Warning: This story contains triggers, mentions of abuse, and self-harm. This will be a femslash story eventually between Kelly and Annabelle.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. All copyrights belong to the makers and creators of St. Trinian's.

Kelly had met the new girl in the entrance hall. The Head Girl couldn't help dragging her eyes over the generous curves of the new girl. Instantly, very erotic pictures began cluttering Kelly's head as her eyes took in the girl toned thighs and well endowed chest. A pink tongue swooped over sapphire lips as the Head Girl had one particular image flash through her mind of tying the girl to the bed post and pounding into her with a strap-on. Kelly could feel the wetness instantly pool between her thighs.

Slowly, keeping her calm, she walked over to the new girl giving her on last parasol with her eyes. "Your old man's roller seems like it's seen better days?"

Annabelle's eyes flashed upwards apprehensively. She had not been aware until now that this other girl had been watching her. This other girl was very pretty the way her chest puffed out of it's shirt, at least Annabella thought so. Annabelle liked the look of the other girls hair. It suited her well. Annabelle couldn't help but want to reach up and run her hands through it. The hair looked almost like black silk.

Annabelle had had feelings for girls before, but this sent something jolting through her core. She knew she wanted to get to know this girl. The girl looked like she could squash Annabelle with one look. she frightened the new girl, but Annabeth was smart. She would not show her fear to the lions just yet. They'd have to try hard to break her after what, her last school did.

"I'll have you know, that's a classic. Daddy's an expert on the finer things. He has an art gallery in Mafland." there was an awkward pause, it seemed like Kelly was testing her to see how long it'd take her to crack and speak first. It didn't take long at all with Annabelle's nerves. "I'm Annabelle, by the way...Miss Friton's niece."

"I'll have someone come fetch your begs." Annabelle could almost hear the contempt and the eye roll in the other girls words. Kelly began to walk up to Annabelle, almost so where the new girl could feel her every breath. "

New girl decided to play it cool with a false little smile. "I'm sorry I didn't catch your name."

"I'm Kelly Jones...Head Girl," pride held in every syllable.

"Really?" Anne Elle asked as disbelieving as possible. Her tone worked, she was hoping to see anger or annoyance written on Kelly's face. Annabelle loved her little slip in composure. She almost hoped for another opportunity to make the girl slip up. The Head Girl was much more beautiful when she let her mask slip. Annabelle took her opportunity to give Kelly the once over. Secretly, having to hold back from drooling, she managed to keep the lust from her eyes as the other girl walked away sashaying her hips leaving Annabella mesmerized.

Kelly watched her on Polly's computer. She kind of felt bad for the new girl. It was a school tradition though. As head girl, she got a front row viewing seat. As the new girl slid through the halls she couldn't help staring at the her arse as she ran. Smiling to herself, 'I wouldn't mind seeing the front view again. She's got a nice arse, though. It's so plump and round. Though, it would look better with my nail marks running down it. Wait...no, she isn't even St. Trinian's material. I'm not going to start anything with her. She isn't one of us." Funny how that was her only real objection.

"Alright everyone, that's enough." Kelly shut the laptop screen. "You have five minutes to lights out. Polly, come talk with me in my room after you get ready. I'd like to hear about what you plan to do with the tape."

"Let's market them to Flash," giggled Chelsea, the head of the posh totties. "she had a nice enough arse. It'd get us at least a few hundred pounds."

Kelly's brow furrowed as the strange feeling to rip off Chelsea's head irrupted within her. Keeping her jealousy in check, she simply cocked her eyebrow in question. "We'll think of something good to do with it, Chelsea." The girls name came out a little forced, letting her know to drop it or else.

"Can I get a copy of the tap, Kel?" giggled another posh totty, Chloe.

"And me too?" shouted Andrea, the Head Emo.

"And why would you want that? I'm sure you can found other ways to blackmail her." Kelly questioned. She really didn't want anyone else having a video of 'her' Belle. She may not be hers yet, but as the top dog she was still claiming her as off limits and her marking Annabeth as property.

"Because I think she's pretty, Kelly. You know I've always found something extra pretty about girls. I wouldn't mind making room on my bed for her. After all she got a killer arse," smirked Chloe lost in her thoughts about how pinchable the new girls arse was.

Kelly's could feel her animalistic urge to beat up any of Belle's other suitors and mark the girl as her own. After all, Kelly was an Alpha dog, and nobody messed with An alpha dogs mate. "Is that why you want a disk too, Andrea?"

"I...I, no, I just didn't get to see the video. I was on the mission to steal her clothes. Plus, Chloe wants her, and what Chloe wants Chloe gets."

The Head girl knew the goth was lying about liking Annabelle, but she didn't feel like calling her out on it. Instead, she walked out slamming the door. She could barely stand the thought of the posh totty running her hands along Annabelle's, she assumed, virgin body.

They'd all seen her. They'd all seen her running through the halls without clothes. They had done that to her. They had watched it on their little cameras and microphones. They'd even posted it on the web earning over a thousand views in one night. After that Kelly had told her they took it down. Though, Annabelle didn't really believe her. What reason did she have to trust the Head Girl?

The Head Girl had played nice to her at first. She made her feel like these school could be different than the others. As if they'd be less cruel than her father. She thought she'd found her safe haven. Annabella had even started to develop feelings for this girl.

She knows she is not supposed to feel these unnatural feels for a girl. At least that's what her father told her after she had kissed Melanie Groves in the playground. He had given her a black eye and a broken leg for that kiss. He said he was just trying to help fix her. Her mother and her had tried to leave Annabelle's father, but that was a story for another.

Annabelle had to told her best friend, Jamie D'Ange, about having feelings for girls. The next day, the hell really began. Needless to say, the girls had acted like her father. Eventually, Annabelle had learned to keep her feelings to herself.

Why should this school change anything?