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"Tell me again how I'm supposed to dress for this thing," I yelled to Edward from my room as I rummaged through boxes of my old clothes. The room looked as if the closet threw up.

The celebration of the new children's ward was tomorrow and with everything going on, I hadn't actually purchased a dress, let alone even thought about what I was going to wear. I had only finished the ward three days ago, very behind schedule due to a cold that knocked me on my ass. On top of that, I still had my job at the bakery and therapy to worry about.

"Semi-formal," he answered, coming to stand at my door. "Christ! What happened in here? Couldn't you have been a little…neater about it?" he asked, motioning towards the disaster that was my bedroom.

I stopped moving clothes around to take a good look at what he was seeing. The room really did look horrible, and I felt slightly ashamed that I was so careless about looking through my things. Despite the bedroom being "my space" it was still his home and I should have been more respectful of how I did things.

"Sorry," I apologized and began picking up the strewn about clothing.

"There's nothing to be sorry about," he said as he picked up an old bra that was on the bed. He held it up in the air, smirking at me as the ratty thing dangled from his finger. I snatched it away quickly.

"Shut up," I chuckled. "That used to be my period bra – the one I wore when my boobs were tender. This is the most comfortable bra ever," I informed him.

"If you say so," he laughed. "You should model it for me one day…when you're not on your period." He wagged his eyebrows and gave me a salacious smile.

The thought of standing semi-naked in front of a completely naked Edward had me feeling flushed and warm. I'd never seen him naked from the waist down, but if his bare chest was any indication of how he looked down there, then I was certainly in for a treat if we ever reached that point in our relationship.

"Bella, are you…blushing?" he snickered, while standing and sauntering toward me. "What are you thinking about?" he asked as he wrapped his arms around me.

I hid my face in his chest, trying to prevent my embarrassment from showing. Of course, though, this was Edward and he didn't let anything go.

"You're forgetting that I'm a guy and even worse, I used to be a teenager. I know that look, and you were thinking sexy thoughts. Tell me," he asked, whispering the last part in my ear.

I pulled my head back, but still refused to look him in the eye and began playing with an invisible snag in his sweater. "I was thinking of you." I paused. "Naked."

"I'm flattered," he breathed in my ear. "You don't have to be embarrassed, though. Would it help if I told you that I've thought about you naked, too?"

He was serious, I knew he was, but I couldn't help but laugh and ask, "Seriously?"

"Not if that's the reaction I'm going to get."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I chuckled, trying to calm myself down. "It's just that I didn't think you thought of me that way. I mean you… well, look at you. You can't tell me that you don't know how sexy you are, but me, not so much. It's kinda unfair if you ask me."

"Huh," he breathed. He brought his head down and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. "You're wrong. If I thought that either of us were ready to take that next step in this relationship, I would have already laid you on my bed and had you naked."

"I'm ready," I replied huskily. At least I felt ready. My body was drawn to his; I'd never wanted someone so physically before in my life.

Edward began trailing kisses up and down my neck while his hands began rubbing my back. His hands made a slow descent, coming to a rest on my ass. He squeezed tightly, which only served to spur on urges that I thought were gone forever. Despite my previous occupation, very rarely, if ever, was I turned on. It was always a mind game I had to win with myself to go forward when I turned a trick. It became easier over time, but it was still always something I had to psych myself up for, at least as much as I could, to get the job done.

This, however, was real. There was no thinking about it; my body was having a natural reaction to a male. I wanted this for reasons other than monetary gain. I tried losing myself in the feeling of his hands on my body parts on his lips and tongue on my neck.

Before I realized what was happening, Edward had moved his hand and palmed my crotch, leaving one hand firmly planted on my ass. I stiffened at the familiar feeling, which wasn't a comforting familiarity. There were too many times when this kind of feeling didn't end well for me.

I tried to push the negative feelings aside and just concentrate on Edward's hands on me – not Peter's, James', Eric's, or the random other men. I had to remind myself that this was Edward. He wasn't after me for pure pleasure and he wasn't going to tell me to leave when he was done. We were in a relationship and this was normal in a relationship. Sex was almost expected in a relationship. If I could give worthless men sex, then I could have sex with Edward – a man I loved, although he wasn't aware how deep my feelings ran.

