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"Tink" Slightly says concerned "What's going on?"

It was real early in the morning, and the sun was bound to come up anytime soon. The two had to wait for Peter to fall asleep, which took forever since he kept tossing and turning.

Tink looked down at her feet, and tried to explain to Slightly what was happening to her. It makes it only harder that Slightly didn't understand what Tink was saying, not that she could form the words.

"Look Tink, I don't know what's going on, but if you need me, I'm right here" Slightly said. "You know that right?" Tink slowly nodded, still not meeting his eyes.

"Well" he said "Good night" Slightly went over to his bed and spined in circles (kinda like a puppy) and laid down to fall asleep. Tink looked at Slightly and slowly went to her room.

'I can't tell him' Tink thinks. 'He already is dangerously close to remembering his life. If I tell him about this…Jesus I don't know what will happen' Tink falls into a troubled sleep.

~~Penny's POV~~

I sneak into the house and freeze at every creek she makes. I stopped sneaking and looked up the stairs. When I heard my daddy's snoring, I let out a sigh of relief, and I'm about to go to my room to get a few minutes of sleep…that is until I hear my mother.

"You're up early" mommy says sarcastically as she walks in from the kitchen. "I went to wake you up, but you weren't in your bed" She looked at me suspiciously. "Where were you"

I could feel my face heat up and my hair felt prickly, like a wig. "I-I had to go to the bathroom" I lied. Mommy turned away from me.

"Mmm-hmm" She hummed. "See, that's what I thought, so I went to the bathroom and it was empty" Mommy stepped closer to me, giving me a death glare. "Did you just lie to me, Penny Proud?" I stepped back into the wall.

'Great trapped' I thought. Mommy got closer "NO!" I screamed putting my hands up defensively. 'What was that?' I think.

'Do I really deserve this?' I think of Big Brother, who told me I don't deserve any of the things Mommy and Daddy are doing to me.

Mommy looked at me shocked for a second. I had never yelled at mommy, too scared to, and yet here I am. Mommy advances on me; I'm scared she lifts her arm and-


I open my eyes, which have tears streaming out of it. Mommy's hand is right there, next to my cheek. Mommy sighs and looks at me disgusted. "Go to the bathroom, you look horrible" I nod my head and run up stairs.

I close the door lightly, so I don't get in trouble for slamming it. I just stand there, and then slowly I fall down against the wall into a heaping sob.

"Why does Mommy hate me" I cry into my hands. I get up, even though my body feels like a rock. I climb onto the bathroom counter because I'm too short and I don't have one of those stepping stools.

'Wow, I really do look terrible' I think. My hair had come loose from its ponytail, and my hair is in a big, sweaty, hot mess.

My face is completely red, and so are my eyes. You can see where the tears came down my cheek. "I look so" I start to say "Dirty"

'I don't deserve this!' I finally realize. "No one deserves this!" I yell at the mirror.

I look at myself and I'm shaking violently. 'Suga Momma and Big Brother are the only ones who really love me! He is the only one who cares' I need to calm down; I'm crying too hard, and someone will hear. I'll put a wet rag over my eyes.

I look at myself for a few more seconds and I lean over towards the cabinet over the toilet to get a wash rag. "Almost…got it" I grunt through clenched teeth.

I honestly don't know what happened next. I lost my balance, my feet fell, and it was like everything had slowed down to a crawl.

I'm falling; I need help. I try to scream, but it sounds like there is no sound coming out. In fact, it was like all sounds have stopped.

Mommy talking to someone downstairs, the hum of the refrigerator which you could hear up here, even daddy's snoring which is louder than an explosion had stopped.

I keep screaming which is mute until I finally hear me screaming his name. "Peter! Big brother! Help me" I cry.

I hit my head against the toilet, hard. It was like all my senses had gone num. My vision was blurry; all I could smell was blood which I was surprisingly familiar with. There was a loud ringing in my ears, and I tasted just like I smelled.

The only time I had felt like this was a year ago when daddy came back after being out late with his friends.


Mommy was completely ignoring me, because she was mad at Daddy so I had to make my own food.

I made myself a sandwich when I heard the door slam. "Where the hell were you!" Mommy yelled. "Why the fuck does it matter?" Daddy said his words slurred.

