Ch. 26- Battleship

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Inside Impel Down's Level 4...

"You lot live your lives to dangerously. If I hadn't shown up with the antidote, you'd all be long dead. Underestimating Magellan like that will get you killed!"

It is revealed that the Blackbeard Pirate crew has survived Magellan's poisons, thanks to the arrival of Shiryu.

"Yeah, but we're still alive!" shouted Burgess as he laughed.

"Destiny brought you here," Auger mused.

"Ho-ho-ho," Lafitte chortled. "But I did think that I was going to die for a minute, there."

"It's seem that luck…KOFF! Is still on our side," Doc Q coughed.

"Luck may decide who lives or who dies," said Blackbeard, who had taken off his sweaty shirt, "but whoever gets scared first loses! ZEHAHAHAHA! Let's live for the moment!" He pointed to Shiryu. "Hey, Shiryu! Thanks for saving our asses, back there! I welcome you. Looks like you'll make a great edition to our crew! ZEHAHAHAHAHA!"

"It's obvious what the future holds for me, here," said Shiryu. "I've been waiting to meet someone like you!"

Blackbeard grinned at his newest crew member.


In the Tub Current, the World Government's private route, the stolen battleship is sailing to Marineford.

"Inazuma is out of this fight, unfortunately," Ivankov stated as he poked his now normal-sized head inside the infirmary.

"Is the poison that bad?!" asked one of the New Kamas.

"I managed to blast away the poison inside me and Inazuma with my Healing Hormone and Energy Hormone," Ivankov explained, "but even so, those technique shorten the patient's life span and leave lasting effects! It's better to let them recuperate at a slower pace, unlike Straw Hat Boy."

"Are you sure, Lord Ivankov?" asked a New Kama woman.

"Vyou know very damn well that once your life gets shortened, you can never get them back!" Ivankov replied. "Inazuma is needed in the Revolutionary Army. We can't let him overexert himself, now!"

Meanwhile, everyone else is still mourning Bon Clay's sacrifice.

"You know," said Mr. 3, "he wasn't such a bad guy, after all."

"I finally got to meet up with him, again," said Luffy as he tried to wipe away his tears, "and…he saved me, just like last time!"


"Big Bro Bon!"

He was definitely a true friend to the end, Blizzard thought. You will be missed…Bon Clay.

"Hey, come on now, you guys!" Buggy said as he drank some grog, apparently done mourning. "How long are you all going to be sulking like that? Sure he was a nice guy, and all, but he's dead now! What's say we have us a party, huh? I mean, after all, we're free men! Hey! I've got an idea! Let's hold a wake for Mr. 2! Everybody, drink up- UGH!"

THWAK! Luffy punched Buggy right in his nose, making it bleed profusely.

"Bon could still be alive, Big Nose!" Luffy shouted.

"ARG!" Buggy cried. "The grog's making my nose bleed…! HEY, WAIT A DAMN MINUTE!" He stood up and got in Luffy's face, going nose-to-nose with him. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU'RE CALLING 'BIG NOSE'?!"


Luffy… Blizzard thought, sweat-dropping.

Before the wolf-dog could do anything, KRASH! BOOM! POW! BASH! Luffy and Buggy got into all-out fistfight.

During all this, Crocodile was conversing with Jimbei.

"I thought that only mermaids could talk to fish," said Crocodile. "I knew you were a whale shark Fishman, but I didn't know you could actually summon whale sharks."

"Is it so strange for a Fishman to be on friendly terms with the ocean's creatures?" Jimbei inquired.

"It's unusual for a Fishman to be on friendly terms with anyone," Crocodile mused. "You must be an exception to your savage race."

"I'll take that as a compliment," said Jimbei. "You're right. Fishmen are savages!"

TUMP! Jimbei heard the sound of someone jumping and hitting the floor behind him. Looking back, he saw that it is Luffy, jumping up to the railing and landing on the tips of his toes, leaving a defeated Buggy behind as he did. Blizzard followed behind him, clearing the railing in a single bound.

"Luffy," Jimbei said.

"Huh?" Luffy muttered.

"I owe a great debt for allowing me the chance to help you save Ace," Jimbei replied.

"Aw, you don't gotta thank me," said Luffy. "Besides, I'm the one who should be grateful! I mean, you are Ace's friend, after all! I'm glad you're on our side! You sure are strong, huh?"

For what happened now, and in the past, Jimbei thought, I must express my gratitude and apologize at same the time.

As Jimbei was thinking, he couldn't help but think of a certain saw-tooth shark Fishman.

But I'll set that aside, for now, the Former Warlord thought as he closed his eyes. Right now, we only have one goal.

"Uh, by the way," Luffy said. "I never got your name."

