If you're here, then you must have decided to look for an interesting take on the world of Mario with the not so popular pairing Waluigi/Luigi. Yes, I do support it greatly. I also support Daisy/Luigi, mind you, Daisy is my favorite character. If you came to explore, review if you like it. If not, leave without a word. Improving comments are welcome.

"I found the scrapbook!"

"You didn't!"

"I did!" Daisy danced into the room, waving an old scrapbook around as she did; "Now we'll look at it!"

"What if I don't want to?" Luigi muttered, face turning red.

"Oh well." Daisy plopped down next to Luigi on the couch, smiling as she pulled back the cover. "Besides, you look charming in these."

"I don't care, some of them are humiliating." Luigi continued to look at the TV.

Daisy reached over and slammed her hand down on the remote, cutting the power off. "Look."

Luigi sighed and turned his head, seeing the picture with him smiling at the camera while trying to avoid getting caught in the frame. He noticed the suit he was wearing and realized that was his wedding photo.

"I do look charming in that." He muttered, looking down at the next picture, seeing Daisy holding a fist of cake in her hand and getting ready to throw it at Luigi. "That was when the looks stopped though."

Daisy giggled, "Oh, look here. You spilt wine on your brother."

"He deserved it." Luigi looked at the picture where his wine glass was tilting, the contents flying towards Mario. Both of the brothers' faces were very amusing.

"Well, better then Peach flipping out over getting strawberry juice on her dress. She was in the bathroom for the majority of the time. Rosalina was with her, remember?"

Luigi laughed, watching as Daisy turned the page, "Yes, yes – hey, look! Waluigi's in that one!"

The picture they were looking at consisted of Waluigi having dragged Luigi and Daisy onto the dance floor with him, and in a state of confusion he was holding Daisy while Luigi was hanging off his shoulders.

"That was weird." Luigi said, "He knew that you and I were dancing."

"But you were dancing with him."

"I – I was not."

"Aw," Daisy giggled, "yes you were."

"Hush." Luigi looked at the next photo, "You let that in there?"

"Yep." Daisy smiled at the photo, Waluigi and Luigi shoving cake into each other's mouths, "It's quite humorous." She looked below it before groaning, "The next one's gone!"

"Good." Luigi reached over and flipped the page, "Maybe it's in that box of the rest of the pictures."

"Hmm." Daisy admired the next picture, "Aw, you were tipsy."

The image of Waluigi lounging on some chairs with Luigi on top of him made said male blush heavily. "So?"

"It's cute!"

"I don't care."

"Oh, look, I still got it in here!" Daisy jammed her finger against the next photo – that part that came after "You may now kiss the bride." Daisy squealed as she made comments that Luigi couldn't understand.

She always got like this after looking at that picture. It was hard to continue looking in the book, because she wanted to just keep on looking at that one.


"So what'd you do today?" Waluigi asked, holding a paper up to the light.

"Oh, Daisy found our wedding scrapbook again. I should hide it somewhere in the attic. She hates it up there." Luigi grabbed a soda out of the fridge. "How was your day?"

"Normal." Waluigi muttered.

Luigi snorted while reaching into his pocket, "I want you to look at this, tell me this doesn't make you want cake."

"Hmm?" Waluigi looked at the picture that Luigi slid across the table, leaning back and smirking while saying, "Well, it was a good cake."

"Exactly why I didn't want to share it."

"But I made you."

"Then you stole some for later that night." Luigi laughed, remembering how that went.

Waluigi only scoffed, holding the image of that picture that Daisy also loved (Maybe even more then the other picture). "You know, it's a wonder copies of this haven't been made. The lighting's good and everything."

"Yes, yes. But who'd want a copy other then Daisy?"

"Hey, it's a picture of us making out while trying to share a piece of cake while it's in our mouths! What girl wouldn't want that?"

"Anyone who doesn't know us." Luigi leaned against the counter, smirking at Waluigi while reaching towards the container of cake they got yesterday. "But now that you've said it out loud, I'd like to do that again… and maybe replay what happened on our honeymoon –"

Waluigi had knocked down the chair he was sitting in, scooped up Luigi and the container, and was heading upstairs before Luigi could even change his mind and say he was joking.