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The World We Might Have Known

Cuddy sat in her office, a set of picture frames on her desk. It was something that she never thought she would see: four gold frames. One of her and a little girl, probably no more than a year old at the time, with dark hair and a sharp chiseled nose. One of herself and a little boy, probably three years old: fair skin and green eyes. Then there was one of a nine-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy, the ones that were young in the previous pictures. And the last one was of the two kids and their father.

Their father was Dr. House.

He was a tall, thin man with a serious limp and a nice cane, very far from a family man. He cared more about the television and his motorcycle probably more than his employees, but that could be argued. In fact, it was argued about ten years old.

When Cuddy showed up on his doorstep, which was a change.

"What brings you here, tonight?" House asked, lacking his natural sarcasm. Maybe it was too late at night for his sarcasm, or just too cold to be standing on his porch in a pair of sweatpants and a thin white shirt. Cuddy was in a pair of dark jeans and a blue blouse with fluffy sleeves and a bow at the neck.

"Can't I stop in on my employee's house?" She replied smartly, not asking to be invited in but escorting herself in.

"Not without invitation. What's the occasion?" He smirked before adding a snarky comeback. "Another failed date?"

"Drop that, House." Cuddy didn't find his humor that amusing. "Just need someone to talk to."

"Oh, so it's company that you seek? Is the Wicked Witch coming to find herself a good time?" House sneered, his voice rich with sarcasm.

"I liked it when you pretended to care."

"The longer I'm awake the less I care." House replied, as his head became filled with a surprising amount of his care, the one he denied. "Here's the solution." He held up a bottle of wine.

"Quite alright, House, I don't drink."

"Sorry, Cuddy, I don't think I asked."

Of course, nothing happened then and there. Not directly at least. They kept their midnight rendezvous to themselves. But after a few months of this secret planning he went to a pawn shop and did what he meant to do from the day he met the head honcho of the hospital. Being a coward, he kept it hidden in his room and far from her.

Then Emma came along.

When she found out she was pregnant with their little girl, she didn't feel sorry that they made a "mistake". It was fate, plain and simple. I need to act, House thought to himself. If I don't, nothing in this world will be getting any better. It will be one more mistake to be made. I may have ruined her world, but I can fix it. And he did. Cuddy didn't regret a single thing: the proposal and saying yes to it.

The wedding was the day that Emma was born, conveniently enough. The ceremony was barely over when they met their newest family member. "We're finally a family." She beamed, sweat along her forehead.

"What do you mean, finally?" House asked, his hand on her small shoulder. Nothing could have made both of them happier than Emma.

Emma was smart from the beginning. Her busy try-hard parents kept her around the hospital in their offices, and all of the staff was like family. She was charming and adorable, brilliant as any of the people on their team. By the time she was five, she was happily skipping kindergarten and going straight into the first grade. "What do we do with a smart little child like that? Soon enough she'll be solving my cases." House said, bouncing the little brunette on his knee. "She'll be putting me out of work."

And they thought she was totally perfect.

Avery was their next joy. Five years younger than their precious Emma, Avery was exactly what they wanted: healthy and smart and sweet. He had his father's snarky attitude and was practically born with sarcasm in his blood. But his blood contained so much more.

Until work became personal.

Avery was admitted to the hospital when he was about a year old with leukemia. There was something that Cuddy never wanted to hear: her son sick as he was, her husband doing all that he could to avoid his son's case. "Lisa, I don't want to get involved with Avery's case. It's not what I do. It would be like you taking care of your mother or me taking care of my employees. I can't, I figure you would understand."

"But I don't, darling. He's another patient, a patient dying of leukemia."

"But with other patients, I really don't care. I can't just not care." House slammed his fist into his desk, holding back tears. Cuddy's makeup ran down her face, seeing him so upset.

Of course, Avery slowly but surely got better. Emma and Avery were just what they wanted by the time they were nine and four. Their parents were as happy as they ever could be.

It was four simple frames, and that was her life. "Mrs. House, your husband and kids are here to see you." Someone said, walking barely to her door.

"Send them in, will you?" She smiled, powering down her computer. Her son toddled up to her and sat in her lap, Emma walked beside her father. "How was school today, sweetheart?"

"It was pretty good, momma." Emma said, stroking her dark ponytail. "The older students laugh at me a lot, but I'm used to it now."

"They are merely jealous. They are six years older than you and you're in the same grade as them." House poked his daughter on the nose. "You could be out of college and working for your mother by the time you're eighteen."

"Who said she wants to work for her parents?" Cuddy asked with a little spunk. "Working for your parents isn't all you want, is it sweetie?"

"By the time you're here, your momma may be pushing daisies." House added with spite. "As may I."

"That's the worst thing you could possibly ever say! Especially around your children. House, have some sense."

"Mrs. House, don't control me." He stooped over his wife and kissed her forehead. "Don't have a conniption, it's bad for you."

"Bad for me? No, I'm healthy as a horse. Fit as a fiddle." Cuddy smiled, wrapping Avery's legs around her waist. "Let's get out of here. Work is really boring." With Avery's body curling around her ever-growing baby bump, of course it wasn't noticeable under her coat and behind her desk. "Home sound good to all of you?"

"Let's get home." Emma smiled at her mother. "I can't wait until the end of Christmas break."

"Maybe by then, you will have your new brother or sister by then." House never left his wife's side, when that was a rare option. Cuddy scowled at him, but almost in a loving way. If looks like that could kill, he would have been dead in her office. "Let's just focus on the holidays then, my kiddies. A nice big family holiday."

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