So I am beginning this story that has been brewing in my head for months now and it is driving me crazy. So I figured I would get it down in writing. And although I really like my story, and want to finish it, I make no guarantees on finishing it.

So before I begin my story officially, I figured I would give a backstory for my character, whose name is Anna. I tried really hard to write the backstory as part of the actual story, but it came out corny and boring. I guess I will probably put in a little backstory-ish thing later, but for now I will make this timeline for you.

Age 5: Anna's mother dies, so she and her brother move in with their father after their step father claims he can't take care of them. (Oh, and her brother is seven at the time.)

Age 10: Anna meets Henry's new friends, Tony and a boy who calls himself Riff. She has a bit of a crush on the thirteen year old Tony for a while. Also, she meets a boy named John who becomes her best friend.

Age 12: Anna begins to notice that Henry is staying out late with a group of boys who call themselves the Jets.

Age 13: Anna first meets Action and the rest of the boys in the gang. John joins the Jets and is nicknamed Baby John by the boys.

So that's most of the important stuff. I have the story mapped out in my head and all. It's just beginning it that is so difficult. Anyway, anyone who guesses who Henry is nicknamed in the Jets gets a shout out in the next chapter.