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'Polly knows! When the fuck did I become so obvious? I need to stay away from Belle in public'. Opening the door, Kelly sucked in the breath she did not know that she had been denying herself. How could she had been so daft when it came to Annabelle? She used to be Kelly Fucking Jones, the impenetrable force. 'Breathe, just breathe,' she told herself.

She had to woe Annabelle; that was the most important thing. She hadn't been exactly friendly enough to give the new girl any hint at liking her. The first step is to befriend her, show that she is trustworthy enough to be able to hold the secrets that the girl was evidently having trouble dealing with. Step two would be getting the girl to notice girls in general more; leading up with a possible discovering of an attraction to girls. Third step would happen once Annabelle fell head-over-heals for the already lovesick Kelly.

The young girl with beautiful hair and that way she seems so unconfident, yet confident at the same time, was irresistible in Kelly's mind. She smelled like cinnamon, most likely from a shampoo or some sort of lotion she used. Kelly had noticed how the girl started every day with three cups of coffee if not more; while the head-girl normally only had one in the morning with another in the afternoon. The coffee addiction was a bit worrisome, but nothing Kelly was not willing to overlook.

Not many people knew much about the resident target. She was silent and kept to herself. She has a standoffish quality as though she wanted to stay out of everyone's way. Rarely did that pretty girl ever smile, especially not in Kelly's direction. Her frown always deepened when she was around the older girl. It bothered the Kelly to no end, making her more frustrated with the situation. That always led to a more angry and violent Kelly.

Kelly had not meant to grab Annabelle that hard earlier. The last thing she wanted to do was to hurt her young crush, well not unless the girl wanted her to. She was willing to do about anything for her even trying things like an S&M relation. Always being more vanilla in the bedroom, she found it hard to try newthings in the bedroom. Offering herself freely for someone was always a big thing for Kelly. However, the last head-girl had made her slightly more adventuresome by introducing her to Sheila, the pink strap-on that the last four head-girls had used on the next head-girl for initiation purposes as well as on their lovers during their time at St. Trinian's. Every five years a new strap-on would be purchased for the head-girl. At that point, the then strap-on would be retired to the fabled drawer in the library that held all the head-girl's secrets including a manual that is passed down every year. Shelia was so named after the first girl the head-girl had used to christen it with, Kelly had high hopes that she would be able to use Shelia on Annabelle soon, really soon. She was horny as hell these days and the sooner she could get some release the better.

Kelly was getting hot thinking about the younger girl. Her hormones had been out of control recently with lust, and she was hot all the time now. Figuring that she would have some time alone to kill she began to trail her hand down her shirt clad stomach. She was too wet to even think about a little foreplay. It had been over two weeks since she had some one on one time with her right hand. Running her left-hand's fingers up from the top of her knee-highs all the way up her leg, which served to lift up her skirt just high enough to get her hand down her shorts comfortable.

Polly must have still wanted to talk with Kelly, for at that moment she broke into the head-girl's room without preamble. "Kelly, we need to talk, now!"

"Polly," Kelly groaned as she was forced to remove the hand she had already put down her skirt. It would have been more embarrassing for her if the geek and she had not had a couple torrid one-night stands with one another. Frustrated at not getting release, Polly would find that Kelly would be in a hurry to get rid of her.

"Just listen, we both know that you want the new girl. Kelly, both Andrea and Chloe are eyeing her as well. If you don't hurry up and claim her, then you will surely loose her!"

"You don't think that I already know that! I cannot possible rush this before the time is right. I need her to fall so deep that she won't even look at another girl without my permission."

"Gods Kelly! Why do you have to be so jealous of everything? I don't think Annabelle is the type that would cheat on you after you laid claim to her."

"You don't know that!"

"I may not know that, but I sure as hell know that the posh totties have got something planned to claim Annabelle for Chloe. I wouldn't be surprised if she bedded the girl within a week." She knew that would get a rise out of the head-girl.

"They better not dare touch my Belle," growled Kelly, nostrils flaring.

"Well I guess you'll just have to beat them to the punch then."

Dinner and Confessions

'Come on, Annabelle. Just breathe, that's it just keep breathing and everything will be ok.' Annabelle thought as she walked down to the dining hall. She did not like being in a room with all those girls at once. She was defenseless against so many of them; there was no way to tell when an enemy was coming since her back was normally always to someone. No wonder the head-girl had wanted her to come down to dinner tonight; she would be at the mercy of just about every girl there. She could almost feel her anxiety start up again at the thought. All she could do was to tell herself to breathe. Kelly was most likely the one behind it all, just like Verity, thought Annabelle bitterly. She had grown to dislike the head-girl mostly out of fear, but even then, she could not stop her attraction to the older girl.

Her cuts were still fresh and itched a lot, but she should be used to it by now. However, the process of healing always felt different than the last. The fear of being found out or being put in an institution was always an ever present threat offering new obstacles every time she had to wait for herself to heal.

She took her place at the tables as close to the corner as she could get so as not to have anyone sneak up on her. Well at least this would be her least likely place of being a target without warning; however, if anything should happen, then she would be corned for sure She looked around the room noticing that Kelly was not there yet, but as she scanned the room, she saw Chloe and the rest of the posh totties were staring opening at her. They looked like a cat watching a bird before it pounced.

Andrea, that goth girl that had talked to her earlier, was also looking at her, but almost with a pained look on her face. It was confusing.' Maybe she knew what was going to happen. Hopefully nothing bad befell her. She was nice to me. It would be awful for them to treat her bad because of it.' Her heart did go out to the girl, but if she tried to help her then she would only make matter worse.

Continuing to look around, she saw Kelly come in. She was a beautiful woman that had that air of sex that made you want to swoon at first sight. That smile of her could probably change foreign policy by just peaking from between her lips; perfect teeth, perfect lips, perfect package…that was Kelly Jones. That short hair of hers left a delicious amount of neck, something that Annabelle could not stop wanting to mark even if she tried.

Liking someone was funning like that. All you want to do is mark them and love them, claim them and hold them before they could get away from you. You are almost scared of losing them so you hold them tighter or you distance yourself all out of irrational fear. She could not help but feel her cheeks flush looking at the girl. She was everything Annabelle could ever dream of and more.

Kelly appeared to be walking over to her and all she could do was stare. She did not see Andrea get up from her chair at seeing Kelly approaching Annabelle. Kelly was moving at a leisurely pass compared to Andrea who was hurrying over to the girl who held her affection. Hearing her name called, Annabelle turned. It was Andrea calling her name out.

"Anna-, Annabelle….I...I love you! I cannot live without you knowing that. I know they'll take you away from me, but I do, I do love you! Please, please consider that when the others come onto you. I love you with my whole heart! They will never love you like I do."

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