The new daughter

"Jim dear, what if she doesn't like it here?" Deborah asked, stroking her husband's arm.

"She will, I promise." Jim reassured his darling.

A carriage pulled in front of the bid white mansion. The carriage was black with a pure black horse. From the back and old lady stepped out holding a small bundle in her arms, wrapped in a pink blanket.

She wept as she crossed the walk way up to the Emeralds. A few of her tears landed on the blanket but nothing else happened.

She handed the bundle to the Emeralds and walked back to the carriage not saying a word.

The Emeralds looked at the small baby in their arms and smiled.

"What a perfect little lady." Deborah said and then she and her husband started to walk back to their house.

"We should name her Belle." Jim suggested and Deborah nodded.

"She was a baby worth waiting for."

As they entered their house a small four year old covered in dirty, and torn clothes walked by admiring the big house.

"Maxwell, come on. If we get caught outside of the orphanage than we will get beaten." Butch yelled and Maxwell followed.

Later on Maxwell will earn the nickname Max and then the nickname 'the Tramp.'…