Crusade the march through time Fanfiction.

I've gotten this movie out so many times and every time I'm like oh I could write or read something from this and every time I check still nothing so I've decided to finally write something for it. And so anyway I started writing and I then found myself having an urge to double cheek and so any way I went and had a look at the list of movie fanfics and I came across a link saying Crusade in jeans and I was like hmm maybe that's it cause in the movie he arrived in jeans and wore them pretty much the whole time. So being curious Iooked it up on Wikipedia and there it was. The movie I had been looking forward to so much. And guess what the worst thing is the amount of times I've seen it and thought it was something else so I've ignored it. Clicking on the fanfic link I closed my eyes, crossed my fingers and chanted English. And opening my eyes I found that I'd now have to learn Dutch if I ever wanted to read it. So frustrated at the moment. Wish me luck.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Running I place my hand in Jenne's (Said as Janna) as we weave through the crowd. Carolus on one side and Theus (yeah I can't spell his name and yeah he did die) and Maria on the other. Slowing we reach the steps and climb only for me to realise with a heart-breaking jolt that we aren't all going to fit in the pod. A pod made for one or two people will not fit all five of us. Thinking quickly I scope up Theus while Jenne grabs Maria and then we all step closer and huddle with Carolus between us.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

A blinding light erupts around us and we begin to fade only to find ourselves, moments later, standing in a cramped pod. Barely waiting for the pod to finish opening I'm out with the others not far behind me. We made it. All of us. And before I can ask how they feel, Mum comes up behind me throwing her arms around me with a sigh of joy before pulling back and noticing that I'm not alone.

Looking around I notice that Jenne's put Maria down and seems to be swaying on her feet from the sheer shook and tiredness. Maria's already dropped down and seems to be asleep already with Theus snoring slightly beside her. Turning I see Carolus choke back a yawn as he blinks rapidly. Chuckling quietly I nudge Jenne who looks too tired to carry Maria or Theus so with a grin I point her over to Carolus who looks to be having trouble keeping his eyes open. Grinning tiredly back at me she stumbles over and shakes him till he jerks up also too tired to be any help with the little ones. So bending down I grab Theus who I sit on my right hip as he sleepily wraps his arms around my neck. Before turning to Maria who I scope up in my arms to carry bridle style to the car that I know will be right outside the building.

Turning I see Mum looking at me with big eyes probably unsure as to why so many people came back with me. That or the fact that at the moment I probably look like a human jungle Jim, cause man do I feel like one. Pushing that thought a side I nod towards the door where Carlo Bennatti stands, his mouth wide open. Getting the hint Mum walks over and gently prods Carlo in the back to get him out of the door toward the car park. Following, I notice Mum turn to look at us a few times before finally I sigh and mouth later at her to which she nods and then continues toward the door.

Mum unlocks the car only for me to realise that yet again there isn't enough room. "Mum, go with Carlo and I'll drive behind you with these guys'" I say before I see her look at me in disbelief. "Dolf, you're 15. You don't even know how to drive," she starts before noticing the guilty look on my face. "Please tell me you haven't," Mum sighs as I nod. "As soon as we get home your explaining everything", Mum ads turning to ask Carlo for a ride.

"Mum, Carlo could you hold these two while I get the other two into the car," I say handing Mum Maria and Carlo Theus. "Jenne come here," I say going around to the passenger's side of the car. Nodding thoughtfully she comes to stand beside me before after assurance she slides into the car and with help puts on her seat belt. After putting Carolus in the back I turn to Carlo who hands me Theus who still sleeps a blissful look on his small face. Opening the door I lean over and carefully place Theus in the middle seat in the back and after strapping him in I turn to Mum who hands me an also still sleeping Maria and quietly I ease her in beside Theus. Turning back after I close the door I see Mum and Carlos looking at me proudly. "Your very good with them for someone who has no experience with children," Mum say's tears in her eyes. Grinning I look over my new family before I turn and answer, "While I was there I ended up looking after them. I feed them when they were hungry and looked after them when they were sick. I love them and I'd do anything for them," I reply before with a smile I notice that Carolus and Jenne have also fallen asleep. "I'll see you two at home," I say walking to the driver's door and with a last smile at mum, climb in and start off toward home.

Well when I started off it was all good but as I got further and further in I found it harder and harder to keep it interesting, so sorry. I'll do more on it when I have a chance.

Thanx xoxo iNdi