudge backed away a bit and made a discreet gesture which the Aurors noticed.

"Sorry, Mr. Potter." the Aurors grumbled as they helped him up and dusted him off.

"No harm done, but please be a little more careful. I'm told I'm a fragile produce." Harry said mockingly as the three Aurors glared at him.

The Aurors pushed him lightly into the direction of the doors leading out of the cell room. They kept him walking as one walked in front of him and the other two beside him on either side. Dumbledore and the others were behind him as they walked in silence. The only sound through the halls and corridors were their footsteps. Harry realized that they weren't going back to the courtroom, but much further into the Ministry. They had gone through a room full of brains, another full of planets, and the last was one that was only a long descending staircase which they walked down. They reached the bottom of the stairs and through the doubles doors.

Harry's eyes widened as he came to see a coliseum of people looking toward them. The Aurors brought him over to the middle where a raised platform seemed to have been imported in from somewhere, because it was made of earth and was rocky. Fudge and the others walked to the judge-like booth where he was positioned to stand far from it on the earthy-dais in front of it. Harry craned his neck and behind him he saw a large archway. It looked like a tall stone pointed archway that looked so ancient, cracked, and crumbling it seemed amazing to Harry that the damn thing was still standing; especially since it was unsupported by any surrounding wall. Then their was the liquid-like veil that seemed to form a sort of veil in the middle of the archway from top to bottom through the opening.

But the weirdest part came when Harry jumped and stared at it wide-eyed in shock. He could hear things from it. Some of it was faint whispers and muttering, but every now and then a loud voice would startle him.

"My good people of the Wizarding World! We are gathered here today, in the normally reserved Death Chamber, to execute the exile of one Harry James Potter, Head of Noble Houses." Fudge said as he pressed his wand to his throat, making his voice loud enough for all to hear.

"Lord Potter has committed several crimes normally punishable by death, but as he has had several good and noble reasons for committing these crimes…" Fudge went on, but Harry frowned up at him and tuned him out.

"Prat probably had the Prophet print that story, and now he's trying to play the kind supporting politician who "has to do the right thing". Ugh, this guy makes would make Palpatine throw up in disgust." Harry thought as he rolled his eyes, hearing Fudge say how it pained him to do this to such a noble Chosen One, but how no one was above the law. Harry wanted to choke on his own tongue if only not to hear another second of this travesty.

"You were my brother, Anakin!" Harry jumped slightly as a voice rang out from just beyond the veil. He noticed that Luna seemed to hear it too from her spot between Draco and Ginny, separating the Malfoys from the Weasleys.

"Fear is the path to the Dark-side… Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate… leads to suffering…" an olden voice said from beyond the veil.

"… and so we must, with a heavy heart, banish Harry James Potter, to a place unknown to any as per Wizarding Law…"

"Strike them down, my Apprentice. You have been well trained. They will be no match for you."

"… and we give him his possession and his wand." Fudge said as Harry was broken from his concentration on the veil when a backpack was shoved into his hands and his wand roughly shoved into his pant's pocket, "From this moment on, Harry James Potter, head of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Head of the…"

Harry once again tuned the man out as he snuck a glance back at the veil. Instead of the black and murky water-like veil it had been before, he saw several Unspeakables cast spells into it making it a mirage of colors and lights. They stopped after a few seconds and nodded to one another before they stepped away from it.

"Harry James Potter, do you have a final request of we who banish you! As by Law of Magic, it may not be anything that effects your banishment, but we must abide by whatever it is other than that?" Fudge asked as Harry jumped slightly and blinked. Everyone was looking at him, and now that his focus wasn't on the veil, he was a bit self-conscious of their stares on him.

"Umm… not really… Ya know, just try to stop Voldemort, live happily…" Harry said, tapping his chin in mock thought before he snapped, "Oh, and for Merlin's sake stop being sheep! Think people, use some common sense and logic! If I get back and you people aren't, I swear to Merlin I'll be the Dark Lord you have to fear instead of Tom!"

"Tom…?" many voice rang out as Harry slapped his forehead.

"Yeah, Tom, as in Tom Marvolo Riddle Junior, aka the Dark Lord Voldemort. Son of Tom Riddle Senior; a muggle, and some witch from the Gaunt family. I think her name was Merope or something… Anyway, your so called Dark Lord is a Half-Blood, and if you people don't stop being stupid and actually start taking your futures and lives into your own hands, then I'm gonna be the one to jumpstart your brains with a good knock to them!" Harry said as he turned from the wide-eyed and muttering crowd and moved toward the veil.

"… Yes, well… Umm…" Fudge said, still clearly shocked into sputtering as he cleared his throat, "And who among you will journey into banishment with him. Know that if you do, your status and everything of you shall be his. In essence, he will own and be responsible for each of you while banished and there after."

"Oh, you don't have to ask that of anyone. I'm going alone, so-"

"We will!" several voice rang out as Harry had turned and started again toward the veil. His shoulders slumped and his head dropped as he turned. He was about to yell at his friends for even thinking they were doing the right thing, but his eyes widened at the people standing in the stands declaring they would go with him.

"What… the… Hell…?" Harry said speechlessly before he exploded in wide-eyed shock and confusion.