**Hey, guess what? More WalGi goodness. And what do we have this time? Why, look at the title and think for yourself~! (That means there's some Yaoi goodyness goin' on here, don't like don't read).

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"You missed some."

"Huh?" Luigi focused on the man standing before him, hand limply hanging onto his ice cream cone, "What do you mean?"

"You got ice cream all over you face," Waluigi reached out, pressing his slender fingers to Luigi's face and brushed harshly against the skin, "You are such a messy eater."

"I - I'm not messy!" Luigi defended, slapping Waluigi's hand away with a harsh smack.

The elder man chuckled, "Don't say it isn't true." He glanced out at the wilderness before him, the tall trees that surrounded Luigi's house proudly standing guard. "What made you decide to eat ice cream anyway?"

"I was craving some," Luigi dragged his tongue up the side of the side cream, putting emphasis on finishing the lick before pulling his tongue back into his mouth, "Besides, it's delicious. Who doesn't want ice cream?"

"I don't." Waluigi rested his head on his hand, propping his arm up against his bony knee, "Its food. I don't like food."

"Of course you don't." Luigi rolled his eyes before sticking his tongue out again, dragging it up the side of the ice cream slower than he did before.

Waluigi sucked in his breath, crossing his legs and leaning back, "I say, it's a little warm out today."

Luigi retracted his tongue to swallow the ice cream, "Well, if you don't like it go inside." He paused as he went to lick the ice cream another time, "Why are you here, anyway?"

"I've nothing else to do, and I felt like bugging you today."

"As always. I've also noticed that you're not always locked up in your house like you normally are, nowadays."

"Well, I made a new resolution this year to get out more, though sometimes I regret it."

"Hmm," Luigi held the ice cream against his lips, "I guess that more or rather less meant to come to my house more often?" Once again he licked the ice cream, batting his eyes that were almost dripping with innocence.

"Not exactly, but...you know..." Waluigi swallowed, taking in the sight before him and letting his brain send saucy ideas to his crotch, "...stuff."

"Stuff, huh?" Luigi smirked, "What kind of stuff?"

"Um...just...ice cream." Waluigi inwardly slapped himself, wincing as soon as the words came from his mouth.

"Oh? You want some?" Luigi shook the cone at the taller, "There's a carton in the freezer if you wanna help yourself."

"I think I'll just go get a drink instead." Waluigi bounced out of his chair, tripping over his feet as he went into the house.

In the kitchen, Waluigi opened the freezer door and shoved his face inside; the cold air nipping at his face was a welcomed relief.

Either he's doing it to get the best of me, or he doesn't know he's doing it. Waluigi grit his teeth as he thought, reaching down and cupping his crotch with his shaking hand, Dammit, he's done it again. Been too cute for his own good! One of these days I'll end up raping him!

"My ice cream fell."

Waluigi jerked away from the freezer, hiding his hands behind his back, "U-uh, sorry?"

"Nya, just made a mess, is all." Luigi, with ice cream splattered on his face, smiled as he sauntered to the paper towel dispenser, giving Waluigi a teasing glance out of the corner of his eye before ripping a towel and wiping his face clean, Damn it, why does it have to be vanilla?!

Luigi tossed the towel in the trash, "So, are you okay? You had your head in the fridge and you were groping yourself-"

"All is fine!" Waluigi snapped, "Just a little woozy is all."

"With the urge to use the bathroom?" Luigi seemed to giggle, earning a disgusted glare from the other, "Oh, I'm just teasing, Wally." He waggled his eyebrows, "In more than one way."

Waluigi groaned, "Either you're serious or you're taking lessons from Daisy."

"Well, she did tell me that horseback riding's fun." Luigi picked a cucumber from a basket if vegetables he had on the counter, softly nibbling on the end of it while approaching Waluigi.

"S-so what're you saying?" Waluigi snapped, backing away quickly.

"She said that mustangs are quite fun to ride," Luigi continued following him, "I think I wanna ride a Shire horse, though."

"L-L-L-Luigi, this is a very scary side if you!" Waluigi tripped over the edge of the living room rug, falling onto the couch safely with arms flailing in surprise.

