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Break came to an end and Matthew and Gilbert went to their respective colleges (or community college in Gil's case) with promises to write each other and call every chance they got. Matthew could feel the tears welling up as he hugged Gilbert harder. Gilbert squeezed him tight, whispering to him. "It's ok Mattie, I'm only 2 hours away so I can see you on weekends and we always have spring break to look forward to." Matthew sniffled, looking up at his new boyfriend. "Promise to call every day? And if you can't call, promise to at least text me?" Matthew asked, whipping the tears from his eyes. Gilbert laughed and smiled. "Of course Mattie, as long as you promise to answer." Matthew nodded and kissed Gilbert one more time before getting in the car with his brother. He looked out the window and saw Gilbert standing there, waving good bye. Not but 2 minutes later, Matthew's phone started buzzing in his pocket, he smiled when he saw who the text was from.

From The Awesome Gilbert

To Matthew

I miss you already Birdie.

Matthew's eyebrows furrowed when he saw Birdie. Why was Gil calling him Birdie?

From Matthew

To The Awesome Gilbert

I miss you too Gil, but why Birdie?

From The Awesome Gil

To Matthew

Because this is the second time I've had to watch you fly away.

Matthew smiled softly and texted back a simple 3 hoping that Gilbert would get what he meant.

True to his word, Gilbert called every single night and texted him on days he couldn't call. Weekends were full of cuddling and small kisses, everything was perfect. Spring break couldn't have come soon enough, because with spring break, came Gilbert's birthday. Matthew still felt bad about not finding him anything for Christmas, so he spent weeks looking for a present for his albino boyfriend. He had gotten in touch with the orphanage and had arranged for them to look for any living relatives he might have. In the mean time, in case that didn't work out, he was looking for something. Spring break came around and Matthew was sitting on his bed, waiting for Gilbert to come get him when his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and answered it, grinning. "Hey Gil, you gonna be here soon?" He could hear his boyfriend's car engine running as he waited for Gilbert's response. He sounded nervous when he spoke, that was odd for Gilbert. "Y-yeah. I'm outside y-your house right now Birdie. S-see you in a minute." They hung up and Matthew jumped out of his bed, running down the stairs, yelling a good bye to his family before vanishing out the door.

He slid into the passenger seat, smiling at Gilbert, "so what are the plans for the day?" Gilbert shot the Canadian a small smile. "I was thinking maybe a stroll in the park; hang out near the pond maybe. If that sounds good to you?" Matthew nodded, grabbing the albino's free hand in his own. "What's up with you Gil? You seem a bit nervous." Gilbert just shook his head and took his hand back. "I'll just tell you when we get to the park." Matthew could feel his heart sinking. Gilbert was going to break up with him, he knew it. He spent the entire ride to the park, trying to figure out what he had done wrong.

They took a walk around the park, spending most of it in silence. Finally Gilbert stopped and took Matthew's hands in his. Matthew tried to hold back tears, his heart thumping in his chest. "M-mattie…Birdie. We've been together for 2 months now and well…to be honest, I love you." Matthew looked at him, shocked, clearly not expecting that. "And I need to be closer to you, so I transferred schools. In the fall semester, I'll be going to the same college as you are. I already got a lease to an apartment about 3 blocks from the school so I'll be able to see you whenever I want an…" He was cut off by Matthew kissing him deeply. Gilbert felt himself blush and he began kissing his little Canadian back.

The rest of the week was spent getting Gilbert moved into his new place, and finally, by the last day of spring break, they were done. Gilbert wasn't going to be living in it just yet, but as soon as the year was over, he would officially move in. For now, it would just be Matthew living in the one bedroom apartment.

The rest of the semester went by slowly and finally, summer came. Meaning one very sexy albino would be officially moving into the apartment with a very sexy Canadian. Gilbert had told Matthew that he would be there late and Matthew couldn't have been more thrilled. He had a little plan to put into action. By the time Gilbert got home, Matthew was nowhere to be found. Gilbert called out for him, but got no reply. He sighed, but made his way to the bedroom to get some rest, only to find one very hot, very bothered, very naked Canadian on their bed.

