When Anna and Tony made it to the front door of the gym, Ann entangled her arm from his and gave him a smile.

"So," she said, "you'll come in a few minutes?"

Tony smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, no problem. Go have fun!"

Anna nodded and grabbed his shoulders, pulling him down so she could kiss his cheek.

"Thank you so much Tony."

When he smiled at her, she couldn't help the small flutter she got in her stomach. Blushing, she turned around and walked into the dance, where a middle aged man was talking. He seemed overly happy, and everyone there was mocking him.

Anna quietly snuck through the Puerto Ricans, trying not to make a scene. A few of the girls sent glares in her direction, but one girl smiled at Anna as she looked at her dress. Anna realized this was the girl from the dress shop. Anna smiled at the girl and waved before she continued to make her way over to the Jets.

When she got there, everyone was silent as Riff and Graziella made their way to the middle. A few seconds later, a Puerto Rican couple followed Riff and Graziella's lead. The girl had a purple dress and a confident smirk on her face. Anna noted the girl's natural grace and ability to be sexy, something Anna could never pull off.

She recognized the other boy as Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks, and came to the realization that the boys weren't here to just have a good time.

When Riff and Bernardo snapped their fingers, couples from each gang formed two circles. When she saw Action go in the circle with a girl in a gold dress, she couldn't help the hurt she felt. She turned away from them and went to the side of the gym with the other Jets. Snowboy saw her and waved her over as music began playing and the people in the circles began walking.

She went to Snowboy who flung his arm over her shoulders as he smiled at the other Jets. Once the music ended, there was a silence as everyone took in who their partners were. Immediately, everyone went to grab the hand of their original partner and a different song started.

Anna watched with a confused look as a bunch of couples broke out into a mambo number. She could tell at this point that they weren't dancing for fun anymore. She felt the tense atmosphere as she kept her eyes on Action. He would get a small, mischievous smirk on his face every time he would do an intricate dance move. But most of the time, he had a fierce, angry expression as he danced.

When Riff and Graziella began to have a dance-off against Bernardo and Bernardo's girl, she looked for Action, who was cheering with all the other Jet boys, breaking his angry fa├žade. She began making her way to Action, but was having a difficult time making her way through the crowd while keeping her eyes on him.

Anna finally reached Action and grabbed his arm as the music began slowing down. He jumped a little when he felt her hand, but relaxed once he saw her. Not saying anything, Action grabbed Anna's hand and led them onto the dance floor. When he stopped them, he turned around so that he was facing her.

They leaned slowly towards each other, then slowly away. They did this one more time before putting their arms up and beginning the dance.

Anna shocked herself at how naturally she was able to do the dance. She knew it wasn't hard, but she was pleasantly surprised that she didn't fall over her feet.

When they repeated the dance, Action smirked down at her, which caused Anna to smile at him before doing the steps again. This time she stumbled a little, but still managed to stay on her feet.

When the music slowed down, the couples around them stopped dancing and linked their arms together over their heads. When Anna and Action did this, Anna stared at Action and focused on him completely, as if he were the only person in the room.

At one point, each person leaned away from their partner and reached out their arms. Anna and Action, however, just leaned into each other for a short kiss. They then clasped hands and brought them over their heads so they were facing one another. After a few moments, and without breaking eye contact, they brought their hands apart and gracefully moved them to a different position.

After the arm movements were complete, everyone put their hands behind their backs and stood there. Then, they slowly brought one arm up and began walking around. As they walked, they brought their arms down slowly. As the music sped up, everyone just seemed to be marching around until the whistle blew.

All of a sudden, everyone was in motion again. Anna looked around for Action, but at the moment, he was nowhere to be found. Instead, she saw John and Graziella looking worriedly at a crowd of people that included Riff, Tony, and Bernardo. Not knowing what was going on, Anna tried to move in closer, but was grabbed by Velma, who shook her head at Anna and pulled her back. Anna saw Henry standing back as the man with the bow tie came in and interfered with whatever conflict was brewing.

Sighing, Anna turned around and looked for Action. When she spotted him talking to the other Jet boys, she went up and grabbed his hand. When he looked back and saw her, he quickly tucked her under his arm and walked to the corner of the gym.

