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Chapter 1

I don't even know where to start. I guess the polite thing to do would be to start with my name. I'm Anastasia Cartel, if my last name sounds familiar then you know my brother Vince. And if you know who my brother is then you know all about the team and Dominic Toretto. What you probably don't know is that I used to date Dom when he was living in L.A before Brian O'Conner ruined everything. I fell in love with Dom and he broke my heart when he left for Miami taking everyone I loved with him. Vince was left in the hospital and then left to face the court. Luckily O'Conner disappeared and without the star detective they couldn't get Vince on much. He was free and clear in no time. What I wasn't expecting was that he left to meet up with the team. I refused to go with him and he left me his only family for Miami.

You might have described me as a more reserved person. I was very respectful and gentle. I graduated from Boston College and dressed classier then most. I wasn't really into the race thing back when I was with Dom but now things are different. I still live in the house I grew up in but now I raced all the time. I'm the top mechanic working for Harry and the Yenko my brother gave me years ago was top of the line with the best engine and nos money could buy. I have dyed my mousy brown hair black and mixed in some blue highlights for edge. I still couldn't dress like other race girls but I wasn't wearing jeans anymore and had every guy's attention when I was out. I wasn't the best racer on the street but I was damn close and I am positive I could beat my brother and the team no problem now. I do what I want and rule things. You might say I'm angry about what happened to me or you might just say I grew a backbone, either way this is the new me.

The teams not in Miami anymore, O'Conner managed to screw that up too. Or his sister did, I'm not too sure about the details and didn't really care. I stopped taking my brothers calls once he left. The only reason I know they are in the Dominican is because my new boyfriend is Tej; well boyfriend is a loose term but he's filled me in on a few facts. He's been back in L.A since the big drama went down and we just hooked up immediately. He also informed me that Jesse didn't die like I had thought. That was a shock but it just fueled my anger. Leon and Letty weren't in the picture anymore and Dom was with Brian's sister now. I think it is all shit and I'm glad they all left. A bunch of losers who helped ruin my life.

"Hey babe is that you?" I asked hearing the front door open. Tej wasn't supposed to come over for another hour. It was only 8; I ran down the stairs to meet him and was stopped instantly when I saw who was at the door.

"Is that you Ash?" Vince asked after taking a minute to evaluate the new me. He seemed shocked. I was going through many emotions. The last time I saw Vince he was walking out on me just like every other man. I went from shock to joy to confusion to anger and stayed there.

"What the hell are you doing here?" I asked rudely. He seemed surprised by my tone.

"What the hell are you wearing?" he asked becoming defensive. I couldn't help but laugh, same old same old Vince but this time I wasn't going to be taking his shit. I glanced down automatically though; I was wearing a white mini skirt and a black lace top.

"Get out!" I yelled. Who does he think he is coming back like this and giving me shit?

"This is how you're going to treat me after two years. Not even going to say hello. Didn't you miss me at all?" he asked seeming offended.

"Why would I miss the most controlling person in my life? The best thing you did for me was when you WALKED OUT," I said emphasizing the last two words. That made him angry. He stormed into the house slamming the door behind him.

"You could have come with me! You could have answered when I called! You cut yourself off, you did that not me. You missed so much. Jesse's alive in case you cared," he yelled.

"Yeah I fucking know!" I yelled. He looked at me with complete disgust. The way I casually used that word now I knew would be a huge problem for him.

"Who are you?" he asked staring at me blankly.

"I can tell you who I'm not. I'm not the shy helpless baby sister you left shattered here. I'm not the reserved book worm you grew up with," I said firmly.

"So now you're just some skank waiting on a man to pick you up?" he accused.

"You have no idea! I am one of the best racers on the streets and Harry's top mechanic. I make bank and take care of my damn self," I defended.

"You are racing?" He said yelling again.

"Not just racing but winning! I don't know what you expected to find when you came back here but this is it," I said throwing my arms up. "Now get out."

"Ash I'm your brother," he said looking at me not backing down.

"Not anymore, now you're just some bitch who broke my heart and left me to suffer," I said grabbing my keys and walking out the door. I called Tej and cancelled our dinner date, I needed to drive. By the time I arrived at the race I was still overwhelmed with what happened earlier in the day.

"There's my baby girl," Tej said coming up from behind me. I kissed him and relaxed a little.

"You hear the team's back in town?" I asked.

