A/N: Thank you for your patience everyone! What happened previously in my story: Bella got into a horrible car accident that would have killed her if Jacob was not there to protect her. Alice showed up because she had a vision that Bella had died in the car crash, since her vision vanished before she saw Jacob pulling Bella out of the reck. The wolves (namely Jacob) are going crazy that a Cullen is back, but Charlie allowed Alice to stay in his home while Alice tries to understand everything that is going on with Bella. Bella on the other hand is looking for her own answers. Before Alice could get too comfortable, though, she gets a call telling her that Edward is off to Italy to have himself kill.

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Edward. Just his name was enough to get me to fall over. But she kept going….

The love of my life, the father of my child, was on his way to Italy to meet with the Volturi in order to be killed.

I back up slowly until I felt the wall behind me. Then I slid down it with my hand on my bump. Why would he do this? Was leaving me not a punishment enough? He had to go and get himself killed! Why, why would he do this? It makes no sense to me. It's not like he has known anything about my life since he's left. None of them had. Until…

"Alice," I asked weakly, not able to take my eyes off the floor in front of me, "did you tell anyone why you left?"

Suddenly I heard Alice ruffle through her jacket until she produced a slender silver phone, which she quickly flipped open and begun dialing. "Rose, it's Alice. You wouldn't have happened to tell Edward that I was coming to Forks because I had a vision that Bella was dead, did you?"

She paused for a moment, tapping her foot. I looked up in time to see shock, hurt, and betrayed emotions flash across her eyes. "Rose how could you! I told you not to tell him anything until I got some answers!"

Another pause as Rosaline plead her case. "Well, guess what, I was wrong! That's right Bella's not dead, quite the opposite. And now because of your medaling, Edward has hoped the first plane he could get to and is on his way to Italy to meet the Volturi."

I faintly heard Rosaline's high-pitched voice full of concern. "Say it Rose," Alice hissed as she snapped the phone shut. She pinched her nose with her fingers as she became very still. Minutes later she blinked her eyes a couple of times before they focused on me, still sitting on the floor.

She walked over to me, holding out a hand to help me up. I rose gingerly putting a hand on my back to help my momentum. "Alice, we have to stop him somehow. If I called him-"

"He would figure out a way to debunk it. Esme is very good on a computer and could figure out a way to manipulate something one of said to make it sound like you," she said quickly waving that thought away.

Impressed as I was, I couldn't dwell on the fact. "Well… why?"

"Why what Bella?"

"Why the hell is Edward on his way to Italy? From what I gather, Rosaline told him about your vision. So what?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me. So what if he thinks I'm dead. What would make him want to be killed just because I'm dead?" I asked throwing my hands up. "He left me. He's the one who walked away. How does that give him the right to decide to kill himself just because I'm dead?"

"Bella, you're not making any sense. Did you really believe him?" Alice asked narrowing her eyes at me.

"How could I not? He looked at me straight in the eyes and told me that he doesn't love me anymore. If he for some reason felt guilty for my death that still doesn't justify killing himself when he should be thinking about how that will affect his family."

"Bella, we don't have time to discuss this. He has a head start on us because he has been trying to not plan anything ahead of time in order to keep me out of the loop. However, that's hard to do," she added with a rueful smile. "We have to go to Italy right now. Do you have a passport? I don't have time to forge one for you."

"I have one, Alice. But what do you mean we are going to Italy? What do I have to do with this?"

"Everything Bella. You're only five months pregnant so you are still allowed to travel," she said brushing past me as she ran upstairs into my room.

"Alice! I'm just going to slow us down! It's not like I can run!" I yelled after her. In my room she was throwing random items into a duffle bag and rummaging through my things until she found my passport in my draw.

"He has to see that you are alive, Bella. He would never believe any of use if we told him. He has to see it for himself," she stopped and grabbed my hands. "Please Bella. I cannot lose my brother like this. It will be my fault."

I took a deep breath looking into her pleading eyes. There was no way I would be able to live with myself knowing that Edward killed himself because of me. "Of course I'll go Alice."

'Then we have to go right now."

"I need to tell Charlie."

"Hurry," she said as she ran past me and into her car.

I faintly heard the engine start as I made my way downstairs to the pad of paper and pen we kept by the phone.

Dad-I quickly scribbled down-something has come up and Alice needs me for a couple of days. I promise to call as soon as I get to a phone. Don't worry I will be safe.

Love Bella

"You're leaving," Jacob's voice came from behind me. "For that bloodsucker."

