Since I was a huge fan of Packie, I was very unhappy with having to kill a family member of his simply because when I first got to this point in the game I thought Packie would find out and I'd have to kill him.

Believe me I tried to call him, Gerry, Kate, Derrick then Frankie and only Frankie answered and it was to offer more money lol. I was trying so hard to find a different way out of this mission; did nothing and I failed, killed them both and failed, sat and rang everyone I knew to see if something would happen and I waited too long so I failed lmao.

So I decided to write a different way it could end.

Enjoy : )

Loyal Prince

'This is Gerald. Don't leave me a message cause I ain't gonna listen to it and I sure as shit ain't gonna return your call. Fuck off.'

"Fuck." Niko cursed out loud before quickly searching his contacts on his phone for Packie's number to dial that instead. He held it to his ear, hoping…

'This is Patrick McReary, I probably don-'

He cut it off with an annoyed grunt and found Kate's number.

'You've reached Kate McReary. I'm sorry I can't take your call right now. Please try again another time.'

Fuck me!


'The owner of this Wizz wireless cell phone is not available.'

Niko swore in Serbian very loudly, not caring in the least as no one could hear him, let alone understand the language, on top of a building with night approaching and a storm as the weather indicated with a few drops of rain that splattered on the screen of the agitated Serb's phone.

What the hell am I supposed to do? Was the most obvious thought running through Niko's head.

He rang Francis the only other member of the McReary family he could call, short of his Mother whose number he obviously didn't have.

"Just a second here Derrick, I gotta talk to one of the sergeant's. What's the problem? I thought you were gonna make something happen for me."

"I'm not so sure about this."

"What's gonna make you sure? You want me to give you a raise?"

Niko stood there and knew what his feelings were saying.

"It's not the money, it just doesn't feel right." He said and even he knew how awkward he sounded.

"Then start making it feel right. Don't forget I've got you by the balls here." The corrupt cop snapped at hitman in a clipped tone and hung up on him before strolling back to sit next to Derrick and they started talking once again.

Niko heard a church bell start to ring not far from where he was, the sky was dark too, quite fitting for this. He was still unsure of what to do, Niko just stood looking at them through his sniper; finger off the trigger.

His aim; a red dot, was hovering in between them both.


The dot drifted over Francis's face.

I don't have a choice.

Niko's phone rang making the man start a little in surprise, the loud trill of the ringing interrupting the dark moment. He grabbed the phone out his pocket and saw the name on it.

Kate. At least someone answered.

Niko clicked accept and held the phone up to my ear.


"Hey, sorry my phone was off. What's up?"

He couldn't tell her what was going on here.

Niko dithered for a moment; wondering about several ways he could ask her for a favour, quickly he gave up and settled for just asking, if she's ask then he would lie or say that he couldn't talk right now.

"Is Packie or Gerry there?"

"Patrick's here. Gerald's gone out. Are their phones not working?"

"Their phones are turned off, I'm sorry Kate. This is an emergency." The Serb answered awkwardly, hoping that she wouldn't enquire about said emergency.

"Okay sure, don't worry I'll get Patrick for you, hold on a sec."

Niko let out a breathy "Thank you…" and waited. It seemed like Kate knew well enough to not ask about emergency's when it came to people asking for family members.

For a few seconds Kate breathing and light footsteps was all that was heard as she made her way to where her brother was, knocking was heard and Niko felt such relief when Patrick's voice answered in an annoyed tone at his sister's interruption.


"Niko's on the phone for you, he says it's an emergency. Why is your phone off?" Kate tossed the phone across to her brother who was lounging on his bed; annoyed expression gone the moment she uttered the word 'emergency'. Katie was curious but at the same time she knew she didn't want to know; probably Niko needing back up in a tight, gun touting situation.

"I'm charging it up, it ran out of batteries." Patrick answered his sister before turning his attention to the man on the other end of the line. "Hey, man. You alright?"

Katie took the hint and left, quietly closing the door behind her.

Niko stood, leaning against the railings of the building and spoke humourlessly.

"Well Patrick, I'm stood on a roof with a sniper with orders from Francis to kill Derrick and Derrick to kill Francis."

An odd moment of silence descended between the two phones as Patrick mouth hung open, frozen in comical confusion as the words sunk in and he found he wasn't sure what to say. He settled for exhaling loudly and responded in pure Irish, Patrick- like fashion.

"…The fuck?" He exclaimed, sitting up properly.

"Exactly." Niko gestured with one hand in a small wave despite Packie not being able to see it.

"Alright, alright. Shit, I'll call Gerry-" Packie fumbled in the strange yet urgent situation.

"His phone is off and so is Derrick's." Niko interrupted.

The Irishman went quiet for a second; ideas and thoughts flicking through his mind.


"His is on."

"Right, don't fucking do anything, I'm gonna call Frankie then I'll call you back." Patrick cut off Niko and got to work getting Frankie's number on Katie's phone.

A click and a dull tone sounded out but Niko felt better that he didn't have to make this decision. The man looked back through the lens to see Francis stand a second time, looking more irritated as he wandered off to talk. He picked up his phone and even from the hitman's spot on the roof Niko saw Frankie hesitate to answer.

He pressed a button but put his phone back in his jacket and once again walked back to Derrick.

Looks like he didn't want to talk this time. Niko thought to himself.

His phone rang again saying 'Kate'. Niko answered and was immediately bombarded with Patrick's loud voice.

"Fucking asshole cut me off! Alright, where are you?"

"Bismark in Lancet, they're sat in a park, I'm on top of a building."

"Alright, Frankie ain't gonna kill Derrick himself, especially not in public. If Derrick's high though, fuck knows what he'll do."

The Serb could hear shuffling and footsteps and a door slam on Packie's end.

"Look I'm on my way there, keep an eye on them both. If either one of 'em makes a move them fire a fuckin' shot in the air or something. Be there soon."

Packie hung up again.