"Wedding Bells and Little Feet"

Chapter One

'The Proposal'

Kassy and Sherman have been going steady together for two years now, the couple has been getting closer and closer to each other. Sherman has been thinking a lot lately about asking Kassy to marry him.

One day he decided to go to his adopted son, Kite, and ask him for advice on how to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

At Kite's and Kim's house, there is a knock on the door, and Kim answers the door.

"Hey Fangs, come in, Kite's been expecting you." She says as she invites her long time friend into their house.

Kite is sitting in the living room, his three year old son William is sitting on the floor in front of him playing with some blocks, "Hey, Dad, what did you need to ask me that was so important you didn't want Mom to hear?" he asks.

Fangs sits down next to Kite and nervously messes with the brim of his cap, "I want to ask Kassy to marry me but I'm so nervous and scared that she'll say no." he says with a nervous tremble to his tone.

Kim having overheard conversation walks in, "Fangs, Kassy loves you and Fangface more than anything in the world, she is not going to say no to you." She says reassuringly.

Fangs looks up at her, "You think so?" he asks.

Kite nods, "We both know so, Dad, now why don't we work on how you're going to say it to her?" he suggests.

"O…ok." Fangs replies.

Meanwhile back at Fangs and Kassy's apartment, Kassy is busy cleaning the living room. She looks up at the clock on the wall and sighs, 'I wonder where Fangs has gotten off to.' She thinks to herself.

'Maybe he's just running some errands, Kass.' Hunter, Kassy's werewolf half, mentally replies.

'I hope so, I'm missing him already.' Kass replies and glances at the door.

A couple of hours pass, soon the door opens and Fangs walks inside. Kassy is sitting on the couch watching a movie, and notices her boyfriend as he enters the living room. She gets to her feet and hugs him tightly, "I was getting worried." She says.

Fangs pulls back, then kisses her lovingly, "You know I'd never leave you, Kass." He replies and runs a hand through her light brown hair.

Kassy leans into his touch, "Then where'd you go?" she asks.

"I went to get something, in fact there's something I need to ask you." Fangs replies as he backs up a step, kneels down, and pulls the ring case from under his hat, "Kasandra Bickerson, I love you with all my heart and soul, the same goes for Fangface, and we'd be honored if you and Hunter would marry us." He says as he opens the ring box.

Kassy sucks in a gulp of air, tears well in her eyes, and smiles brightly, "Yes! Yes, of course I'll marry you and Fangface, Sherman!" she says excitedly as Fangs slips the ring on her finger, and she tackles him to the ground, she then kisses him passionately.

Fangs gladly reciprocates the kiss, and pulls her closer to him, "Oo, oo, Kassy, you've made me very happy." He says as he pulls them both to their feet.

"Same here, Fangs, I just wish Mom and Dad were here to see." Kassy replies as she leans against him, her arms wrapped around his neck.

He wraps his arms around her, "I wish they could too, Kass." Fangs states.

Kass pulls back, "We've gotta start plannin', I wonder if Martin still has Mom's weddin' dress." She says as her accent slips from excitement.

Fangs smiles at his fiancé, "I'm sure he does." He says reassuringly.

She rushes over to the bar, picks up her cell phone, and immediately calls her brother, Martin, "Martin, it's Kass, guess what." Kasandra greets.

"What's that, sis?" Martin asks on the other end.

"Sherman asked me to marry him." Kassy replies.

Martin smiles, "I'm so happy for you, sis, when are you guys going to plan it?" he asks.

"We'll figure out the plans in the mornin', in the meantime I was wonderin' if you still had Mom's weddin' dress?" Kassy replies.

"I sure do, it's in their closet, did you want to wear it?" Martin asks.

"Yes, if it'd be okay with you." Kassy responds.

"Of course, sis, I'll mail it to you." Martin says, "Or better yet I'll bring it to you." He adds.

"Really?" Kasandra asks.

"Really, I'll catch the next flight to Brooklyn." Martin replies.

Kasandra giggles lightly, "Sounds great, bro, I'll let Fangs and the others know." She says.

"Okay, sis, I love you and see you soon." Martin states.

"Love you too, bro, see ya." Kass says and hangs her phone up.

"Well?" Fangs asks as he smiles at his lovely bride-to-be.

"Martin's coming and he's bringin' Mom's gown." Kass replies as she smiles back at him.

Fangs nods, "Sounds great, come on, we'd better get to bed and we'll tell everyone else tomorrow." He says as he takes her hand and leads her to bed.