Chapter Fourteen

"Four Months Down The Road"

It has been four months now, the twins Benny and Timmy are two loving infants who are very much attached to their friends and family, especially their mom and dad.

One bright full moon night, Fangface and Hunter are sitting on the floor, the twins lay on a blanket between them playing with some brightly colored baby toys.

Benny picks up a brightly colored stuffed dinosaur and rolls onto his back as he sucks on it, Hunter chuckles at him, "Oh Benny, that's nothing to be eating." She says as she reaches over and tickles him.

Benny bursts into giggles as he looks up at his mom lovingly, causing Hunter to pick him up, and hug him.

Fangface leans back and looks at his wife and son, he can't help but sigh contentedly is only brought out of his thoughts as Timmy has found the end of his tail very interesting, he picks him up with a chuckle, "Now Timmy, Daddy's tail is not a plaything (grr)." He comments as he looks down at him affectionately.

"These two are definitely going to be a handful when they get where they can walk." Hunter remarks as she gives Benny a pacifier to suck on.

"(Grr) That's true, but it'll be worth it." Fangface replies as he leans over and kisses his wife on the side of her muzzle.

Over the past four months since the birth of the twins, Hunter has trimmed herself down to the size she was before getting pregnant. Her form fitting t shirt and blue jeans accentuate her curves to perfection, causing Fangsy to blush as he admired her.

"Why are you blushing?" Hunter asks as she sets Benny down and flicks her tail up and down to get her son's attention.

Fangface moves closer, and catches her lips in a deep, passionate kiss, "Just thinking about how beautiful you look tonight (grr)." He replies.

Hunter returns the kiss, "Really?" she asks.

He nods, "Yeah, yeah, I'm so lucky." Fangsy replies and brushes a strand of her hair back and tucks it back behind her left ear.

Hunter leans her head into his touch, "So am I, babe." She replies and looks down at their sons as they wrestle over a toy, "Ok, boys, just because Mommy and Daddy aren't paying attention to you doesn't mean you have to fight." She comments and lifts Timmy up into her arms.

Timmy giggles joyfully as he squirms slightly, Hunter places him down onto the floor with his brother.

A knock is then heard on the door, "(Grr) I'll get it." Fangface comments as he gets to his feet and goes to the door.

He opens the door to see Kitefang, Kim, and Kaiser on the other side, "Hi Dad, just thought we'd stop by for a visit." Kitefang states.

"Well come on, son." Fangface says he allows them inside.

Kim walks over and sits down on the floor next to Hunter, "Look at those two, only four months old, and I already wrestling with each other." She comments as Kaiser sits down next to his mom and takes an immediate interest in the twins.

"I know they're rambunctious." Hunter remarks.

Both twins yawn and lay down on the blanket and are soon fast asleep. All the grownups can't help aww at the scene.

"We'd better get them into their cribs." Hunter states as she carefully picks Benny up and holds him gently against her.

Fangface makes to pick Timmy up but stops when he notices the look on Kim's face, "(Grr) Kim, did you want to help Hunter get them to bed?" he asks.

"Can I?" Kim asks.

"(Grr) Of course, go ahead." Fangface replies.

Kim carefully picks Timmy up and follows Hunter into the nursery room, both women lay the twins down into their beds, and cover them with their blankets.

"You sure are lucky, Hunter." Kim comments as they stand there and watch the twins for a minute.

"How's that?" Hunter asks as she looks over at her friend.

Kim smiles at the she wolf, "Well you've got a husband who would rope the moon for you, you've got a family that loves, and two absolutely adorable little boys who adore you." She replies.

Hunter can't help smile as tears appear in her eyes, "Thank you, Kim, that means a lot to me." She replies as they head back into the living room where the guys are sitting and talking.

Hunter walks over to the couch and sits down next to Fangface, who drapes an arm across her shoulders, and pulls her close.

They spend about two hours talking before Kitefang and Kim decide to head home and get Kaiser to bed. After checking on the twins, Fangface and Hunter head to bed as well.

Unbeknown to the couple a shadow watches from a nearby tree, "So the boss was right, Fangface is married now and has kids, interesting." The figure states as it leaps nimbly from the tree to the ground and runs off.

The next morning, Hunter wakes up, heads into the nursery, gets a couple of bottles, and feeds both of her sons. She then carries them to the playpen in the living room, settles them inside, and then goes to fix breakfast for her and Fangface. As she is doing so, she can't help but feel like she is being watched.

"Okay, I am majorly creeped out now." Hunter comments as she walks into the living room, noticing her sons are okay, and then looks out the window at the sun, she changes back into Kassy, and continues to look around outside. She then spots the same figure from the night before watching her, she jerks backward out of shock, and quickly shuts the curtains. She then rushes to the bedroom and shakes Fangface awake, "Babe, wake up!" she calls out with an urgent tone to her voice.

He opens his light brown eyes to see the panicked look in Kassy's, "(Grr) Kassy, what's wrong?" Fangface asks as he instantly becomes alert.

"There's someone outside watchin' our apartment." Kass states as her accent slips from fear.

Fangface growls low, "Stay inside the apartment, bring the boys in here, and don't move, I'll go check it out." He comments.

"You can't go by yerself, what if they capture ya?" Kass asks as she shivers lightly.

He hugs her close, "I'm not going to let them get me, I'll stay far enough to watch them, and then I'll call Pugs' dad." Fangface replies.

Kass nods, "Why not call Richard first?" she asks.

Fangsy sighs, "Okay, okay, I'll call him first (grr) call him." He replies as he gets Kassy's cell phone and calls Richard.

"Captain Richard Murphy, how can I help you?" Richard answers.

"(Grr) Richard, it's Fangface, can you come over to our apartment, Kassy said there was someone spying on our apartment and we're afraid they might be part of the Veni Con Yei." He replies.

"Crud, okay, Pugs and I will be right over." Richard replies and hangs up.

Moments later, Richard and Pugs are walking around the apartment building, when Pugs sees something lying in the grass near a tree, "Dad, over here." He calls.

Richard comes over and kneels down, "It's some sort of note." He states as he picks it up and reads it, "Oh jeez, it's from the leader of the VCY, Keith Bellington, he sent his informant over to watch Kassy and Fangface and it even states to capture Benny and Timmy and kill Fangface and Kassy." He states and looks at his son.

Pugs' eyes widen, "Oh no, that's awfully news, what do we do? We have to protectify my best friend, Kassy, and the twins." He says.

"I'm going to station five of my men here to watch things, if the intruder shows up again, we'll arrest him." Richard replies and calls the station to request backup.

Meanwhile, Pugs goes upstairs to inform Kassy and Fangs (having seen the sun, he has changed back also).

"Your dad's going to station some guards for us?" Fangs asks.

"I still think that I should take the kids and go to your parents' house, Fangs." Kassy states as she is holding Timmy and has a frightened look on her face.

Pugs places a hand on Kassy's shoulder, "Kassy, I understandify what you're going through, but my dad won't let any hurt you or the twins." He assures.

Kass nods, "Okay, thank you, Pugsy." She replies and gives him an one armed hug.

Pugsy hugs her in return, and tickles Timmy under the chin, "They sure are cute." He comments as his heart has melted because of the boys.

Later that night, five police officers stand at different points around the apartment building, the intruder soon makes his appearance and is arrested on suspicion of trespassing and wanting to cause harm.

Richard questions the intruder at the station and learns that a bounty has been set on both Kassy's and Fangs' heads, he has the intruder thrown in jail, and starts an investigation on how to stop the VCY once and for all.

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