I could do this.

It was different this time.

Edward cared for me on a level that none of the others did.

Edward kissed back up my neck, coming close to my ear. "I told you we weren't ready for this," he whispered in my ear before placing one last kiss behind my ear and enveloping me in a tight hug.

I pulled back, but didn't remove myself from his tight embrace. "How did you know?" I asked as tears began stinging my eyes.

"Because you've been through a lot so it's only expected that something so intimate would bring back bad memories. I have faith that we'll get there one day, but today isn't the day, Bella. I'm not in a rush and I don't want you to think that we should be."

I nodded and brought my face to his chest, inhaling the scent that made me feel secure. "Can we just cuddle?" I mumbled into his shirt.

"Sure. If we can find the bed under all your clutter," he joked.

"Shut up," I laughed, pulling away from him. I threw all the clothes onto the floor and dragged Edward over by his arm. He wasted no time wrapping me in his arms and gently rocking us both. After only a few minutes of lying together I became so comfortable that sleep was becoming hard to fight.

I was in that odd limbo between conscience and sleep and I heard Edward mutter that something was worth it.

Edward was worth it.


"I'm nervous. I shouldn't be nervous; there's nothing to be nervous about," I chanted as I paced the living room. I was going to leave a track with my incessant pacing.

We were scheduled to be at the hotel for the banquet in half an hour, but Edward was adamant that we should be at least ten minutes late since these things never really started on time. He had been to many of these so I took his word without question. Even still, though, I had been anxious about the night all day and had begun getting ready hours before it was really necessary.

Edward was in the bathroom, "taking a quick piss", as he so eloquently put it. We were leaving as soon as he was done.

"You ready to go?" he asked, stepping out of the bathroom and adjusting his tie.

Edward was so handsome in general, but when he threw a suit on it just upped his sex appeal. It wasn't often that I got to see him in a full suit, so I soaked it in on the infrequent occasions.

He was wearing a simple black suit, tailored to fit, and a skinny purple tie that matched the color of my dress. It was actually Edward that picked out the dress when he saw it laying over the desk. It was a purple sleeveless cocktail dress that reached just above the knee, nothing fancy at all. I wore it maybe twice, but didn't even consider it because I wasn't sure if the color was appropriate or not. I paired it with a wide black belt and heels that Rosalie inserted in the box during our trip to Forks.

"You look…very good," I complimented, my tongue only hanging out slightly.

"Are you listening to me?" Edward asked, lifting me from my suit and tie haze.

"Yes?" I questioned, completely clueless of what he had just said.

"No you weren't," he laughed. "Anyway, I said that you look lovely and that I have a surprise waiting for you at the banquet."

"A surprise?" I asked surprised. "Like what? You didn't buy me a present or anything did you? Should I have bought you something?" I rambled.

"No, Bella. Calm down. There's someone I want you to meet tonight. I think it would be good if you two talked."

"Is it someone important, or just a friend?"

"Um, both I guess. Don't be nervous; there's no reason for that perspiration," he laughed, pointing to my forehead.

"Shut up! You're such an ass. Why didn't you say something sooner? I don't have enough time to prep myself. What if they ask me something about medicine? I don't know anything about medicine. Or even worse, what if they don't like what I did? Am I going to get in trouble? Are you going to get in trouble?" I rambled, wringing my hands to keep from completely freaking out.

"Bella!" Edward grabbed my shoulders and shook me slightly. "Stop! There's no reason for you to be so nervous. The reason why I didn't say something sooner was because I thought that if I waited until the last minute I could prevent this kind of behavior. Just believe me when I say that you'll enjoy speaking with this person. Trust me, okay?" I nodded, unconfidently. "Good. Let's go. I'm having a really good hair day and I don't want it to go to waste."

I laughed despite myself at his vanity. He wasn't so outwardly conceited, but he always let it be known when his hair was behaving.

With deep, calming breaths I rode the elevator down, holding on tightly to Edward's hand. Logically, there was no reason to be nervous. This was small fries compared to some of the events I had been to, but not only was the new ward important to Edward and the hospital; it was almost like a re-introduction of my art career.


