The sun rises over the Capitol, hazy morning light illuminating the city in its colours and its facets.

All over the city, men and women go to work, children go to school, all of them passing the billboards and the banners announcing in vivid colour the upcoming Hunger Games.

Many of those workers , who kiss their spouses and their children when they leave, become instruments in the Games.

They are weeks away still, but the Gamemakers have worked on it for a period of several years, along with hundreds, if not thousands, of other workers, all with a part to play.

Heron White is up early, leaving the house before his children are even dressed. He's a designer overseeing the final construction of the catacombs under the arena, and he'll need every minute if he's to get out to the arena in time, because they'll be starting work early in order to make the deadline.

Demetria Vincent leaves her house early too. She barely has time to shower and wash her dark green hair, then slip into her work clothes and leave a note for her girlfriend before she has to leave to catch her ride. A recent graduate, barely more than a schoolgirl in her overseers eyes, she's a technician monitoring plant growth and distribution in the leadup to the Games.

Ambrosius Harp can't even tell his family about his job. They know he's a junior Gamemaker, but his work stays at work, and his wife can only wonder. He's understandably stressed this close to the games, leaving in a worry about the meeting today.

Ferra Blackwell has been awake all night, and drinks a large cup of coffee before shooting a news segment in the City Circle. She sits in a folding chair as a stylist does her screen makeup and reads over her notes for the section they're shooting outside the Remake Centre at 9am.

Chloe and Rufus Gruen go to work together on foot, before they split up to work in respectively marketing and computer tech – Chloe is in charge of organising which electronic billboards can be rented for promotional teaser shots of sections of the arena, while Antonius works for transmissions, a technician managing the broadcasts to the districts in the leadup to this year's Games.

Eugenia Finch makes her way to work in good time – she has to be at work early enough to ready the boardrooms and cater to the needs of the Gamemakers in their strategy meeting. The whole place is a hive of activity - Avoxes, workers, city officials. The whole city is abuzz right now, what with the Games coming up. Those who aren't frantically preparing are worrying about the extra duties that come with them, or simply anticipating the start of another year's Games.

The city will become a hive of colourful activity over the day and into the night. The city is never silent, and always colourful.

Its citizens await the Games with bated breath.