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Loyal Prince

All in all it was a nice way to finish such an eventful and tension filled day.

"Could you drive us back to the house?"

"Sure, Kate."


It has been fun but too loud and tiring and not boring, there had been talk as always but Niko never minded since Kate was interesting to speak to. Niko could relate to her; not always obviously but their problems were in the same ball park together, meaning death was something they could both talk about, they had different views of their own experiences but it was nice.

She has tentatively inquired as to the rage of her older brother earlier however Niko didn't know if Patrick would tell her or want her to know; he has hesitated for a second to wonder if he should lie and say it was just a random argument however she had already realised.

"Ah crime stuff, don't worry about it then." She smiled at him before moving the conversation on.

Another thing he liked about her.

She didn't pry if he didn't want to talk, admittedly he had to once tell her he didn't want to talk about it as she had pressed it but that was when they'd first met and they didn't know each other well.

A car sped past them, probably hitting ninety, which Kate rolled her eyes at. Ironically if Kate wasn't in the car with him Niko would've been going well over ninety himself.

"I had a nice time." Katie spoke when the roar of the fast vehicle had faded after a second.

"Me too, I needed it." Niko answered honestly.

About twenty miles away in the very house Niko and Kate were heading back to, the house that had been full of brotherly yelling that made Niko tired, the argue was still going strong…

"...And you and Derrick decided to not tell me about this little brotherly meeting in the fucking park?"

Just one brother had been swopped for another.

In a sudden turn around; Patrick was sat where Derrick had sat before whilst Gerald had taken over the angry pacing and snarling at his youngest brother.

Packie was not appreciative of the irony.

His expression held no trace of defeat as Derrick's did but held the annoyance and sulkiness that a younger brother would have when being scolded by a sibling.

"For the last fuckin' time, we sorted it. It's done." Packie gritted out, obviously holding back his time temper unlike how he did with Derrick.

Derrick was a pushover, Gerald was a scary motherfucker.

Packie loved him; of course, he was his older brother and had been there for him, through a lot of the shit family problems. But God, Gerald was terrifying when he was angry and Packie was not subject to special treatment.

"It's done is it?" Gerald spoke in that dangerous quiet tone of his. "It will be when I'm done with Frankie and Derrick. Where are they?"

"I don't fucking know, Derrick's probably smacked out on a bench somewhere as usual and Frankie could be working or at his place."

Gerald slammed down his now empty glass of whisky and marched out of the room without another word, obviously his other two brothers' destinations in mind.

Patrick exhaled noisily and relaxed a bit more now the raging giant of whisky and intimidation was leaving; he waited for the slam of the front door…

"You, boy. I want a word with you later."

The door slammed shut hard enough for Packie flinch at the implied anger.

"Holy shit." He heard Katie exclaim. "You and Patrick must've done something bad if you've pissed Gerry off that much."

"Shut up Kate!" Packie yelled from the kitchen simply because he felt like yelling at something after the interrogation.

He heard footsteps heading his way and he gulped down some more of his beer, Kate appeared with Niko in tow.

"Alright, Niko boy? So much for keeping it quiet, Gerald overheard the whole fucking thing, didn't even know he was upstairs."

Said Niko boy nodded looking weary just from the thought of it.

"I assume this stems from you, Patrick, stealing my phone and dealing with the 'emergency' with Niko?" Katie questioned, folding her arms.

"Yes, keep your fucking nose outta it." Packie droned at her in annoyance, sounding as though he had reminded her of it many a time. He took a swig of beer, drained the rest of it before plonking back on the counter and standing up.

"What the fuck now though? Either wait here on standby for Gerald to wear himself out after he's done or we both run and he only catches one of us."

"You live here Packie, if he catches one of us it would be you." Niko honestly replied, turning to smile a little at him.

To Packie's annoyance Kate was off, honking and snorting at Niko's shitty joke, Niko's smile became wider at the sight of Katie laughing her ass off. It had been a while since Patrick had seen his sister laugh so for once, he let it slide easy.

"Ha ha." Packie smirked back.

The moment was cut short by Derrick mooching in through the back door unannounced, as usual he looked down cast and miserable combined with his wide eyes showing he had gotten his drug fix once more to keep him going.

"Didn't take you long to drag yourself back here." Patrick greeted coolly.

Niko leaned against a cupboard and wondered if he should leave, unknowingly Kate mirrored his thoughts since she didn't want to know about what business her brothers and Niko had gotten up to.

"Don't start Patrick," Derrick muttered back.

"Gerald's looking for you."

"What? Why?"

"'Cos he was upstairs when we were havin' it out down here, heard every word."

"Shit." Derrick hissed and if possible he looked more beaten down.

Katie, at this point, decided to leave before she heard more since it was obvious Patrick was making sure to not properly say out loud what was going on so she wasn't involved.

"Don't fuckin' worry about it, Frankie'll get the brunt of the anger."

"You think?" Niko interjected here out of pure curiosity.

"Fucking…Yes. Course he will, we'll know when it's over 'cos I'll get an angry phone call from Francis and then we all brace ourselves for Gerald's wrath when he gets back." Packie glanced over at Derrick. "And by 'ourselves' I mean you."

Derrick rubbed his forehead tiredly with one hand and sat down heavily on one of the stools.

"Wonder how it's getting' on over there? I imagine Frankie, if he's at his office, won't be too happy at his mob boss, criminal brother marchin' in there." Packie smiled to himself at the thought. "Gerry ain't exactly quiet when he starts yelling. Show up dear Frankie in front of his boys…"

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