"Call me Jimbei," said Jimbei. "I used to be one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea. Actually, make that 'former' Warlord, since I've probably gotten that title revoked. I'll create as much havoc as I can at Marineford! Let us fulfill Bon Clay's last wish and rescue your brother!"

"Right!" Luffy said.

A slight pause, but then…

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!" Luffy and Buggy cried.

"YOU'RE ONE OF THE SEVEN WARLORDS OF THE SEA?!" Luffy questioned as he fell back on his rump. "NO WONDER YOU'RE SO STRONG!"

"Wasn't it obvious?" asked a New Kama.

Damn, Luffy, how many times are you gonna keep doing this? Blizzard asked in thought.

"My apologies for not introducing myself, earlier," said Jimbei.


Soon, the escapees began to mumble to themselves.

"What did he say?!"

"Something about going to Marine HQ!"

"But you'd have to be crazy to go at a time like this!"

"You're not very bright, are you, Buggy?" asked Crocodile.

"WHAT?!" Buggy shouted.

"After we pass through the Gates of Justice, there are only two places we can go," Crocodile explained. "Marineford or Enies Lobby. Right now, we're on the Government's private sea route, the Tub Current. It's this big swirling current that connects the Government's three top facilities. Anyway, the whole purpose for the breakout was to allow us to fight in this war."

"NOBODY TOLD US THAT!" yelled Mr. 3, Buggy, and the prisoners.

"STOP THIS SHIP, RIGHT NOW!" Buggy cried as he grabbed Jimbei.

"Sorry, but that's not going to happen," Jimbei apologized.

"You can jump ship, now, if you want," said Luffy.

I agree, Blizzard thought.

"HOW CAN I JUMP SHIP?!" Buggy shouted at Luffy as he grabbed the collar of his vest. "I'LL DROWN, YOU IDIOT!"

"This is crazy!"

"I'd rather go back to Impel Down than get involved in this godforsaken war!"

"Us New Kamas knew, all along."

"You gotta be kiddin'!"

"Yeah! This war is Marines and the Seven Warlords vs. the Whitebeard Pirates!"

"That's WAY scarier than any old prison!"


Everyone looked up upon hearing the sound of a Transponder Snail ringing. They soon found that it was coming from a behind a door in the mast.


"M-maybe we should just pretend we're not here," Buggy whispered.

"Get outta the way!"

FUMP! Luffy pushed Buggy out of the way of the door, opened it and then, KOCHIP! He picked up the receiver on the Transponder Snail!

"Uh…hello?" he answered.

"This is Marine Headquarters."

"Hi. This is Luffy."

"DON'T SAY YOUR NAME OUT LOUD!" Everyone shouted.

Blizzard slapped a paw over his eyes in disbelief.

Only Luffy! he thought in exasperation.

"The Impel Down security fleet reports that a large group of prison escapees has captured a ship. We've identified the two ringleaders from the prison's video transmissions!"


"They are the pirate captains: 'Straw Hat' Monkey D. Luffy and Buggy the Clown!"

"Me?!" Buggy questioned in shock.

"No way!"


"Those guys sees Captain Buggy as a bigger threat than Jimbei?!"

"Who are you?!" Buggy asked. "And why me?!"


At Marine HQ…

"Bring me the data," said a Marine Vice-Admiral, sitting at a desk.

"Here you are, sir," said a soldier as he handed him a piece of paper.


"We initially dismissed you as an upstart, but we've since discovered that you once sailed with the Pirate King, Gold Roger…"

Everyone except Luffy and Blizzard gasped.

"Isn't that right, Buggy the Clown?!"


"How did they find out about that?!" Buggy whispered.

"It has also come to light that you are the blood brother of one of the Four Emperors, 'Red-Haired' Shanks."


"YOU AND SHANKS ARE BROTHERS?!" Luffy questioned.

"We were surprised that a man of your caliber hadn't made much trouble before now, but after this incident, we won't be underestimating you, ever again. We found no connection between you and 'Fire Fist' Ace, but you're probably working with 'Straw Hat' Luffy to rescue him. We know that 'White Wolf' Blizzard, Jimbei, Crocodile, Ivankov, and over 200 other dangerous fugitives are aboard that stolen ship. This is your only warning! Unless we open the gates of Justice here for you, you will never reach Marineford, much less escape the Tub Current!"

A pause.

"You pirates have nowhere else to run, and you will NOT survive! That is all."

"Hey, wait!" Luffy shouted.


"Now, you listen to me, you damn Marine!" Luffy exclaimed. "I AM gonna save Ace! Just you watch! It'll be easy as potatoes!"

KLANK! He hung up.

"Hey, don't you mean 'pie', Straw Hat?"

He must be having a craving for baked sweet potatoes, all of a sudden, Blizzard thought.

"Hey! Wait a second! Why in the hell are you trying to pick a fight with some guy from Marine HQ?!"