"Thought you weren't comin'," he said quietly.

"Changed my mind," she mumbled.


"Well you wanted to see my dress, right?"

Action smirked at this and nodded.

"Yeah." He paused. "I'm really glad ya' came."

Anna nodded. "Me too."

He was about to lean in to kiss her when he heard Riff call Ice over. He turned quickly and muttered "Sorry," before going cracking his knuckles and joining Riff and Ice.

Anna rolled her eyes and went off to find Tony to ask if he wanted to dance. When she spotted him leaving, she decided it would be best to leave him alone.

Someone suddenly grabbed her arm and swung her around. She stumbled into the person and looked up to see John.

"You decided to come," he stated.

"Yes, I did."

"Well I'm glad ya' did."

Anna smiled at this. "Thanks John. Where's Minnie?"

He shrugged. "I think she went home. She's mad at me again."

"What for?"

"I don't really know."

Anna shook her head. "Oh well."

She looked up at the clock to see it was almost midnight.

"So, do you think you could walk me home?"

"Sure. Let's make it fast though."


"We got a war council at Doc's."

Anna rolled her eyes again.

"Fine. Let's go now then."

They linked arms and began walking out. Before they went up the steps, Anna glanced behind her really quickly to see Action's eyes locked on her and John. With just that quick glance, Anna noticed a look of fury and anguish that she had never seen in Action. Turning around, Anna had to bite her lip to keep herself from crying at the sight.

Across the gym, Action's thoughts were stirring, but one thought seemed to overtake the rest as he saw Anna walk out with John.

I know she don't love him like that, but she'd be better off if she did. She don't deserve a hoodlum like me. But God, I love her too much to let him have her. I'm so God damn selfish. I'm sorry Anna.

He quickly excited the gym and went into the hallway. He looked around to see if the coast was clear before he punched the wall. Breathing heavily, he turned and kicked a trash can that was lying there. He hadn't felt such rage and self-loathing in a long time.

Damn her for making me feel this way. And damn me for not doing anything about it.

He brought his hands up to his head and ran his palms down his face, trying to wipe away his anger and sorrow. He then put his back to the wall and slouched there.

The realization that he truly didn't deserve Anna and that he would never be good enough for her truly sunk in as he did this. Even though he knew this, he also knew that he wouldn't change himself to be better for her. He was too stubborn to change.

He leaned his head against the wall as he pictured Anna in her dress. When he first saw her that night, he had to stop himself from just kissing her senseless. He had never seen a girl as beautiful as her, and deeply wanted to show her that. But, being the "cool" guy he was, he stayed quiet.

He was never a huge talker, which was why everyone called him Action. If he was angry, he'd punch something. If he was sad, he'd sulk, then get angry and punch something. And when it came to him and Anna, as open as he was with her, he still preferred to show rather than tell. He believed Anna pretty much understood what he was telling her with his kisses and touches, but sometimes he feared that maybe she didn't realize just how much he cared for her.

And he couldn't really tell her, either. Sure, he'd said "I love you" before, but those were only three words that no longer seemed difficult for him to say to her. But for him to describe other things, like how much he loved her, just didn't happen. He instead left the hickeys he loved to put all over her neck to speak for him. Sure, they were there to keep other guys away, but he really meant for them to be a reminder as to who really loves her.

Action walked outside, only to lean against the wall of the brick building again. He let out a frustrated groan as tears began to prick his eyes and he spoke his thoughts out loud.

"Baby John wouldn't be afraid to tell her stuff. And now I'm sittin' here like a damn coward all because I can't tell the girl I love how much I love her."

He let out a sob before taking a deep breath and holding back any other tears that threatened to spill out. He rubbed at his eyes as he took a few more breaths before going back inside and heading to the bathroom. Leaning over the sink, he looked up to see that there were no signs of his breakdown. He fixed his collar and tie a bit before heading back out to the gym, where the Jets had grouped up and were leaving, minus Riff and Ice.

Sighing, Action put his focus back on the war council and made his way to Doc's.

So, I don't really have much to say. I really hope you enjoyed it. Sorry it took so long. Hopefully, I can update sooner next time.