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It has been like a dream at first. A perfect dream filled with romance and kindness. But, then the darkness began to seep in and stain his perfect dream until it became a mangled copy of itself.

A nightmare through and through.


"Sebas-chan!" Grell yelled suddenly, rushing up to the dark haired student. He blushed slightly as those red eyes focused on him, showing no emotion from behind the mask the older of the two put up.

"Ah, Grell. That is it?" Sebastian asked calmly, turning his body to face the red-head.

Grell swallowed nervously, fidgeting in place for a long moment before his words finally broke through.

"I-I like you! Please go out with me!"

Grell felt his face heat up as the taller man stayed silent. His tears began to prickle with the sensations of tears as he felt his heart begin breaking apart in his slender chest.


Grell jerked his head up instantly, his eyes wide behind his simple silver frames. "R-really?" He gasped, not quite believing his ears.

Sebastian smirked, his fingers brushing Grell's cheek gently. "Yes, really." He murmured before slowly leaning in and pressing his lips against the red-head's.

And so Grell Sutcliff had his first kiss at the age of sixteen, a freshman in High School, with Sebastian Michaelis; Age seventeen, a senior.

When they pulled apart, Grell was giddy with excitement. And only when someone coughed did he realize that Claude, Sebastian's best friend, stood there and had witnessed the whole thing. Grell flushed as his eyes widened, staring at those emotionless yellow eyes of the man's. Claude simply looked at him for a long moment before some sort of emotion flickered over his face before it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

"C'mon, Sebastian." He said quietly, "The bell is about to ring, and you know how Mr. Tanaka hates it when we're late."

Sebastian nodded and turned back to Grell, "Walk you home after school?"

Grell blinked, nodding his head slightly at the offer. "S-sure." He stammered, looking up at Sebastian with an owlish expression.

Sebastian's smirk widened and he turned away, walking away quickly to catch up to Claude.

They walked in silence for a moment before Claude finally spoke, "What are you doing to do to him?"

"Play, of course." Sebastian answered immediately, his eyes glinting maliciously at the thought of his new toy. "He's a strong one, though naive." He added offhandedly, watching Claude's expression out of the corner of his eye. "I want to break him... Ruin him. Like the others."

Ah. There it was. The only tell on Claude's face that the other was irritated by what Sebastian said was the tiny twitch of his eyebrow.

Even Sebastian almost missed it.

His hand suddenly snapped out, slamming the slightly taller man into the lockers behind him. Sebastian leaned in, his eyes mocking the man silently. "Do you have a problem with that, Claude? Does it bother you that I wish to break him? Tell me... Do you like him?"

Claude looked at him emotionlessly for a long moment before shoving his hand away from throat and taking a step to the side. "No." He said simply, but Sebastian could hear the doubt in that one word.

"How interesting." Sebastian murmured, putting his knuckles against his lips as he grinned. "But you're lying."

"I am no-"

"Now, now. You do not need to deny it, I can hear it in your words." Sebastian mocked, waggling a finger at the other.

"Just don't take it too far, Sebastian." Claude practically pleaded, and Sebastian's smirk widened.

"I'll take it as far as I deem appropriate, Claude." He said airily, waving his hand dismissively as he turned away.

"Sick bastard." Claude muttered almost inaudibly, and Sebastian's grin grew wider.

"What was that, I couldn't quite hear you."


"Thought so."


Weeks went by, and all Grell ever faced was Sebastian being the perfect gentlemen. In the month or so that went by, Grell came to the realization that the body he had wasn't the one he should have been born in. This resulted in him letting his hair grow out, the radiant red locks now at shoulders length instead of cut just below his ears. He wore make up, outlining his eyes is black liner and red powder, wearing false eyelashes, and even wearing heeled boots.

He was the happiest he had ever been.

Then one day, he skipped into the school building after a rather pleasant nights sleep and spotted the back of his boyfriend not far down the deserted hall. His face brightened and he quickened his pace before winding his arms around Sebastian's like he usually did. "Sebastia-"

Suddenly, there was a sharp pain across his face and he gasped as he tasted blood from where his abnormally sharp teeth cut into his cheek. The red-head blinked slowly before slowly turning his head to look up into Sebastian's shockingly cold eyes. He paled considerably, taking a shaky step back from the raven-haired man. "S-Seba-"

Sebastian's hand snapped out, incircling Grell's throat before suddenly spinning and pinning the slender man against the lockers with a loud 'crash' that echoed in the air around them. Grell gasped in pain as the lock on the door dug painfully into his back before uselessly trying to shove Sebastian off of him. "S-Sebastian, what are you do-!"

"You didn't answer my text from last night." The man said coldly, the ice in his tone making Grell's stomach drop to his toes.

"M-my phone is disconnected right now you k-know that!" He stammered out, trembling as Sebastian frowned deeply at him.

"You weren't out with anyone?"

"N-no! I was at home with Mama because she was having trouble breathing again last night!" Grell gasped out as he felt Sebastian's hand tighten around his neck. It was true though, he had been home the entire time from when he got home from work. His mother was deathly ill with lung cancer, but instead of spending her last days in the hospital, her last wish was to die at home in comfort. Grell took care of her at night, when he wasn't working, and during the day a hired nursed cared for the elderly woman.

"Are you sure?" Sebastian pressed on, leaning closer to Grell's face.

