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"What Lies Within"

A Kim Possible Fan Fiction

Based on the characters created by

Bob Schooley & Mark Mccorkle


The fire burned. Flames leapt high into the night sky as if they were trying to reach the stars themselves. Red embers floated on the wind before they turned to ash and disappeared into the darkness. The inferno consumed what was left of a house. The second story was gone, already collapsed into the first floor. Kim lay in what used to be the front yard. Bits of debris was strewn around her some still glowing. The grass around her smoked blackened from the fire and stained red with fresh blood. Kim didn't move except for the rise and fall of her abdomen. Her breath was labored and each time she inhaled she felt a sharp pain. Dozens of superficial cuts and scrapes covered her body. Her eyes stared into the sky watching the flicker of the flames as they danced and played in the cool night air.
"What Happened?" She asked herself. Suddenly she could not remember. She remembered Wade's call. She remembered getting dressed and heading out on a mission. But what was it? Where was she? Then she heard a noise over the flames and cracking wood. Sirens. Her breath caught. Bonnie. The Rockwallers. Kim had gone to save them, but when she got there... The sirens were getting closer. Ron was coming, but he was too late. They were all too late. She had failed. She wasn't used to failing. After all she was Kim Possible. She could do anything! But it was a lie. She was a lie. She couldn't save them. Another sharp pain struck her, but this one was not in her abdomen. It was lower. She looked down at her prone body and noticed something sticking out of her leg. It was long, jagged, and it rose three inches out of her thigh. Suddenly she could feel it. It was deep, the tip grated against her femur. Pain washed over her, consumed her. Her body was pulled into a state of shock. The sirens were close now, but they were late, too late. She tried to stay awake. She wanted to see Ron again. But she couldn't hold on any longer. Kim's eyes closed.