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Four months later…

Hermione gazed around at the quests milling about the lawn of Malfoy manner, she admired the beauty red and golden of the fall leaves as they fell from the trees near the stage where the band played, but most of all, as she turned her gaze to the man who swayed with her to the melody of music coming from the band, she marveled at how lucky she was to finally be married to him.

Once they learned that the war was finally over, that he and his family, as well as the whole Wizarding world was safe they had not wanted to wait any longer to be together in all senses of the word. With the help of Lucius and Narcissa, wands once again in hand, she and Draco managed to get everything planned and ready. Harry and Ron eventually came around and stood at Draco's side as she had Lucius escort her down the white silk path that had been laid out. Narcissa, as well as many of Hermione's friends, shocked indeed, but happy for their friend, cried at the lovely view Hermione made as she stood before the alter with Draco. It had been a beautiful ceremony, tear filled and happy.

Dancing with her husband now, Hermione was happier than she had ever been as she let her mind drift back to all of the memories that had brought her to this point. Love and war…sometimes they came hand in hand and it was this that made Hermione come to believe that in everyone's life, there is one undeniable moment of change, a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything.

A/N: The story is finally finished. I'm happy to say that I'm quite happy to have finished it at long last. I started writing several days ago and I've worked almost nonstop from start to finish.

I know that Draco and his parents were OOC, but this is set after the Battle of Hogwarts and I wanted to give a different view on their characters, to give them a chance to be different than how they always were. I wanted Draco to feel the guilt for the things that he had done, to feel the darkness of the things he had seen. I wanted Lucius and Narcissa to experience the feel of kindness from one whom they had so despised, to respect her for who she was and not for the status of her blood.

I went with the name Leo Serpentis because he was just as much a part of Hermione as he was Draco, the Gryffindor lion and the Slytherin serpent. The name just kind of worked out for me when I was going through star constellations.

I know that I went through this a little fast, but sometimes love doesn't wait a certain amount of time. Sometimes love just is and that's all there is to it.

Hermione's last thought is a quote from one of Nicholas Spark's books. "I've come to believe that in everyone's life, there's one undeniable moment of change, a set of circumstances that suddenly alters everything." To me it fit the theme of this story.

Thank you to all of you who read the story. I appreciate the time you took out to read the words I worked so hard to turn into a work of fiction. I really hope you enjoyed it.^^