Mizrabel sighed quietly as she finished off dusting an elegant vase that resided within the attic. She supposed it was nice that her magical broomstick, Lucifer was with her. The broomstick helped around with dusting and, while it lacked the ability to talk, it gave Mizrabel someone to talk to. Not only that, but the more time she spent in the attic, the less it frightened her.

"You know, Lucifer." Mizrabel started. "I suppose the attic isn't all that bad once you get used to it."

"It's kinda like the villains you read about: once you get to know them, they're not all that bad!" Said Mizrabel with a laugh, to which the broomstick merely pointed it's tip at Mizrabel and shook it, almost as though it were shaking its head.

"Say Lucifer, do you think villains have a chance to turn good?" The broomstick turned once again to Mizrabel and shrugged both its shoulders. Mizrabel, to, shrugged her shoulders and returned back to her dusting while talking with her companion.

"As I told master Yen Sid, everybody has a bit of good in them. If it were possible, I would travel to all those other worlds and help them get a happy ending of their own!" Mizrabel then thought over her words and added, "Well, without being all evil and stuff... I mean, I'm sure Clayton could fit in well with Tarzan and his ape buddies!" Mizrabel resumed dusting and paused suddenly when she thought for a second over her words. After a moment, the mouse-witch laughed after thinking about how ridiculous that probably sounded.

"Yeah, I suppose that is pretty bad!" Mizrabel laughed out loud. "Oh, golly! Jeepers creepers, I should think of something a bit better!"

Mizrabel resumed her dusting, not speaking a word to Lucifer.

Could villains turn good? As much as she hated to admit it, but the more she thought of it, the less likely it seemed. But Mizrabel wanted to see the villains with a happy ending alongside the heroes and heroines of the story.

In Mizrabel's opinion, it was the villains that made the story. Where would Aladdin be if it weren't for Jafar sending him out into the Cave of Wonders to get the lamp? Ariel might not have gotten her chance with Eric if it weren't for Ursula, and Aurora and Philip might not have felt the same way if Aurora had been raised knowing that she would have to marry this prince- in fact, it could have been possible that she would have fallen in love with someone that actually was a peasant!

True, the villains caused a lot of mayhem and chaos for the heroes, but Mizrabel thought the villains to be a major part of the story. They just wouldn't be the same without them. "A world without villains is a world of chaos!" as Mizrabel always said.

Mizrabel then came upon a music box that featured a prince dancing with a princess(whether it was Snow White and her prince, Cinderella and Prince Charming or Aurora and Philip, Mizrabel wasn't quite sure as it was covered in dust).

The mouse-witch proceeded to dust the delicate object, but unfortunately received a cloud of dust floating up into her face, causing the mouse to feel a sudden, tickling sensation in her nose. The mouse-witch tried her best, but it was inevitable. Eventually, she had no other choice but to sneeze.

A great gust of wind blew through the attic, almost cleaning half of the attic in dust and causing a few objects to fall over. But when Mizrabel heard a sudden crashing sound, her blood merely froze and her heart fell.

It didn't take too long for Mizrabel to find what it was that had fallen: there it was, the remains of a small, handheld mirror now reduced into nothing more then shards of reflective glass.

"Lucifer!" Mizrabel cried out, frantically rushing toward the pile and picking up the shards. The broomstick quickly rushed by Mizrabel's side and stood next to her like a soldier waiting for an order. "Get the glue!" And with a salute, the broomstick was off to search for what the mouse-witch demanded.

"Oh, jeepers creepers! Yen Sid's gonna kill me!" Mizrabel cried as she tried putting the pieces together to no avail. Soon enough, Lucifer held out a bottle and Mizrabel quickly snatched it out of the broomsticks hand and quickly tried piecing the mirror back together with the contents, only to discover...

"Lucifer! This is thinner!" The mouse-witch exclaimed in dismay. Lucifer facepalmed his 'face' in response upon this discovery and resumed his search for glue. Mizrabel then proceeded to frantically scoop up the shard fragments, doing her best not to cut herself and placed them all into her lucky pouch. All the while, she kept chanting to herself, saying "Yen Sid's gonna kill me, Yen Sid's gonna kill me." The mouse-witch was literally shaking as she continued scooping up the pieces of the mirror.

Then, the mouse-witch froze as she looked down at the glass shard in hand.

Mizrabel saw her reflection in the glass shard; she looked the same as she did at that moment, only there was someone staring over her shoulder at the glass shard. The mouse looked over her shoulder, but saw no one standing there. At first, Mizrabel shrugged the memory aside, telling herself to calm down as her stress is causing her to see things.

But it was still there. A woman, clad in a queenly garb, staring down at the shard with vanity and disdain in her eyes. But was it actually the glass shard that the woman was looking at? The more Mizrabel looked in the reflection, the more it felt that the woman in the reflection was looking at her...

It was certainly frightening, to be sure. Mizrabel felt a chill run down her spine the more she looked in the reflection at the woman.

Then, something happened. The attic was suddenly engulfed in light, and Mizrabel was nowhere to be found...