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"LAND HO!" Called out the rubber captain from his normal spot on the Thousand Sunny's figurehead, he was loud enough that everyone could hear his call; followed by the shout from Nami as he shot off to the island to cause trouble or find meat, which ever came first.

"Damn it, Sanji go after him!"

"HAI NAMI-SWAN!" The cook swooned to the beautiful navigator. Knowing that this is where his speed (From running from the Okama for two years) came in handy, as he could run over the water using his sky walk. Making it so that he could chase after the wild captain if need be. Jumping down from the deck till he was maybe a foot near the water he began to sprint. Soon he reached the island he turning and looking back at the ship from the beach he guessed that it would take the rest of the crew at least a half hour on the Mini Merry, minus whoever took watch. Though with Franky upgrading all the things on the ship (along with the ship itself) it might take less time. 'Better start looking for Luffy. Wonder if there is a town, otherwise I'll have to look in the forest.' Sighing he preformed another series of sky walks, going up this time, to take a look around the island with a bird's-eye view.

As it turned out the island wasn't very big, only a few miles wide and about the same length-wise. The forest wasn't very thick and in the center their was a huge lake, about a third the size of the island. And of course the beach, but from what he could see the island was uninhabited. 'Just my luck, now I have to find Luffy and keep him from drowning in the lake.' Thought Sanji.

He started his descent from the highest point of his sky walk when one of the many unnaturally strong, and unavoidable wind gusts that came with the strange weather (They made the first half's weather seem normal) he had grown used to since coming to the New World picked up. Unlike the last one where he had been on deck and able to hold onto something to avoid getting blown off (Not Chopper and Brook though Luffy had to save them with his gomu gomu no mi powers), he was in the air and couldn't avoid it or use another sky walk to get higher. So instead he curled up into a ball and began praying that he wouldn't get blown into the lake. To bad God hated him.

As he hit the water he lost his breath instinctively opening his for air, but he was in the water (And he wasn't a fishman). It burned as it went down his throat 'This isn't normal water.' He thought losing consciousness.

By the time a rubber arm wrapped around his torso pulling him towards his Captain he had already sunk to the bottom of the lake.


"I guess the wind isn't to bad as long as we have Nami-san to tell us when they will happen." Usopp looked around the island. They had made it their in record time when most small boats would be blown out of the water by the same gust.

"Yah Nami-sis is SUPA that way I just hope cook-bro wasn't usin' his whole flying thingy when it hit. For us it cut the travel time in half, but if might send him to the next island for all we know. Now that wouldn't be to SUPA."

"Ahh! He could be injured we need a doctor!"

"Yo ho ho, you are the doctor doctor-san."

"Oh, right"

Nami rolled her eye's at her companions antics. Secretly she was a little worried about Sanji, she had seen a black figure in the distance high above the island get blown down by the wind. Robin (Who had desided to stay on the ship with Zoro) had seen it to but both women agreed it didn't look like he had gotten blown off the island, and if he was hurt Luffy would find him.

"GUYS!" Her stomach dropped, Luffy appeared from the forest lining the beach, he sounded scared. Luffy rarely got scared and she had only witnessed true fear from her Captain a handful of times, and this was one of them. "WE NEED TO GET SANJI BACK TO THE SHIP! HE FELL IN THE LAKE! HE WON'T STOP SHAKING!" At least if he was shaking that meant he was breathing, but shaking could mean-

"He might be having a seizure! We need to get him back to the sick bay on the ship!"

"He probably fell from a sky walk. Me and Robin saw a black speck above the island as the gust came." Nami looked at the Captain running towards the Mini Merry where the group of four stood.

"I'll use a Coup de Vent to get to the Sunny faster. Lets get on the Merry, strap Cook-bro in one of the seats. This is not SUPA."

"We need to keep him from being jostled to much, if it is a seizure he could bite his tongue off by accident and bleed to death."