Matthew had heard Gilbert enter their home and he felt himself flush. He and Gil had talked about turn-ons weeks ago, and now, he was finally using that knowledge to his advantage. Gilbert was a voyeur, not to the point where he'd creep, but it watching a lover touch themselves seriously got him hot. Matthew took a deep breath and laid down on the bed, naked. When he heard Gilbert enter, his hand slowly trailed down his stomach and stopped on his already hardening cock. (Ok, so maybe Matthew was a bit of an exhibitionist, they were a match made in heaven.) He wrapped his hand around it and began pumping himself, a soft blush covering his face. He moaned out softly, whimpering a bit as he began to move his hand a bit faster. "G-gil…o-oh god Gil, r-right there." Gilbert's cock jumped to attention when he heard Matthew groan his name. Gilbert lunged at the bed, ripping off his shirt in the process. He latched his lips onto Matthew's and replaced Matthew's hand with his own. Matthew's heart leapt in his chest when he felt his boyfriends hand on his cock. Every other thought had been erased from his mind, all he wanted to do now was rip every last bit of clothing off of his boyfriend. Matthew moved his hands down, unbuckling Gil's pants and pushing them down, his hand groping his boyfriend's still covered cock. Fuck, it's so big. It's so…hot. Matthew thought, moaning into Gilbert's mouth. He worked on getting Gilbert's boxers off, moaning when Gil grinded their anatomy together. "Fuck Birdie…you're so hot…so so hot." Gilbert's mouth attacked the quivering Canadian's neck, biting and sucking on the soft flesh before whispering. "Are you still a virgin Mattie? We don't have to do this if you don't want to." Matthew shook his head. "A-a boy in my freshmen year in high school…but not since then. I want this Gilbert. I want it with you." Matthew blushed at his own words and jumped when he felt something brush against his hole. He looked at Gilbert, blushing and his boyfriend grinned, his eyes glinting. "It may hurt a bit Birdie, but I'm going to prepare you first, so just relax." Matthew nodded and felt himself blush deeper when Gilbert put 2 of his fingers in his own mouth, sucking on them, moaning softly. He slipped one into Matthew's tight hole, his eyes widening. "Damn you're tight Birdie. I promise, I won't hurt you." Gilbert moved the one finger slowly, twisting it around a bit before adding a second, pumping them in and out of his moaning, squirming boyfriend. Gilbert slipped in a third for good measure, frowning when he saw Matthew wince. "I'll stop if you want." Matthew shook his head. "Please, I…I need you Gil. So bad." Gilbert felt his heart pound and his face heat up, He nodded and pulled out his fingers, kissing his lover hard. He pulled away and looked at him, biting his lip. "Birdie, I don't want to hurt you anymore…do…do you have any lube?" Matthew nodded, blushing. "Top drawer in the nightstand." Gilbert grinned and reached over, grabbing around for the lube. Finally he found it and he had to laugh a little. The bottle read: Maple scented lubrication. Gilbert smiled down at his lover as he applied the lube to both his cock and Matthew's tight little hole. Matthew shivered slightly and cried out as Gilbert slipped into him. Gilbert kissed his lover softly, nuzzling his face a bit. He stayed deep in Matthew, but refused to move until he was given the go ahead. Finally Matthew nodded and Gilbert took that as a good sign. He began moving in and out of his boyfriend slowly, feeling encouraged when he heard small whimpers coming from the man under him. He moved a bit faster, pulling himself all the way out and then pushing himself back in. The moving and pushing soon turned to deep, passionate thrusts as both parties moaned loudly. Gilbert felt his own release coming closer so he took a hold of Matthew's cock, pumping it quickly in his hand. He kissed the spot on Matthew's neck he knew was the most sensitive. "I…I'm so close Gil…p-please…p-please make me cum!" That was all the encouragement Gilbert needed before absolutely tearing into his boyfriend. He was pleased when he heard lust filled, almost delighted moans coming from Matthew. He pumped his boyfriends cock faster, moaning in his ear. "I'm close Birdie, I want to cum with you baby." It didn't take much more. Gilbert thrusted deeply into Matthew, earning him a loud moan. Matthew's back arched as he moaned, "G-gil, I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming!" Gilbert groaned, thrusting into him two or three more times before cumming inside his lover. Gilbert slipped himself out of his lover and kissed the panting Canadian's neck, whispering slyly. "Best house warming present ever." They fell asleep together, cuddled close.

As college went on, the two became closer, more loving and yes, kinkier in bed. After college ended, they stayed in the same apartment, but soon it was too small for them after a certain point. Gilbert proposed, and with that, moved them into a new house. They survived, they thrived and they loved. And that was all they needed to get along.

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