"I have to Jake. He's in trouble," I said, not able to look at him.

He pulled my face up to look at him, causing me to have a dizzy spell. Man what was that? "You can't leave Bella. You're pregnant!"

"I know that!" I yelled jerking my chin out of his grasp. "But I can't let anything happen to the father of my child Jake!"

"He's barely the father! Where has he been the past five months?"

"About as present as you've been! Jake, you can say what you want, but I'm going. If there is a way for me to save him then I will."

I brushed past him, opening up the front door. Alice beeped the horn motioning for me to hurry up. I rolled my eyes knowing she's somehow going to carry me through the airport so we move faster.

Jacob caught up to me and took my arm to spin me around. "Don't Jake!" I yelled trying to pull my arm away, but he only held me tighter pulling me towards him. "Jake seriously. Let me go."

"I can't Bella. I will be here with you the rest of the way. I don't care what Sam says. I will protect you and the baby and help you raise it! You don't need the bloodsucker in your life. Just please, stay here with me."

I tried again, and failed again, to get my arm away from him. "Jacob, please," I pleaded.

Alice was suddenly at our side pulled Jacob's hand off of my arm. "Watch it dog. You may be ready to take care of a child that is not yours, but that baby inside of her belly is not ready to have a werewolf stepdad. Can't you see you are making her sick! Now leave, we are on a schedule," she snapped, pulling me away with her and towards the car.

"Sorry Jake," I called behind me as Alice closed the door.

The last thing I saw was his hurt and confused expression getting smaller and smaller as we sped ahead.


Once on the plane, with all eyes on my stomach, Alice tucked her knees under her chin, closing her eyes. "Alice, why does Edward have to see the Volturi?"

Her eyes snapped open and focused on me. "Oh right, I forgot you don't know much about them, do you? Did Edward every tell you Carlisle's story?" I nodded my head remember the brave story of Edward's adopted father. "The three men with him in the painting behind his desk, they are Aro, Caius and Marcus. They are royalty in the vampire world. They decide the laws and the punishment if someone breaks them."

"Edward did say once if he were to die he would provoke the Volturi," I whispered.

Alice nodded. "That's a sure-fire way to get yourself murdered. See the Volturi have spent centuries making sure that our secret remains unknown. If anyone were to threaten exposing it, they wouldn't even ask questions before they tore them apart."

"So that's what Edward is going to do? Threaten to expose his… nature?"

"Yes, and right now he is being unreasonable and thinking about massacring the whole town in order to get their attention," she said, her eyes drifting off.

My eye widened. "He would never do that, would he?"

Alice focused her eyes on me again. "No, he wouldn't. He's just being irrational right now. He doesn't know what he will do if they refuse his offer."

"His offer?"

"He is on his way to meet with them now. Instead of just causing an outright scene. He decided to ask them for death."

"And if they grant it?"

She shook her head. "They won't. From the stories Carlisle has told us of his friend Aro, he would not want to waste Edward's gift."

"What does his gift have to do with anything?"

Alice opened her mouth and then closed it again. She turned her head to stare at the man next to us who was trying to listen in. She then turned back to me and leaned in closer. "Aro is a collector, if you will. Everyone who is in his coven has a special talent that will benefit him. The fact that Edward can read thoughts without having to touch someone, it's remarkable to Aro."

"So we'll have time to save him?"

Alice shrugged. "I really have no idea until he makes up his mind on how he is going to get himself killed."

"What our best option?"

"I'm not sure yet. His future is changing every minute." She went still for a moment, then a slow smile spread across her face. "Aro is going to refuse. He think it's such a waste, " she said with disgust.

"So we still have time?"

"Yes, and if Edward stays with his latest decision, then we may have a chance to stop him."

"What's that?"

"He is going to step out into the sun, simply enough. There is a Christmas market going on in town today, so it will be full of people. He is going to step out into the sun under the clock tower at noon."

"Will we make it?"

"We should, but it will be tight. Now please be quiet, I need to concentrate," Alice said softly, patting my hand, before turning in her seat and closing her eyes, becoming completely still.

I took a deep breath and turned to look out my window. I rubbed my belly trying to calm down my stirring baby. My nerves couldn't be very good for it. Isn't that the first rule anyways? Don't get stressed. Well that's clearly out the window now.

The plane from Portland to New York seemed to take three days to get there. Alice got a wheelchair for me so she could maneuver me quickly through the terminals. We barely got settled into our seats before the doors closed and the plane got ready for take off.

