You Came for Me

I do not own Batman Beyond, I don't even own stock in Warner Brothers, or I guess The Cartoon Network now.

Author's note: Just a tiny fic I wrote after watching The Last Resort.

Chelsea Cunningham watched him from her assigned seat. He didn't notice of course, he never seemed to pay attention to anyone at school, like he had greater things to contemplate. Or he was asleep.

Chelsea for appearance sake absently pushed a few buttons on her desk computer before returning to her surveillance.

Black hair, transparent blue eyes, good-looking in a boy next door sort of way, only edgier. There was a hint of danger there that was especially apparent when he was angry. He was sexy even. Not that she hadn't noticed before. It was just one of those things you comment on in passing in your head"Oh, that Terry McGinnis is a cute one."

Chelsea really couldn't say why she never really pursued him beyond that. He was going out with Dana Tan? Wasn't the kind of guy her father would approve of? The first was still true, inspiring a strong sense of guilt in her. Her father hardly mattered anymore.

The class was over and she'd spent the whole period gazing slyly. Even now her eyes still followed him when he stood up from his seat, his brown leather book bag slung over his right shoulder, and made his way out of the classroom. Maxine Gibson joined him and the two walked out the door.

Do I love him? Chelsea wondered as she stood up from her seat gathering her notepads.

She wasn't stupid, or naive, Chelsea knew her stay at the Institute changed her. No, it had done more than that. The Institute had broken her.

Towards the end of her incarceration, Chelsea grasped at every little shred of hope she could concoct in her mind. But when he came and promised to help free her and the other kids at the Institute—touching her face gently with his warm strong hand… All her hope became embodied in him.

She may have been in love with him, or she might not. But if it was love, it was born out of the trauma she suffered weeks earlier. It wasn't ideal, it wasn't healthy, and it would never work in the end, but Chelsea didn't care.

She wanted him and she decided she would do anything to get Terry McGinnis.