"Yes!" Grell yelled, feeling anger bubbling up in him as his hands shoved at Sebastian's shoulder suddenly, making him stumble back a couple of paces so Grell could breathe. "What the hell has gotten into you today? You're being an ass, you kn-"


Grell stumbled slightly before he fell onto his side, blood dripping from his lip as his eyes teared up from the pain. He stayed like that for a long moment before suddenly pulling himself to his feet; glaring daggers at Sebastian. "WHAT THE FU-"




Grell's vision blurred slightly as he cowered against the lockers, arms held out in front of his face defensively as Sebastian hit him repeatedly. The red-head could feel tears and blood dripping down his face and couldn't help but wonder one thing.

Why? What had he done?

He gasped sharply as Sebastian's fist connected with his cheek and his head slammed hard against the metal behind it. His arms immediately went limp, falling uselessly to the floor as a sharp kick to the ribs made him choke.

The blows stopped as Grell's vision blurred, turning black at the corners. He drifted in and out of consciousness, eyes staring uselessly down the hall. Through the fog, he could just pick up the sound of retreating footsteps.

He must have blacked out, because the next thing his eyes registered as a pair of black dress shoes next to his face; then the feeling of someone lifting him into their arms.

"Sebastian...?" He mumbled, and felt the arms around him tighten their hold slightly.

He closed his eyes, and the world went black.


The next time he opened his eyes he was blinded by a harsh white light. He cried out weakly, turning his face away from the source only to groan slightly as he felt his body ache painfully.

"You're awake, yes!"

Grell slowly opened one eye as the cheerful voice reached his ears. He groaned slightly, turning his head towards the speaker. He eyes the woman in silence for a moment, taking in her large circular glasses and uniform before sliding his eyes shut again. "...Hospital...?" He rasped, opening his eyes slightly to look at the woman.

"Yes!" She said simply, looking down at Grell with a confusing mixture of emotions in her eyes. "How are you feeling, sir?"

Not bothering to correct her with his preference of title, he groaned again. "I hurt..." He rasped, closing his eyes against the harsh overhead lights. "How did I get here?"

"A dark haired man dropped you off, yes he did!" The nurse said, coming over to peer down at Grell. "Gave us your wallet so we had your ID, yes!"

"Oh?" Grell said, not really paying attention.

"Such a handsome man, he was! Carried you right up to the ER. Demanded that he be allowed to, yes he did! Though, he didn't leave a name unfortunately. Do you know who he is?"

"What did this guy look like again?"

"Black hair, tall, handsome as sin." She giggled, blushing slightly. "I couldn't see him very well, though. My eyes are poor, yes they are!"

Then why the hell are you a bloody nurse? Grell wondered with irritation before mulling over the woman's description. Could it have been Sebastian?

Grell smiled slightly, closing his eyes again. Suddenly exhausted he tuned out the flustered nurse and drifted off to sleep, where his dreams were filled with gentle arms and peircing yellow eyes.


Grell woke up with an aching body, and a pounding head. Swearing softly, he reached out and groped wilding at the side of his bed where he knew a call button to be placed. He squeezed his eyes shut against the light, throwing a arm over his eyes to block out access light. As he did, he realized that it was weighed down with something. He pulled it away from his face, peering at it blindly before sighing as he recognized a cast covering his arm from hand to mid-forearm.

Finally he found the button and pressed it. A buzzing noise echoed around him, and the voice of the nurse from yesterday flooded into the room.

"Good afternoon, yes! You're awake, Mister Sutcliff?"

"Obviously." He mumbled, sighing loudly. "Where are my glasses?"

"They're uh... Well, I'll come show you, yes!"

"Show me wha-"

The nurse hung up and Grell glared at the ceiling angrily, feeling the urge to smack some manners into the woman.

Just then, his door opened and the woman rushed in; clenching something in her hand.

"My glasses?" He asked, his tone bored as the woman hesitated.

"Well, actually..."

He raised an eyebrow at her questioningly and she pressed on. "Your original glasses are actually in the drawer next to your bed. However, the frames are broken... These that I have here are a pair that the man who brought you in left at the nurses desk... There's a note with them, yes."

"Let me see." Grell said flatly, somewhat bewildered that someone would go to such trouble for him. For a moment, his heart begged that it was Sebastian's doing... But his brain said differently.

She passed him what she had been holding, which he now realized was a carefully wrapped package with a note taped to it. Curiously, he ripped the note off; Flipping it open so he could read what it said.

Dear Grell,

I'm sorry I didn't make it in time to protect you from Sebastian's sick game. I wanted to warn you earlier, but he holds something above me that I cannot allow to become public.

Please, take these glasses as an apology. I know they won't lessen your pain, but it's the best I can do in the current situation.


PS: I will come see you when I can. Wait for me. I'll explain everything when I do. I promise.

Grell furrowed his brow at the initials, his head slowly flipping through the names of all the people he knew. At first, he was drawing a complete blank before his eyes widened in realization. "Oh."


Claude Faustus.

Grell frowned to himself as he unwrapped the package he had left, the nurse reaching down to help him when he had trouble thanks to his broken hand. Finally, the paper unwound and Grell found himself staring at a pair of bright red frames.

He smiled softly, carefully putting them on his face before turning to look at his nurse. "How do they look?" He asked, adjusting them slightly as he watched the world come back into focus.

"They suit you, yes!"

He nodded at that, gently touching the frames before looking at the woman once more. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Mey-Rin, sir!"

"Call me 'miss', please." He smirked, running his fingers through his hair. "I am a lady."


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