This was it. This would be the first step in taking revenge on the people who murdered her family. It started with the triggerman, the one who planted the bomb. She didn't intend to stop there of course. Someone had hired the killer and she still intended to repay Kim Possible for her part or lack there of. Bonnie had tried to tell Shego about these thoughts but the older woman had told her to stay focused. Shego said other things would only cloud her judgment and distract her from the present. She was probably right but Bonnie didn't care. She always finished what she started. Bonnie turned to look at Shego. They sat in a ragtop convertible parked along a crowded street in Go City. They parked in front of an apartment building where their target had been staying for the past three weeks. No one appeared to be home so they were staking out the building waiting for the target to return. The man's name was Dwight Lincoln better known as D-Link by the underground. She had read the file Shego gave her about him. Lincoln had been arrested at the age of 17 when the police found a dozen pipe bombs in the family's garage. He spent some time in a juvenile detention facility where he some how made contact with Big Daddy Brotherson's organization. Brotherson had arranged for an early release and Lincoln had been working for him ever since. It wasn't clear why Brotherson had gone to so much trouble for a punk kid who played with bombs in his garage, but it didn't matter. Bonnie didn't care about the how and why, she just wanted to kill Lincoln. Outside a light rain turned into a downpour. Black umbrellas dotted the sidewalks and obscured the faces of pedestrians walking by. Shego sat in the driver's seat tapping her finger against the steering wheal.

The taillights of passing vehicles cast Shego's features in an unusual red hue. Bonnie caught herself staring at Shego. What would happen after all this was over? Once she had killed Lincoln and the others. Would Shego leave her? What would she do then? She couldn't go home there was nothing left, no home to return to.

"Shego…" Bonnie started but Shego cut her off. "There he is." She pointed out the windshield. Bonnie looked but didn't see him right away. Everyone looked the same under those damn umbrellas. Shego saw she was having trouble.

"Half way down the block near the store fronts." Bonnie saw him walking toward them. He wore a dark gray sweatshirt with the hood drawn over his head. Bonnie was surprised Shego spotted him so quickly. Lincoln turned down an alley between a coffee shop and his apartment building.

"There's a back entrance to the laundry room in the basement." Shego told her. Bonnie nodded. If that's where he was heading it would be a good place to move on him. Bonnie opened the door and started to get out when Shego gently grabbed her arm.

"Stay focused, stay controlled." Shego said. "You're ready for this." Bonnie nodded and stepped out into the rain. She followed Lincoln into the alleyway. The rear of the building held dumpsters and recycling containers. The rear entrance stood open and water had pooled in the threshold. Bonnie stepped around it and entered the basement. Washers and dryers hummed and vibrated with heavy loads. Bonnie looked around the room but didn't see anyone. Then she sensed movement behind her. Before she could turn something hard and cold was jammed between her shoulder blades. She guessed it was the muzzle of a pistol.

"Don't move." A voice behind her said. Bonnie slowly raised her hands cursing silently.

"Why are you following me?" The voice demanded and the pistol pressed harder into her back. It was Lincoln. How had he caught her so quickly?

"Why would I follow you?" Bonnie said. The gun was removed from her back but then came down on her head. Bonnie fell to her knees with a grunt. Her vision blurred and for a moment she thought she would pass out. Her hand went instinctively to where she had been struck. Her hair felt wet and sticky. Lincoln came around to face her and leveled the gun at her head.

"Last chance." He said. "Why are you following me?"

Bonnie looked up, holding back the rage she felt.

"I wanted to ask you a question." Bonnie said. Lincoln raised an eyebrow seemingly intrigued.


"You're the one they call D-Link, right?" Bonnie sat up straight, one hand still pressed to the back of her head.

"Yeah that's me." Lincoln replied. Bonnie calmed her nerves and refocused her mind. His finger relaxed on the trigger slightly. She had him.

"You took a job a couple months ago." She said. He blinked as her words registered. She took the opening and lunged forward driving her head into his abdomen. Lincoln staggered backward gasping for breath. Bonnie brought her fist up under his jaw and disarmed him using one of the techniques Shego taught her. Lincoln was down on one knee cradling his abdomen. Bonnie stood over him and turned the gun on its owner.