Then, all eyes turned to Buggy.

"Hey! Hang on a sec! Captain Buggy…you sailed with Gold Roger?!"

"And you're Shanks's blood brother?!"

"Our savior sure is a great pirate, huh?!"

The Marines must really be getting stupid! Blizzard thought. The legendary 'Red-Haired' Shanks, related to THIS BOZOE?! It's impossible!

"This is bad," Buggy whispered. "If they know all of that, then they're sure to come after me!"

"He has quite an impressive past," said Jimbei.

"And yet he's so weak," mused Mr. 1.

Crocodile stood silent.

"So why do you play so dirty?!" Mr. 3 questioned.

"There are a few rotten apples on every ship," said Ivankov.

"Oh, yeah," said Luffy. "The first mate did say something like that, didn't he?"

"FIRST MATE?!" Buggy cried.

"Yeah. Old Man Rayleigh," Luffy said. "You know him, don't you?"

"YOU MET RAYLEIGH?!" Buggy questioned, excitedly. "How is he? Oh…saying his name brings back such good memories! Where is that old sea dog, now?"

"Now they're talking about 'Dark King' Rayleigh!"

"I can't believe it!"

"Wow, Captain Buggy! I knew you were something special, the moment I saw you!"

"N-now wait!" Buggy said. "Hold on a second! What you heard may be true, but…if they think I'm a big shot, they're gonna hunt me down like dogs."

"Buggy! Buggy! Buggy!" the prisoners cheered.

"I was only a rookie pirate-in-training, back then!" Buggy rebuked. "Stop cheering for me, you bastards! If you make such a big deal out of this…" He then smirked and turned away from everyone.

Although, I have to admit, he thought, this does feel pretty good! Fine, so maybe the Marines are overestimating me, a bit, but this could work out in my favor. Besides, everything they said is technically true! In those fools' eyes, I'm a hero! This could be my big chance! If I somehow managed to kill Whitebeard and take his head, then I'd…I'd…I'd become one of the Four Emperors! And that just brings me one step closer to becoming King of the Pirates! A lot of these guys probably have bigger bounties on their heads than I do, but if I put their talents to work for me, the sky's the limit!

"Captain Buggy! We'll follow you, anywhere!"

"Please! Command us!"

They started to draw their weapons.

"We'll take this ship away from these stupid bastards who're taking us to Marineford!"

"Yeah! And then, it's freedom at last!"

Luffy didn't seem to know what was happening, but Blizzard knew treachery when he saw it. He got up and growled at the advancing escapees.

"We'll be taking this ship, Straw Hat!"

"Yeah! We just got outta prison! We don't wanna go to no Marine Headquarters!"

"And what's more, we've got Captain Buggy to lead us! You and that mutt are way outta your league!"

"Let's do it, Captain Buggy!"

"Yeah! Just give the order!"

"This could be a problem," Jimbei commented.

"Let's just kill them," said Crocodile.

"Buggy! Buggy! Buggy! Buggy! Buggy!"

Yes! YES! Buggy thought to himself. I think I can do this, no problem!


"Huh?" the prisoners muttered.

"You ungrateful pack of dogs!" Buggy shouted. "This ship isn't stopping for anything! We're sailing smack-dab in the middle of this full-scale war! Our destiny lies straight ahead! So brace yourselves for the worst and THINK of the possibilities! The biggest in all the world is within our reach! And that, men, is EXACTLY what we're going after! We'll never get another opportunity such as this!"

The prisoners stared, awestruck at Buggy's speech.

"Now, if you really call yourselves 'men'," Buggy said, "then follow me to glory! Today, I will take Whitebeard's head, and RULE THE WORLD!"

"YES, CAPTAIN BUGGY!" the prisoners cried, some of them even tearful.

"Oh, captain!"

"It must've been all that torture we had when we in prison!"

"They broke our warrior spirits!"

"We all had such big dreams until we were stuck in that hellhole!"

"We'll follow you to the ends of the earth, Captain Buggy!"

"Screw safety! I want a life of glory and adventure or die trying!"

"All right, then!" Buggy shouted. "ONWARD TO MARINE HEADQUARTERS~!"


Uh…what just happened? Blizzard thought, puzzled.

"So I guess it's settled, then," Luffy said.

"It appears that Buggy has a talent for leadership," said Jimbei.

"Captain Buggy, you're the greatest!"

"The best leader the world has ever seen!"

"We'll follow you, even to hell and back!"

"Ha-ha-ha-ha!" Buggy laughed. "That's good!"

And so, with new friends and unlikely allies, Luffy and Blizzard successfully escaped from Impel Down. Their next destination: Marineford. There, they will be involved in the most epic battle imaginable…and their strength will be put to the ultimate test.


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