The Hilton Seattle banquet room was beautifully decorated with soft creams and browns. Blown up photographs of the new ward lined the walls. When I asked Edward why, if we were celebrating the new ward, the party wasn't held in the ward itself, he explained that the board members wanted it to be functioning and operating as soon as possible. Everyone seemed content with the stills and a short presentation of the ward that was scheduled to play later in the evening.

When Edward and I arrived the room was already full, people milling about and servers flitting between guests offering beverages. I played the dutiful guest and stood close to Edward as he talked with hospital staff, board members, and parents that had been invited to partake in the celebration. More than once, Edward was given a pat on the back for a job well done; bringing everything together and making it seem so effortless. If I hadn't known Edward before tonight, I would think he was the humblest person walking the earth. He shrugged off compliments, explaining that he couldn't do it himself and that he had many colleagues that worked right with him. He even made it a point to inform people that I was the artist behind the murals and that I did it all solo.

Many times, people pulled me away from Edward's side to drag me to a photo that illustrated some mural or another. I received my own compliments and inquiries about private jobs. I made it a point to not commit to any offer, instead taking a number down with a promise to get back to them. It wasn't that I didn't want to sell my services, but if I was going to seriously get back in to my painting, I couldn't spend time painting this or that for anyone who was willing to pay. I needed to concentrate on my own inspirations and creativity without a deadline or someone breathing down my neck.

It had been about an hour of socializing when Edward politely pulled me away from a mother and father of a little boy who had many stints in the children's ward. Timothy was born with a deformed heart that required many hospital stays and extremely invasive surgeries. Thankfully, I was told Timothy was living as normal life as possible, though some activities and sports weren't possible.

"That person I wanted to introduce you to is here, at the bar," Edward said as we approached said bar. There were two women and one man, all three facing away from us.

"David," Edward called out when we reached the man who had just received his order from the bartender. As if in slow motion, David turned around to reveal himself. It was like the world was turned on its axis, the air in the room was sucked out, time had reversed, and I was living in a dream…or nightmare.

"Mr. Banner," I whispered, staring at the man who helped launch my art pieces while I was in college. He was my mentor, the person I looked up to, and the only person's advice and help I sought in school. His opinion of my art and work ethic mattered the most out of anyone, even my parents, though I'd never admit that out loud.

"Isabella." He smiled widely as his eyes glazed with unshed tears. "May I?" he asked, holding his arms open for a hug. Without answering his question, I walked into his open arms and squeezed him tightly.

"I see some people I need to speak with so if you'll excuse me." Edward politely excused himself, giving us privacy to speak.

Mr. Banner guided me to two empty stools at the opposite end of the bar. I ordered a soda while he began sipping his drink.

"Still not a big fan of alcohol, I see," Mr. Banner chuckled.

"No. Stupid things can happen when alcohol is involved," I answered. "What are you doing here?" I asked after staring at him in awe. He was my past. And much like Rosalie, he was someone I thought I would never see again. He represented a good part of my life that I threw away.

"I came to see you." I playfully rolled my eyes at his vagueness. "I saw the pictures of the hospital. Even when you're drawing bunnies and rainbows, it's still top notch."

"I doubt you knew about the hospital. Seriously, why are you here?"

He took another sip of his drink. "About two weeks ago I received a call from a Mr. Edward Cullen, asking me if I knew you. It was a shock, let me tell you, when he mentioned your name. I think it had to be a full minute before I even answered him. Anyway, he told me about tonight and asked if I would please attend. How could I refuse the opportunity to see my favorite student at least one more time?"

I took three short sips from my soda, still trying to come to grips that Mr. Banner was sitting next to me. He knew nothing, I assumed, about anything that had occurred since I left school and just thinking about it while he was here made me feel ashamed. It was almost as if my own father was sitting next to me, wanting an explanation for the horrible things I had done.

"What happened?" he finally asked.

"It…it was just too much and I took the coward's way out and ran. I didn't know how to deal with my parents' death."