"I'll help Luffy-san strap Cook-san in." The skeleton looked at his approaching nakama. Even without skin or face muscles they could still tell he was scared from his voice, after losing a crew not once but two times, he worried about the crew he had just gotten back not wanting to lose the same crew twice.

Luffy finished his sprint kicking up about five feet of sand, panting he looked at the four nakama stood on the beach next to the Mini Merry. They all couldn't help but look at the wet shivering figure of the cook. He looked horrible, he was shaking so bad it was a wonder that Luffy could hold him, his lips and fingers were blue, and most terrifying he was unconscious. "Now isn't the time to stand around we need to get him back to Sunny!" He shouted looking at the gaping four.



"I think I heard Luffy shouting."

"Really Swordsman-san I think so to, something about drowning and shivering."

"You think it was about the shit-cook?"

"Maybe, they are heading back pretty fast."

"Robin let's get the sick bay ready as best we can."


Zoro turned to the woman looking her straight in the face "I am the first mate, of course I'm worried, the crew needs a cook. Reverse-brow is the best in all the seas, and also the only one who can deal with Luffy. If he is injured the whole crew is injured." Robin blinked, sometimes the swordsman would give speeches that could rival even Dragon's, while most of the time he talked only a handful of times and that was to fight with the cook. This was one of the former's times. "Something's changing, that island is giving me the shivers. Nothing good can come from them coming back so soon, we need to get ready for anything bad just in case."

"Right Swordsman-san." She smiled 'he really is worthy to be first mate of the Pirate King'


Soon the entire crew was on the deck, minus the doctor and cook. It was actually one of the few times that the crew was quiet. They sat around looking at the door to the sick bay wondering when the doctor would come out with news on Sanji. Nothing broke the silence but an occasional cry from the over emotional cyborg in the background as he was comforted by the archaeologist and skeleton musician.

After about a half an hour, Nami couldn't take it anymore "What the hell are we doing! Sanji would be pissed at all of us for just moping around like this! The log pose is set, lets go to the next island! Maybe someone might know more about the lake and can tell us about what might have happened." The crew just looked at Nami her word's began to sink in.

Luffy nodded "Yosh! Lets go! To Whateverislandisnext!" he said the last part really fast as if it was the name of the island. The crew chuckled at the captain's antics, and some of the tension that had entered the air began to drain away, and even Franky stopped crying.

Suddenly the sick bay doors opened, and they turned to the door tension coming back at the look on the little reindeerman's face "He's very sick, we need someone on watch at all times. He still hasn't stopped shaking since we brought him here. I couldn't risk putting an IV in so if he doesn't stop shaking soon or wake up things could get bad."

"Bad how?"

"He could dehydrate, loose strength, and eventually..." Chopper didn't complete the sentence but they all knew the unspoken word. Die.


He burned. He Hurt. It felt like when he broke his back, only worse it was coupled with the pain of falling on a burner. A human sized burner. "KILL ME" he wanted to cry out, but his lips wouldn't move, no they itched as if someone was tattooing them with fire. He wanted to rip his insides out, he could feel them moving inside him making room for something that he didn't have, but he couldn't move his arms, nor his legs, he could the muscles becoming smaller, not weaker but different, but how it hurt. His chest hurt to it felt like the burning in his lips only worse and in a larger area. "KILL ME, OH GOD KILL ME PLEASE!"


Zoro looked down at the Cook, he could see the pain in his sudden jerks and movements their was less shivering then earlier and he knew he should go get Chopper to get the lifesaving IV in but he had noticed something weird about the cook. Now that he could see the cook nearly still he could see that his lips looked fuller and his hair longer getting longer as he looked, but that wasn't what caught his eye, the cooks body was becoming slimmer and losing muscle-mass giving him a more womanly shape. Then it hit him like Luffy on his way to an all you could eat meat buffet (much harder than bricks) "CHOPPER, GET IN HERE NOW! THE LAKE WAS CURSED!"