"Because it is 1 in the fucking morning, and you got off work at 11, 2 hours ago! Not that you make us any fucking money anyways!" I hear a slap and the door open and slam again.

Daddy came in rubbing his eyes, and I tried to sneak out of the kitchen. "Why are you still up!" Daddy yelled. "I-I was hungry, a-and" I started staring at my sandwich.

It was the first time Daddy had hit me. I tried to run, but he kept pulling me back. I yelled at Daddy and he screamed back. I could smell alcohol on his breath. I screamed, but he put his hand over my mouth. I tried to fight back…I got knocked out.

I woke up in the hospital the next day, and I wasn't let out until a week had passed. I didn't want to leave with Daddy, but I was too scared to walk away. I got in the car, and I rode farther and farther away from safety. From normality. From any sign of love.

I gasped from the bad memory. I looked around and the blackness was cutting in. I looked at the toilet, where I hit my head. It was red. I reach at the back of my head and look at my hand. Just like the toilet. I start crying "M-M-mommy! D-daddy! S-S-Suga m-momma!" I cry. "B-Big Brother!"

Everything is black, but I'm not completely out of it. I can still hear…barely. I hear footsteps running towards me and the door knob jiggling. I locked it.

"It's locked!" I hear Daddy yell. He sounded terrified. "Break down the god-damn door Oscar!" There's mommy. She sounds just like Daddy. Close to crying. I hear the door rip from it's hinges, and then…all the yelling.

"Penny? Penny!" I hear people yelling. 'I wish they would stop' I think 'I'm trying to take a nap' I have completely forgotten where I am, and what is happening. In fact I think I was starting to forget who I am, if that person would stop yelling.

"Penny! Stay with me!" "Oh god all this blood" "Is she all right?" "Suga Momma call the police! Call an ambulance! Call someone!"

A few words stuck out to me. Someone was holding me, and I knew it was daddy. He does have a strong embrace. Back before I was bad, Daddy use to hug me all the time.

"Penny? Penny please, wake up! Please don't leave your mother and me" He tightens his grip on me. "I love you, Penny. My beautiful daughter" He pauses for a second. Someone is next to him, holding both of us. Mommy.

"Penny? Baby girl" Mommy says as she puts her hand on my cheek, and I flinch. I can hear mommy crying now "Baby girl, I'm so sorry. So very, very sorry. We should've never laid a hand on you!" She's holding me, and daddy is holding both of us on a hug.

I open my eyes, just enough to see them and Suga Momma holding a phone. Her mouth dropped from the news she just heard.

Mommy and Daddy are looking at me with tears in their eyes. I smile weakly. I feel like I'm going to throw up.

My eyes are getting heavy; I just want to take a nap. I look at both my parents, and mommy puts her hand on my cheek again as Daddy puts his on the other while holding me.

For once, their touch doesn't scare me. For once in a long time, I know they love me. For one, I can look in their eyes, and not see the anger, hate, shame, and disappointment I usually do. For once…I feel safe. And in the same day, I might lose all of that.

I look at them. "Mommy, Daddy? I'm sorry I wasn't good enough" Mommy and Daddy stare at me dumbfounded. "Baby girl" Mommy says. "It's us who should apologize. We treated you for less then you were. You are the greatest daughter in the whole world, and we took advantage of us" they both had tears in their eyes. I heard Suga Momma talking furiously into the phone.

"Honey, we are sorry. We love you" I look at them and Suga Momma had come to us with a dog. "The ambulance should be here soon" She says.

I smiled at Suga Momma. "Hi Suga Momma. What are you doing here?" Suga Momma smiled at me and smiled "Hi baby. I-I came to show y'all my new dog. This is Puff" The dog barked and I giggled.

This is it. My vision is going blurry, and the ringing hasn't left. 'Wait?' I think. 'Those are sirens' I look at my family.

I might lose them today, so I take a deep breath, gather up all the strength I had left, and said "I…forgive you, mommy and daddy. I love y'all very much" I whisper "Good-bye" I hear them trying to keep me awake, but I'm so tired.

'I'll sleep for just a few minutes' I think. Everything goes black. Everything goes silent.

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