"I heard about that. My sincere condolences," he said sadly. Can I be honest with you?" he asked timidly. I nodded, lifting my head from staring into my glass to look at him. "I was so worried and I had no idea what to think. When Ms. Hale didn't know where you were or what happened I thought the absolute worst. Frankly, up until Mr. Cullen called me, I believed you were dead."

"There were a lot of times I wished I were dead. At the time, I felt like I had no one in this world. I did things that I can never forgive myself for and I've put people through things that I could never ask forgiveness for. I'm just trying to get myself back together now. Edward and Rosalie – I reunited with her, also – have been great, but there is only so much that I can be helped with. I have to do a lot on my own, ya know?"

He nodded thoughtfully. "What about one more person trying to help you?" he asked

"You've helped me by being here. It's so good to see you."

"Of course it is, darling." He nudged my shoulder playfully. "However, since you were…soul searching we'll call it, you never finished college. You only have about a semester's worth of credits you need for your degree. I can help you with that."

"How?" I asked skeptically. "I don't really have the time to go back to school. I'm working, I have therapy, and I'm trying to get back into my painting."

"I'm glad to hear all that. I may be able to get you to finish, though, through correspondence. I just have to talk to some people, but I don't think it'll be a problem.

"Yeah? You think you could do that for me?" I asked excitedly. I always wanted to finish my degree, but never thought it was something that could or would happen so soon. It was important, but it wasn't on the top of my list.

"I do, but I do have two conditions." He eyed me seriously.

"Should I be worried?" I asked nervously.

"Yes. The first one is that I need to know that you really want to do this – to finish your courses." He paused. I nodded my agreement. "Secondly, if I am able to get you enrolled again, and I'm almost positive I will, I want to be your manager."

"My manager? I don't have anything to manage except my schedule and I'm doing that pretty well on my own." I was a little offended.

"No, your manager as an artist – a painter. You want to get your name back out there and I want you to get your name back out there. I can help you do that. The talent and passion and obsession that you have is something I haven't seen since you left school. I've been teaching for a long time and I can honestly say that you were the best student I've ever had the pleasure of guiding. The art world needs you. What do you say?"

Was I ready for all of this? Taking college courses again, putting even more effort into painting which was inevitably going to take up even more of my time. Long days and even longer nights were sure to follow. Days will surely pass with me forgetting to eat. The bed sheets will remain cool since I will forgo sleep in order to perfect just the right hue.

Did I really want that life back?



"You're a sneaky S.O.B, you know that?" I asked Edward as I wrapped my arms around him from behind. "Wonderful, but sneaky." I circled around him, but never detached myself from the man I had already fallen in love with. "How did you find him?"

"It wasn't really hard. He was still at the school and the only male professor that went by Banner. I thought it would be a nice surprise."

"Nice doesn't even describe it. Can I kiss you?" I whispered shyly.

"I'd love that." He lowered his head. He tasted like the bourbon he had been sipping throughout the night. It wasn't my favorite taste, but it was Edward and for him, I'd endure more than the unpleasant alcohol taste.

I removed my lips from his, but continued trailing kisses on his neck. I loved this man and just when I thought he had made up for his past indiscretions, he did one more thing to blow me away. I wasn't mad at him for the brashness he had treated me with, or the stereotypical negative light he saw me in. I didn't hold grudges and everything with Edward was water under the bridge a long time ago.

I blamed it on my euphoric mood, but I couldn't hold it in anymore. I didn't expect him to reciprocate, and I really didn't him want to say it back because he felt he had to. He could say it when or if he ever legitimately felt it.

"Edward," I said, placing one last kiss to his neck and holding him tightly. I was brave, but I wasn't that brave. I spoke into his ear, afraid to look into his eyes and see how it might truly feel. "I love you."

I could hear and feel the air leave his body as it tensed more than slightly. My brain worked quickly to relieve him of any pressure he might have felt to say it back.

"I don't expect you to feel the same," I continued to talk in his ear as I held him tightly, scared that he would try to break free from my grasp, "but I just needed to…" I trailed off as the devil with raven colored hair appeared with, I was sure, the she-devil clutching his arm.

I dislodged myself from Edward, his touch and warmth suddenly unwanted. With as little touch as possible, I turned Edward around so he could see who I was seeing.