The smaller Italian chuckled, quickly straddling Waluigi's hips and just barely sitting on the noticeable bulge in between his legs, "I don't like them when they're tamed, though. I like trying to be the one who tames them." Every word that came out of his mouth was laced with lust, the flirtatious giggle that followed sending a chill down Waluigi's bony spine. "Question is, are you gonna be easy?"

"Ah-ah-ah-ahhhhhhhahahahhaugh, L-Luigi, you're such-such a-a-" Waluigi began, feeling all of his skin raise and crawl around.

"A bad boy? I bet I am." Luigi plopped down on the taller's erection, earning a sharp gasp and pleasure drunken groan in response, "If anything, I think that the horse just might throw me off and trample my ass." He tentatively licked the side of the cucumber, "But then again that might make me angry, and then I'll try to ride him again," Luigi pressed down, rolling his hips back and forth so that his crotch was pushing against Waluigi's in a slow, torturous manner, "I won't stop until I've tamed him, either. Then he'll melt every time I mount him."

Waluigi fisted the couch cushions, weakly bucking his hips up in a weak attempt to get more friction, "D-damn it, damn it Luigi!"

Luigi throatily chuckled, turning his head to the side as he took the end of the cucumber into his mouth, humming as he slightly sped up the pace of his hip rolls and sucking on the cucumber.

"S-st-stop, Luigi-Luigi-Lu-Luigi, sto-stooooooop!" Waluigi whined.

"Ah, sounds like I'm taming a horsey now~!" Luigi momentarily took the cucumber out to comment, now quickening his pace.

Waluigi panted, now bucking and clawing desperately with the corners of his eyes stinging, bottom lip starting to swell from his constant biting on it. That sight, that feeling, Luigi inappropriately half-eating a cucumber and pretending to ride him, not to mention that this man was the definition of adorable, all of it was blending rapidly in Waluigi's head so much that he didn't have any more control of his body. He wanted to throw that man on the floor, place that cucumber somewhere else, show him what riding a Shire horse was like, oh, how badly he wanted it!

Then, all of those thoughts powered his climax, he hissed like a snake as he arched his back and squeezed the life out of the couch cushions. He faintly heard Luigi's own mewl of satisfaction, said man's vocals highly pitched and shaky. Waluigi's brain took forever to wind back down, relaxing all of his tense muscles and focusing his attention back on Luigi.

"Ah, he might be tamed now~," Luigi giggled, nibbling on the end of the cucumber again, "I wonder how well he is tamed, though?"

Waluigi narrowed his eyes and growled.

"Ooh, angry horsey!" Luigi winked.

"Oh, I'm angry alright." Waluigi sat up, grabbing Luigi by the shoulders and shoving him into the floor, immediately straddling the shorter man and pinning his arms to the carpet, "So angry I could trample you."

"Oh! Oh dear!" Luigi cried in mock fright.

"Yeah, that's right, cry in fear, 'cause when this horse tramples, he doesn't show any mercy." Waluigi worked Luigi's hands so he could have them both pinned with one hand, using the other to slide down Luigi's shoulder to the overall strap. He carelessly worked it free, quickly doing the same to the other, "This scrawny little ass just might be too bruised to ride again, when I'm done with it."

"Aah! I actually like the sound of that~!" Luigi purred airily.

"I bet you do, you no good excuse for a horse tamer!" Waluigi worked Luigi's overalls down with sharp jerks, "I'll show you why you should be careful around a mad Shire horse!"


"Yeah?! Yeah?! You like that!?"


"You like riding Shire horses now, Luigi?!"

"S-si! Si! Si! Cazzo! More! More! There!"


"C-Così! Si!"

"You went a little far this time." Rosalina muttered, backing away from the door with a heavy blush on her face.

"At least he took my advice," Daisy's smile grew wider, listening to the screaming coming from inside, "I should've given Luigi a riding crop, though. That would've been awesome."

"I think they would have killed each other with it." Rosalina deadpanned, wincing at Waluigi's scream about his "horsepower."

"You gotta admit though," Daisy snickered, "this is hilarious as well as nose-bleed inducing." Said princess held a tissue to her nose, giggling as the white cloth slowly turned red. "Hee hee!"