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The Soothsayer only said that Shen would be defeated by a warrior of black and white, everyone, including her and Shen, just assumed it would be a Panda. She also never specified when Shen would be defeated.


Tigress was a shell of her former self.

The remaining four warriors of the Ferocious Five tried to help her, but she was virtually catatonic. She had been since Po's death at Lord Shen's hands. Their subsequent capture and imprisonment didn't help maters. For the first few weeks of their imprisonment, Tigress barely ate, and never spoke.

But something changed.

Though she still didn't speak, Tigress began to eat regularly, if not more so than she used to, again. She also began to do what training she could in her cell. As the months began to pass, it became apparent as to the reason for Tigress' change in attitude.

She was pregnant.

Almost eight months after their imprisonment, Viper and Mantis helped as Tigress delivered a young tiger cub, a white tiger. And for the first time in the month's since their capture, the furious Five heard the hard-style master speak. "His name is Po," Tigress said, her voice laced with emotion, "after his father."


Two weeks later

The Five, along with young Po, attempted to escape from Gongmen. Outnumbered and surrounded, Tigress made a heart-breaking sacrifice.

"Monkey," she called, holding young Po close. The Five could see the tears in her eyes as she gently kissed her son's forehead, before handing him to Monkey.

She then addressed the Five. "Get him out of here. Don't look back."

Before the other four could reply, Tigress turned and attacked their pursuers. Alone, and with no more care to her own life or safety, she created enough of a distraction for her friends and young son to escape.

Shen displayed her broken body as a warning to those who would oppose him.


Twenty Years Later

A white tiger stood tall as he looked down on Gongmen City. This was the city where his father had been murdered, without even knowing of his existence. This was the city he had been born in. This was the city his mother had perished as she protected him and her friends. But most importantly, this city was the home of Emperor Shen, the peacock that had taken both of his parents from him and conquered China.

For twenty years, he had been in hiding, training with Master's Mantis, Crane, Viper, and Monkey, his parents friends, along with Master Sifu, his parents master, before he died. He had, like his father before him, seen and understood the secret of the Dragon Scroll.

And now, Po, son of Master Tigress and Dragon Warrior Po, was to face his greatest challenge yet.

For vengeance, for China, for his teachers, for himself.

For his parents.

Emperor Shen would finally face his destiny.


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