"You put a bomb in a house." Bonnie continued calmly. Lincoln coughed and spit blood onto the concrete floor.

"Crazy bitch…" He said. "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're a fucking liar!" Bonnie retorted. Suddenly Lincoln had another gun in his hand. It was a small caliber revolver pulled from a holster on his ankle. Bonnie saw it and hesitated for an instant. It was long enough for Lincoln to sweep her legs out from under her. Bonnie fell backward and landed on her back. The impact jarred the gun from her hand and sent it clattering across the floor. Once again, he stood over her gloating as blood trickled from his lower lip.

"How do you know about that job? Who are you?"

Bonnie didn't respond. Lincoln's eyes widened.

"No shit, you're one of Kyle's brats aren't you?"

Bonnie sneered at him but still said nothing. The way he said her father's name filled her with an inexplicable rage.

"Now I'm really curious. How'd you survive the blast?" Lincoln asked. Bonnie just stared at him. However, this time she couldn't see an opening to attack him. The gun was still on her, his finger snug on the trigger. When it was obvious she wasn't going to play along Lincoln shrugged.

"Oh well, doesn't matter, a mistake easily rectified." He aimed the pistol at her head and squeezed the trigger. The sound of the shot reverberated off the concrete walls of the basement. Lincoln blinked and stared in apparent disbelief. She stared back at him, not a mark on her. The glass on the front of a washing machine several feet away had shattered, soap and water drained from the machine.

"The hell?" Lincoln looked from the broken washer back to Bonnie. He was less then six feet from her. There was no way his shot could have gone that wide. Lincoln took aim and fired again. This time the bullet ricocheted off the floor and embedded in the wall behind Bonnie. He backed away from her a step or two, fear and confusion creeping into his eyes. He squeezed off the remaining four rounds in rapid succession with the same results. Not a single bullet hit Bonnie. She deflected each one with her powers. Though empty, Lincoln continued the pull the trigger causing the hammer to click in the empty chambers.

"No way, no fucking way." He repeated. The gun Bonnie had dropped vibrated against the floor and slid a couple of inches toward her. Lincoln watched this frozen in place. Bonnie extended her hand and the gun flew up to meet it. Lincoln found his legs and turned to run, but Bonnie had already brought the gun to bear on him and fired twice. The bullets struck him in the chest and knocked him onto his back. Bonnie stood and went over to him. He looked up at her and tried to speak but only a wet gurgle came out. Without a word, Bonnie aimed and sent one more round between his eyes. She sighed letting the gun rest at her side. He was dead, finally dead. Dizziness and fatigue began to catch up with her as her vision clouded. Her legs gave out but she didn't fall because suddenly Shego was holding her.

"You did well." Bonnie heard her say. She tried to smile but her head hurt and she was drowsy. Bonnie felt herself lifted by Shego's strong arms.

"Come on, we need to go." Shego said, but Bonnie was already unconscious.


Kim watched Monique as she slept. The dark haired girl had a serenity about her that only seemed to deepen in times of rest. Kim found her own nerves calmed by watching the still form of her girlfriend. She wished she could stay in this moment. It was perfect in it's sheer simplicity. With Monique she didn't have to be a cheerleader, a student a sibling or a daughter. Monique didn't care that she was a world famous teen hero. With her Kim could just be. Kim ran one hand through Monique's black hair. Her girlfriend moaned and stirred but didn't wake. Kim leaned in to kiss her but the Kimmunicator rang. Kim sighed and pulled it from her nightstand.

"Your timing hasn't improved." Kim told Wade.

"You wanted to be kept updated." Wade shrugged.

"Alright what's the sitch?"

"Police report from Go city. There was a homicide there last night." Wade reported.

"Go city has a lot of homicides." Kim said.

"Yeah but this victim worked for Big Daddy Brotherson." A screen appeared with a dossier on Dwight Lincoln aka D-Link. Kim skimmed the information. "So right after you find a link between Bonnie's dad and Big Daddy, one of his men turns up dead."

"Quite a coincidence wouldn't you say?"

"No, I wouldn't." Kim shook her head. "Can you set up a meet with Brotherson?"

"Give me an hour or two." Wade started typing.