"Yeah I heard something like that. You seen them yet?" he asked draping his arm over me.

"Vince came by my house earlier but I just showed him the door," I said becoming angry again.

"Don't you think you should give him a chance? He is your brother after all," Tej asked. I looked at him surprised he knew exactly how much anger I had for all of them. He held his arms up in surrender when I death glared him.

"I need some space tonight," I said brushing him off me.

"Come on baby girl I was just trying to help," he said grabbing my hand gently.

"And how many times have I told you I don't need help?" I asked pulling away from his touch. He nodded and let me go at that. I had made it very clear to everyone that didn't need anyone's help to do anything. I went around and mingled with everyone becoming my confident self once again. As things became later I heard rumors that the Toretto team was here, if that were true it was only a matter of time before I ran into one of them.

"Ashy is that you?" I heard called from behind me. I turned to see who had put the hand on my shoulder. It was Brian O'Conner. His eyes took me by surprise. They were deeper blue than I remembered but I did remember that he had sexy eyes that I was a sucker for. I regained myself and pulled out from under his hand and then proceeded to slap him across the face. He looked stunned and so did everyone around us.

"Did you come here to arrest me or something? Or just screw things up for me again?" I asked taking a step back from him. He seemed to understand where my anger was coming from now.

"Ash I'm sorry for what happened but you have to know things are different now," he said staying calm.

"Why should I believe you? As far as I'm concerned all you have ever done is lie, get the fuck away from me," I said turning on my heels heading in the opposite direction. I wouldn't have thought he would affect me so much. I only showed anger but it made me think a lot about how things used to be how he used to help take care of me when things went wrong. But just by him calling me by that special name it made me miss it. I shook my head getting those memories' to disappear. What would happen when I saw Mia or Dom? I found Tej and he was talking to some whores. I didn't mind at all we were hardly exclusive.

"Hey can we get the race started now?" I asked trying to distract myself. He nodded casually and walked with me to the line where my car was waiting. I gritted my teeth when I saw the familiar Charger lined up right next to mine. "Dom's racing?" I asked in disbelief. Tej nodded trying not to get me any angrier. And that's when I saw him; he looked exactly the same if not bigger and stronger. He had a blonde holding his hand and it infuriated me.

She was clearly O'Conner's sister. The blonde hair and blue eyes were classic O'Conner characteristics. Dom seemed completely in his element as if he had never left and still ran these streets. Well he doesn't I do and I was going to show him and everyone else. I saw the team behind him prepared to watch and that's when I saw Mia. My heart sank; I trusted her and loved her like a sister. None of them saw me though I was still hanging back in the crowd.

"Are you alright?" Tej asked me.

"Yeah I'm great," I replied sarcastically. Tej wasn't in the mood for me tonight and just walked out to start the race. I took a deep breath before walking out to my car. That's when Dom saw me and so did everyone else. I watched as he dropped the hand of his girlfriend and he started to walk over to me. I shook my head and ducked into my car. I wasn't going to let this happen right before a race. He stopped and just stared at me through the glass. O'Conner's sister walked over to him and started talking before he stopped her. He opened the driver's door to the Charger but kissed her before getting in. It took all my self control to keep from turning and looking at him.

Tej walked out and put his hands in the air. I got the perfect start and was able to pull out a win. I came to a stop and just sat in my car for a minute. I just beat Dominic Toretto. As cocky as I thought I was I didn't think I could actually do it. Little did I know; that would be that last time I ever win a race against him. I stepped out of my car to receive the loudest applause I've ever experience. No one thought it was possible but I had just proven them all wrong. Tej walked up and handed me the money before kissing me intensely. When things settled down I was sitting on my hood talking with Tej.

"No one thought I could beat him," I said triumphantly.

"Yeah I don't think I have ever seen Dom so distracted. Something must have spooked him before the race," Tej said casually.

"Wait what? You're saying I only beat him because he was distracted?" I asked raising my voice. Tej rolled his eyes.

"You seriously didn't notice? It was a great race but he wasn't all there. Seeing you messed with him bad. It's nothing to worry about you are the only girl I have ever seen affect him like that," he replied like it was a compliment.

"I'm so sick of your shit today, find someone else to go home with otherwise your sleeping alone," I said shoving him away from me. I got in my car and headed to the after party. Things were in full swing when I got there and as I walked up I noticed a line of very familiar cars that I suddenly had the urge to key. Tonight was about to get a whole lot more interesting.


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