"Who's that?" I pointed without the pretense of caring if I was being rude or not. Edward didn't answer right away and I could feel him boring holes into the side of my head, but still I didn't look at him. When I heard the rustling of his jacket, I knew he was finally acknowledging who I was inquiring about.

"That's Ericsson Yorkie, the son of one of our board members," he answered tersely. "Nice enough guy, I guess, but I don't know him that well. Probably not as well as you do," he mumbled. His comment sliced through me like a hot blade. The room was spinning and it was becoming heard to breathe. Edward noticed nothing and continued speaking. "That's his wife he's with. Ir-"

"Irina," I answered, cutting him off. I could feel the sweat beading on my forehead and my knees beginning to buckle. With pleading eyes, I finally looked to Edward. I needed help; I needed to breathe. However, Edward continued to stare daggers in Eric's, or rather Ericsson's, direction. He thought I willing slept with him. He couldn't see that I was slowly losing my shit and I needed to get out of here.

It was like Eric had sonar hearing. As I stood staring, trying my best to not appear like a gaping fish, Eric and his wife began walking toward Edward and me. His wife was absolutely lovely. She had a slander figure and ample breasts. Her fair was a beautiful golden blonde, pinned up elegantly behind her ears. He cheekbones were high and her skinned glowed.

"Edward. It's not to see you hear. Great job with all of this," Eric commented, motioning around the room. He turned his eyes – eyes that held a knowing and evil look- to me. "And who is your date for the evening?" He smirked.

"This is my girlfriend, Isabella," he answered, with a hard and guarded tone.

"I'm glad to make your acquaintance," he replied with a smirk. "I still have rounds I need to make, so Edward, take care and I'll see you soon." He leaned in close, placing a kiss on my cheek. "You clean up very well, Bella. I hope to see you soon," he whispered in my ear. He left quickly without introducing Irina.

Everything I ate that day, and maybe even the whole week, was coming up. I ran from Edward's side, not caring if he followed or not. I ran to the exit, pushing people aside as they cursed and berated me for being so rude. I ran to where I remembered the bathroom being. I didn't make it to a stall, buy luckily, I made it to a sink before everything came up.

I heaved and coughed as bile quickly followed undigested food. The women that occupied the bathroom made hasty retreats, some saying they were going to call for help.


I didn't need help. I needed to just not be me anymore. I needed for everything to end. There could never be good in my life. Everything good was always taken away and replaced by something vile and hateful – something I had created myself.

When nothing but blood could be spit out, I sunk against the cold tiled wall, sobbing. My face was wet and I'm sure my makeup was smeared. My dress was covered in puke and spit and I was alone. I would always be alone.

Death isn't so bad when you're alone. You are alone, after all. Doesn't it make sense to die if you have no one in the world?

Why was I being jostled? Couldn't I just die in peace? Maybe on overdose would be the best way to go. Maybe I should say goodbye to Rosalie this time.

Why was there more jostling and why were there so many voices in my head? It would be just my luck that I would suddenly become schizophrenic. On the plus side, one of those voices sounded as if it belonged to Edward.


It was warm and comfortable, way too comfortable for a bathroom floor. My head was pounding, though. I felt it in my teeth. If I could open one eye, I knew I'd be okay, but it was easier said than done.

I wasn't in the bathroom, I could deduce that much as I tried to get one eye open. There was also a body behind me that I hoped belonged to Edward, but I wouldn't be surprised to wake up on a sullied bed next to a disgusting stranger. It was life, after all, and life had a way of kicking you when you were down or knocking you down a few pegs when you were feeling good about yourself.

Everything about last night came creeping back with a vengeance.

I slowly turned my body to face the stranger so when I managed to open one fucking eye, I could peek at the owner of this heavy arm.

Finally, finally, I managed to open both eyes, albeit very slowly. It wasn't a stranger that was wrapped around me, pleasantly, it was Edward. However, it was a very tired looking Edward staring back at me.

"Morning," I croaked out. He didn't say anything back so I tore my eyes from his. Maybe we were breaking up this time. Maybe Edward realized what kind of baggage he was really dealing with. Talking about it and actually seeing it with his own eyes were two different things.

