Chapter 1: Decisions

"Me?" the lady with Whisper's voice asked. "I'm not human."

She began to click, and flicker, a mere hologram, leaving the top of the hill as if she never was, and as if she never will be, leaving the four teens confused and pondering on what to do next.

"How much of that do you think was true?" Suki asked, about a minute later, long enough for the group to think about their circumstance.

"I don't know," Ian said. "None? Half?"

"Which half?" CJ asked.

"You know, it seems like we have to have this conversation pretty frequently," Gabe added.

"Okay," Ian said, "then none! All I know for sure is that nothing Headmaster could say will EVER make me go back to that place."

"Ditto," Gabe added.

"Well guys," CJ said, "what if we can stop this upcoming war by going back?"

"Well that would peachy, but it's not worth it!" Ian said. "If you guys think it will help, then go ahead back, find the key and get sent to West Campus for believing some lie. Meanwhile, Gabe and I will go farther up the peninsula and see if we can find anything distinctive."

"Okay, but we're gonna prove you guys wrong," CJ said.

"Uh, no offense CJ," Suki said, "but I don't think you're in any position to be calling the shots."

CJ and Suki walked down the path, and Gabe and Ian trailed up the hillside.

"What was Suki talking about, what did CJ do?" Gabe asked.

"Well, it turns out she was the spy that we suspected, and..."

"Shut the Front Door!" Gabe said.

"Wait there's more," Ian said. "She's also Headmaster's daughter."


"I know right, she's known all along, and she's been selling us out on everything."

The two had then finished climbing the short hillside. Gabe was about to take a step off, when Ian put his hand out, stopping him.

The two saw a large slope leading down to a clearing, in which was a building. The building was an EXACT cube, and made of entirely brick, reenforced at the ground level, and looked big enough to have at least two floors and maybe even a basement. (Which, they would soon find out, it did.)

Ian and Gabe carefully trailed down the long slope, and Ian arrived at the ground level.

"Ah!" Gabe exclaimed. He had tripped over a large rock in about the middle of the slope, and fell down the rest of the slope.

"Gabe!" Ian said. By the time Ian had gotten to stop Gabe from tumbling down the slope, he was just about to the bottom.

Gabe got to his feet and brushed some more dirt off his blue oxford shirt.

"Oh my G," he said, looking at the building. "What is this?"

"Let's find out," Ian said.

The building wasn't only in a clearing, but it was in the dead center of the clearing, a place that felt darker, and in which the dirt was colder.

Ian and Gabe walked over to the front of the building, and saw red letters that looked somewhat smeared, drawn across the front of the door.



"Emergency Evacuation Center?" Gabe asked. "What's the point of this?"

"And I thought the mysteries stopped when we reached the end of that pipe," Ian said. "But even I knew that it would be wrong."

Ian paused for a moment, then continued talking

"Well, I guess if Tower Prep had taught me one thing, Literature taught me us that the only way out is through."

"Wait, you're actually suggesting we go into this place?" Gabe asked.

"Yes, I am."