Chapter 1

Author's Note: Alright! So my sister and I watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast last night and we both got really inspired to write a Klaine version (btw, best movie ever woo!). So, this is a story co-written with her (her pen-name is imaginess! Go check her out!).

So, this story is a modern version, and I know that there is a crazy amount of those out there, but I'll try to make mine as original as possible. Hope you enjoy my insanity, and please tell me what you think!

I hope you all don't mind this too much, but I'm pretty much going to ignore the other New Directions members. Well, exept for Finn, who will make a fun appearance later. :P Curious? I hope so.

Living in Lima, Ohio, Kurt Hummel was known as a strange boy. People would whisper behind his back as he walked down the hallways, trading gossip and rumours for a scrap of attention from anyone who would listen. To them, he was the peculiar, well-dressed boy who was always singing some song under his breath. Since there wasn't a glee club at their school, there was nowhere for Kurt's songs to go, so he sung them wherever he wanted to. Really, there was rarely a time where Kurt was not singing. Admirers said he had a song in his heart that just needed to be let out.

Of course, they would never admit this to anyone else, because Kurt was the strange boy and no one talked nicely to, or about, him.

There was one person, although, who had his sights set on Kurt, and everyone knew it. David Karofsky. He was, in fact, the reason that no one could admire Kurt. Since Karofsky had kissed him during freshman year, he had basically let everyone know that Kurt Hummel was off-limits. And Dave was going to woo him. Anyone who liked Kurt, romantically or platonically, was threatened by the football player until they backed off. Unfortunately, this left Kurt quite lonely.

He had ignored and passed off Karofsky's attention, but the larger boy was determined to make him his boyfriend. Kurt didn't want Dave, though. He hated him for the forced kiss, the forced isolation, and the forced advances. Kurt was a hopeless romantic at heart, and was looking and waiting for The One. He knew it was silly, but he believed in true love. And he knew that Dave Karofsky was not the one he was meant to be with.

Like every day, Kurt ignored the barely-conceiled murmers and continued to hum as he made his way to the rarely-used choir room. "Brad?" He called out softly. Brad was the janitor at McKinley High, but most people didn't know that he had a love for music. The man spend most of his free time at the Lima music store and that's where he splurged his money. Kurt and Brad had bonded over their shared love of music, and the older man allowed the boy to borrow some of the sheet music.

"Over here, Kurt!" The man called out, stepping out of the supply closet. He approached the pale boy with a smile. "How are you?"

Kurt shrugged, adjusting his messanger bag on his shoulder. "The usual." He looked up at the janitor who seemed to be his only friend sometimes. "Did you get any new music?"

Brad shook his head regretfully. "I'm sorry, Kurt. I was visiting my nephew over the weekend and didn't get to the store at all. Feel free to borrow anything of what we already have, if you want."

Kurt smiled, his blue/green eyes lighting up. "That's alright. If you don't mind, I'd like to take the Wicked book again this week?"

Brad sorted through his bag before coming out with the shiney green and black book and holding it out for the tall boy. "I swear, kid, you've borrowed this thing at least twenty times, now."

Kurt blushed a little, taking the book full of cherished songs and placing it carefully in his bag. "I really like it. I can sort of relate to Elphaba sometimes, you know?" He said, biting his lip a little. "I take good care of it, though, I promise!"

Brad patted his shoulder. "I know. I'll see you later, kid. Take care."

Kurt waved over his shoulder as he left the choir room that nobody had used for years. "You too, Brad! Thanks again!"

Kurt ignored the over-confident gaze of Karofsky on him as he left for the parking lot and got into his car. Gripping the steering wheel, Kurt murmured under his breath, "There must be more than this provincial life."

He drove home, singing along to the radio, and pulled up in the driveway. He lived with his father in a small, but cozy, house. Kurt got out of his car and took out his key to enter. "Dad?" He called out, just in case. He knew that his father was most likely at the shop he owned as a mechanic, but Kurt liked to make sure he was alone, sometimes.

He set down his bag and took out the book of sheet music from his favorite modern musical. Kurt's dad had bought him a small electric piano when he was twelve years old and taking music lessons, and it had seen a lot of use over the years. The seventeen-year-old placed the book on the plastic stand and flipped it open. He considered singing along to 'The Wizard and I', which was a personal favorite of his when he needed a burst of optimism, but then decided on 'Defying Gravity'.

His old black cat padded into the room. Dorothy (named by Kurt at age eight) had been a gift from his mother before she died and Kurt adored her. "This is my favorite part of the musical." He said to Dorothy, playing a few notes on the keys. "This is where Elphaba pretty much takes charge of her own life and gets the strength to, well, defy gravity. No one is ever gonna hold her down." Kurt sighed, wishing he could do the same for himself.

Author's Second Note: Alright, so that was an introduction to Kurt's life. Next chapter, we'll get Blaine's backstory (he is the beast, if you haven't already figured that out. :P) on how the curse came and all that jazz. Also, we'll see how Blaine looks like in beast form (I have some ideas, but suggestions are very much welcome! Do you want him furry? Scarred? Something else? Let me know!). Hope you enjoyed and you're wanting more! Let me know how it was in a review! :) Luvs ya!

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