Then we were in the air on our way to Rome.

Alice was on the phone with Jasper for most of the plane ride there. I had my flight attendants come up to me throughout the journey to offer me another pillow or another glass of water or something else to eat. Clearly my condition didn't go unnoticed by anyone.

"Alice," I whisper, six hours into our journey, "what will the Volturi do when the find out that I'm pregnant?"

"They should never find out," she said simply. "If everything goes according to plane, we should be able to stop Edward from exposing himself by convincing him you are still alive, and then we should all be on the first plan back to the US."

"But what if someone who works for the Volturi see me. Will they assume that I'm pregnant with Edward's child? Will they be able to smell his scent like you did?"

"Bella," she said hushing me, "it will never get to that. The Volturi will never think it's possible for a human to be impregnated by a vampire. They wouldn't even consider it."

I swallowed hard. "Does that mean Edward won't think it's his?"

Alice gave me a sympathetic look. "That is a possibility. But he would never cast you aside. Bella, I know you think he doesn't love you, but trust me when I say that's not true. He loves you very much, and as soon as we are safe and on a plane back home, we will be able to explain everything to him. He will be overjoyed."

"How can you be so sure?" I asked still unsure that he would be happy to know that he abandoned me when I was pregnant.

"Because he is my brother. I know you probably don't believe me, but he's been miserable since we left. He thought it was for the best. And I know he should be the one to tell you all of this, but you need to know this before we land in Italy. Edward never stopped loving you. No matter what he told you when we left, it never changed the way he felt about you."

I nodded, not believing a word she said, but I couldn't argue about it anymore. I didn't want to think about that day, anymore than I wanted to be in this position. Running against time to convince Edward that I am alive, so he doesn't get himself killed.

We touched down in Rome an hour and half till noon. Alice was able to convince the flight attendants to let us off first and allow me to use a wheelchair. We sped through the airport to the rental cars that were thankfully shielded under in a garage from the sun.

She rushed me towards a flashy yellow Porsche, and helped me into the car. "We're stealing this aren't we?" I asked as she settled into the drivers seat.

"I figured you wouldn't be too against grand theft auto in this situation," she said calmly as she reversed the car out of its spot and switched it into drive before speeding away from the airport.

She weaved us through traffic with ease as we drove away from the city towards the hilly countryside of Italy. Images flew past me with such sped I could barely make out what anything was before it was a hundred yards behind us. Alice then reached behind her and pulled a large sweatshirt out of the duffle bag she packed for me.

"You should put this on," she said handing it to me without taking her eyes off of the road. "It will conceal your bump to a point."

"I thought you said it wouldn't matter, none of the Volturi will find out," I said shoving my arms through the sleeves. I was too hot to be putting this on, but I didn't see the point in arguing with her.

"You shouldn't meet them. When we do stop Edward, if one of them would approach you, I'm pretty sure Edward would tear them apart before he let them anywhere near you. I just want to be careful."

She made a sharp turn and sped up the hill. "Welcome to Volterra," she said sarcastically. "Now they won't let me drive all the way up to the clock tower before of the Christmas market, but I should be able to get you within a hundred yards of it, hopefully. All you will need to do is run to it before the clock strikes noon. That gives you about twenty-five minutes."

I gulped. I'm pregnant, not an Olympic runner! I could barely run when I wasn't carrying a baby without tripping over my feet. Does she really think I can do this now when I'm carrying ten extra pounds?

"You can do this Bella," she said softly looking at me for a moment before turning her attention back to the road. "Just run straight towards it. You should be able to make it there in time."

I nodded skeptically. Everything is relying on me now. If I fail, Edward will expose the vampires and he will be killed within minutes. Not only will I lose the love of my life, but also I'm sure the Cullens would want nothing with me after that.

Alice slowed down as we entered the town. It was old, almost like it came directly out of a Shakespeare play. The buildings were small with a stony outside appearance, with red roofs.

"There's the clock tower, Bella," Alice said pointing west of us. It was probably two hundred yards away from us. The clock clicked quickly on past the twenty-five minutes Alice had promised me.

Alice beeped her horn impatiently, trying to get the pedestrians to move quicker. She threw her hands up in annoyance before turning to me. "This is the furthest I can go Bella. I'm sorry, but you have to run. You have 23 minutes. Go!" she yelled reaching behind me to open the door.

I turned around as quick as I could and put my feet on the cobblestone streets ready to run for my life and Edward's.