Edward was disheveled looking, not rested at all. "There's blood on your shirt," I noticed as I continued to appraise the rest of him. "What happened?"

"Are you suicidal?" he asked instead, his voice hard.

My blood ran cold. Was that my blood on his shirt? I tried to focus my mind to see if anything ached, specifically my arms or neck. Aside from my head, nothing really hurt.

"Are you?" he asked again in a softer voice.

"No, I don't think so. At least I don't actively think about it anymore. Why?"

"Because you kept mumbling about dying and saying goodbye to Rosalie. Should I be worried that I'm going to come home and find you dead?" His voice was steel again.

"No," I replied as adamantly as I could in my current condition. "I just had a setback last night. I'll talk to my therapist about it at my next session. Is that my blood?" I asked about his shirt again.

"No." He removed himself completely from the bed and sat at the desk chair. I managed to slowly sit up and bring my knees to my chest. "Ericsson Yorkie is the Eric, isn't he?" he asked, looking down at his hands that were busying themselves with the tie he never bothered removing.

"Yes," I answered, rubbing my eyes free of tears. There was an awkward silence that followed my confession.

"Are you going to the police?" he asked.

"I don't know," I answered honestly. "Is there any real point to it? If his father has money and clout, and I don't even know how important he is, then no one is going to believe me and, for shits and giggles, let's say they do, people like him don't go down for something like rape. It seems pointless to me."

"There is proof, though," he shouted, jumping up from the seat so quickly it toppled over. "There's still the rape kit!"

"So what? They'll ask why I didn't say anything sooner."

"You were scared! Besides, we still have Jasper's report and what he observed when you were brought into the hospital. Plus, we have Emmett's account of when he met you at the motel. Bella, you have to do this." He sat on the bed with me, grabbing my hands and holding them tightly. His eyes were begging me to go forward and make a claim.

"I don't want to do this alone, Edward," I choked out. As much as I told myself that I was okay with Edward not saying he loved me back, it still hurt that he didn't even acknowledge that I said it. Granted, I didn't give him much time to respond, but his initial reaction was all that I needed to know.

"You're not going to do this alone. I don't even know why you think you would. Haven't I tried to be there for you?"

"Didn't I scare you away yesterday, when I told you…well you were there."

"Yeah, I know." There was another awkward pause before he spoke again. "I was shocked, to say the least, but then there was so much more that came after that. I was pissed that you immediately asked about another guy right after you told me you loved me. Then I was jealous that you asked about another guy. It wasn't until you were gone for at least a minute that it clicked – you knew Irina's name – that Ericsson was that Eric. Then it was like a blinding rage."

"You were talking nonsense, or what I hoped was nonsense, about dying and killing yourself. It got me thinking about not having you around, and I didn't like how that made me feel." He began rubbing the spot on his chest over his heart. "You're incredibly smart and passionate, caring and forgiving. You're fun to be around and very easy to talk to. I was thinking about everything last night while you were sleeping, and I don't know if what I'm feeling is love, but I know whatever it is, it's strong. I don't want to say I love you until I know for sure."

"Fair enough," I agreed. "I won't take mine back, though."

He offered me a small smile. "I don't want you to."

"Can you come lay back down with me?" I asked, still tired from last night and with a headache that had yet to dull.

Edward stood up, removing his tie and un-tucking his shirt from his slacks. He wrapped an arm around my waist and I closed my eyes as I snuggled into his hard, but comfortable body. I opened my eyes and was met with the blood stain I noticed earlier.

"Whose blood is that?" I asked, although I had a pretty good idea.


He offered nothing more and I wasn't in the mood to pursue it any further at the moment.

I could feel my eyelids getting heavy and I was fighting to keep myself awake. I had one more thing to say.

"If I go to the police station, will you go with me?" I asked before I faded into sleep.

"Of course, Bella. I'll be there from the second you make the claim until the second that asshole is put behind bars."

Maybe it was too soon, and I was putting all my eggs in one basket, but his words were all the reassurance that I needed that things would be okay. Have I mentioned that I loved Edward Cullen?

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