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I'm back with the end-of-the-year fic. This might stretch over to the first-second week of 2012. This will be really short.

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Hermione and the Mirror of Erised

a Fanfiction by mspolapotter

Chapter 1: A Wish of Acceptance

Everyone thought that Hermione was a model child.

She was very studious. Always at the top of the class. Never letting anything distract her. She always smiled. The teachers liked her, because she wasn't a snob, she wasn't a kiss-up.

What no one knows however, is the lengths that Hermione would go to in order to study to the fullest. No, this was not discipline. This was far more than discipline. I guess I can compare this to anorexia, except instead of a voice whispering to stop her from eating; Hermione seems to have a voice whispering in her ear that makes her prioritize her studies above anything else, even her life.

Here she was, at eleven years old, in the Gryffindor common room, flashing angry looks at the direction of noise which, in her case, was everywhere. After five agonizing minutes of being unable to study, she stood up and closed her book, walked out of the common room unnoticed (she wasn't very tall either) and ventured through the halls, willing to let herself get caught, just to find a suitable place to study. For once, she felt no regrets in not having any friends.

Usually she'd made a lot of friends by now, but she was in a different world. In this world, blood mattered. There were some people who disliked her simply because she looked like a charity case. She was a muggleborn. In other words, magic hailed form neither her father's side nor her mother's. She'd been surprised when she got her letter. Of course she'd been excited. She was going to study magic! The learning opportunity was just too much to give up!

But now that she got here, she found herself wishing to go back home. She thought that when she'd switched schools, the teasing would stop. Well, no one called her "buck-tooth" or "lion hair" anymore. Instead they called her "know-it-all," "goody-two-shoes" or "teacher's pet." Ron, someone from her own house, called her a "nightmare" behind her back. Once a girl called Pansy from Slytherin house said that she was a "mudblood." She didn't know the meaning of the word, but she knew it was as nasty as a swearword because her classmates were more surprised that she didn't burst into tears immediately rather than because someone just said the word mudbl

She waved these thoughts away and stopped in front of a classroom. She took out her wand and whispered, "Alohomora." The door clicked open and she stepped in triumphantly.

At the front of the room was a very tall, very old antique mirror. There were several words engraved around it, that she didn't understand and didn't bother to read. She stepped in front of it and jumped slightly.

Her mum was there. And so was her dad. Except both of them had wands. Her mum flicked hers and the dishes began doing themselves. His dad flicked his and the TV in front of him turned on and pieces of popcorn flew to his mouth as he watched Quidditch.

She sat down in front of it for a while, her books lying forgotten on the nearby desk. She tried to think of a logical reason as to why the mirror reflected her that way, but she was too mesmerized. After all, if magic is possible, what isn't?

She rubbed her eyes, and the image changed. Pansy was behind her, smiling. They were best friends. She rubbed her eyes again. Now she was wearing Quidditch robes. Harry and Ron were behind her, congratulating her for being the Chaser who gained the most points.

She turned her head to say thanks, but there was no one to thank.

And at that moment, she snapped back to reality. Slowly, she backed away from the mirror, not wanting to be tempted again. She realized that everything in the mirror was an illusion. Tears sprang in her eyes.

She grabbed her books and carefully walked out. And then she ran as quickly and as quietly as she could, mentally slapping herself for being irrational.

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