"Please and thank you." Kim smiled and ended the call. She turned back to Monique suddenly hesitant to wake her. She needed to be ready to move when Wade called. Kim slowly pulled the covers off herself.

"Don't you even think about getting out of this bed." Monique's voice made her jump. Monique was still on her side, eyes closed.

"I thought you were still asleep." Kim said. Monique grabbed hold of Kim and pulled her close.

"Wade said he needed a couple hours." Monique said into her ear. Kim relaxed and wrapped her arms around Monique.


She ran. Her feet pounded the treadmill again and again. She had run the equivalent of five miles already and she intended to go another five before quitting. Then she would need to check on Bonnie again. The younger woman had sustained a concussion from her encounter with Lincoln. Shego had to make sure she didn't sleep more then three hours at a time. Other wise she ran the risk of slipping into a coma. Over all Shego thought Bonnie had done quite well. The mere fact that she had effortlessly deflected six bullets was amazing. She had come a long way in a short amount of time. In many ways the younger woman reminded Shego of herself. Her strength, her passion and her resolve all of which pushed her to excel. It impressed Shego and she found a kind of respect growing for her. With her run finished Shego grabbed a towel and a bottle of water. She stopped at the door to Bonnie's room. The door was cracked and light from within spilled out into the hallway. Shego looked in to discover the Bonnie was awake. She sat on the floor in the lotus position. Her hair was down falling over her shoulders. She was about to move away from the door when Bonnie opened her eyes and looked right at her.

"Are you just goona stand there?" Bonnie said. Shego pushed the door open and stepped into the room. She was impressed Bonnie could sense her.

"How are you?" Shego looked down at her.

"I feel like crap." Bonnie stood up.

"Then you should get some rest." Shego turned to leave but Bonnie grabbed her hand.

"Don't go." She heard the younger woman say. Shego turned back and looked at her hand grasped in Bonnie's. Something stirred within her, a feeling she hadn't experienced in a long time. It made her head swim. Her eyes met Bonnie's

"Please, I don't want to be alone right now." Bonnie let go of her hand and looked down at the floor. Shego wasn't sure what to say, what to think or what to do. Shego cleared her throat.

"Bonnie, I need to take a shower." Shego said and noticed that Bonnie winced slightly. She sighed.

"But I'll come back." This statement seemed to make Bonnie feel better. She returned to the floor and went back to meditating. Shego proceeded to her own room where she shed her exercise outfit and got into the shower. As the water poured over her Shego rested her head against the tile.

"What the hell are you doing?" She asked herself. This wasn't part of the plan. Trick the girl to gain her trust, train her, use her and discard her. That was the plan, she wasn't actually supposed to bond with her. Rule number one in her line of work, don't get personally involved and yet that's exactly what she had allowed to happen. What would happen if she didn't fight it? If just once she let her guard down and let someone in? She hadn't let anyone close in a very long time. Relationships always seemed like a waist of time. They never lasted and were the source of too much trouble. But, what if this was different? What if her plans succeeded and she got everything she wanted? Would there be room for someone else in that future? Shego turned off the faucet and stood still letting the water run off her body. Another voice piped up in her mind.

Even if there isn't room for someone else in your future there's room in your bed. It had also been a long time since she had bothered with that. She hadn't even felt an overwhelming need for it. She had Kim Possible to thank for that. The playful banter and consistent brawls with the feisty read headed hero had helped release a lot of sexual tension over the years. However it had been several months since their last run in and she was beginning to feel the return of a familiar itch.

Bonnie has nice slender fingers… The voice in her head chimed in again. Perfect for scratching itches. Shego swore. She couldn't calculate the potential repercussions of taking her protégé into her bed. It could strengthen her hold over Bonnie, make her easier to manipulate or it could ruin everything.

For once stop your damn calculating and take a gamble!

But the risks…

Screw the risks.

Shego shook her head silencing the voice. She stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. She had told Bonnie she would return and stay with her. It seemed like a dangerous proposition now. Shego moved back into her adjoining bedroom and there, on her bed, sat Bonnie.

In the next chapter: Shego and Bonnie's relationship becomes more complicated and our hero's plans are thrown off by the return of an old friend.

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