This is my next IchigoXSenna lemon after my first. I will describe their son, Shun in my first Bleach story during his birth chapter. Nah! What am I saying, I'll just put it up!

Shun Kurosaki: Male. Brown eyes. He has his father facial appearance, and his mother's hair color.

Enjoy the Christmas Special! Btw, this is part 1!

Snow begins to fall on Karakura Town from the cloudy sky. It's been 2 years after Shun was born and Senna's discharge from the hospital. The Kurosaki family were waiting for the day to come to spend time with Senna - except for those 9 months when she was pregnant and having Shun inside her belly - and Shun during Christmas. Senna couldn't wait to spend time with Ichigo and his family, no, her family... together!

For the first time in her life, she has a real family who will spend with her new life together. She waited for this after giving birth to Shun, and spending time with them altogether. Ichigo also couldn't wait for Yuzu and Karin to spend time with Senna on Christmas Eve, including his crazy dad. He also knows it's Shun's first Christmas Holiday with the Kurosaki family.

Christmas has arrived

Ichigo and Senna were on their bed, sleeping together in each others' arms with two thick sheets on them. In addition to, Shun was in their room as well, sleeping in his crib with a warm blanket. The crib was placed next to the parents' bed.


Ichigo woke up and saw his beautiful sleeping wife on top of him, smiling at her as he removed some strands of her hair from her face. After that, he turned to the window, seeing it was blocked by snow. He couldn't even tell whether it was morning or not. Gently removing Senna off him and placing her head on the pillow as he got off the bed. Ichigo walked to the crib, looking at Shun sleeping peacefully. He carried Shun off the crib and set him on the bed next to Senna. After that, he slowly made his way out to the bathroom, trying not to disturb their sleep. After he finished brushing his teeth, he went down to the kitchen and decided to have a toast with scramble eggs for breakfast. Once he was finished, he makes another toast with scramble eggs for his wife.

He quietly walked his way to their room with a tray of scramble eggs and a toast with a fork in his hands. When he open the door, he sees Senna who was already awake with Shun in her arms. She also wore the wedding ring, that Ichigo gave her for his actual proposal, and that his mom, Masaki, wears on her left ring finger. Probably she put it on when she woke up.

"You're awake?" he approached to their bed.

"Your breakfast woke me up. I was waiting for mine, sweetie." Senna smiled as Ichigo set the tray on her lap and took the sleeping Shun in his arms. "Ooooh, scramble eggs!"

"Hey Senna, you know what today is?" Ichigo asked his wife, climbing on the bed and sitting next to her.

Senna bit on a small piece of scramble eggs in her mouth before answering her husband. "Of course. It's my first family Christmas Day with you, Shun, and your family."

Ichigo moved to her and kissed her right cheek before pulling back. "Don't forget. You're having your first snowball fight with us." he finished.

"Yay! Let's have Shun play with us." she suggested as she eats her scramble eggs and toast. She was excited to have her first Christmas Holiday with her husband and Shun.

Shun stirred and slowly opened his eyes. Ichigo noticed his son waking up. "Hey, Shun." he smiled at his son.

"Pa... pa... " Shun called his daddy with a smile. Ichigo gently patted Shun's tiny head.

Senna looked at her husband and son together, seeing how happy Ichigo is without the scowl on his face when she first met him. Soon, she finished her breakfast, putting down the fork before getting off the bed.

She stretched her arms and legs while standing. "Ahh~ Ichigo, do the dishes while I take my time." she made her way to the bathroom.

"Sure." he took the tray with his left hand while holding Shun on his right. "Come on Shun, daddy's taking you down to the kitchen." he walked out of the room, descending the stairs to the kitchen and putting the tray in the sink.

Ichigo walked to the couch and put Shun on it before getting the remote, turning the TV on. The screen revealed "Barney The Dinosaur" as Shun happily clapped when he saw the purple dinosaur.

"Bapo!" Shun called dinosaur's name while watching it.

Ichigo put the remote back. "Wait for daddy, okay? I'll join you soon." he headed his way to the sink, turning on the faucet and starting to wash the tray Senna had for breakfast.

After the tray was clean, he went his way to sit with Shun, but saw his wife descending the stairs. Senna wore a long sleeved pink shirt with frills on the shoulders from top to bottom and sky blue long pants. She also wore slippers with a black Mokona's head and a smile on her feet. The red ribbon Ichigo gave her was tied up in a ponytail as usual.

She smiled sweetly at her husband. "Where's Shun?" she asked.

"He's watching TV."

"When are we supposed to go to your family's place?"

"We'll start at noon. I'll let them have some food before we have some fun." Ichigo answered. "Wanna watch something to kill time?"

"Hmm~ " Senna was in thought, trying to think what to do before noon. Opening her eyes as she found an answer. "I wanna watch Kung Fu Panda movie 1!" she jumped forward to her husband as Ichigo caught her in his arms.

"I thought you might say that. We'll wait until Shun finish watching Barney." he replied as they both went to the couch where Shun was sitting. They all sat close together while Senna carried Shun and let him sit on her thighs.

After Barney The Dinosaur was over, Ichigo took out the album and put the disc on the DVD as they all watch the movie together to kill time before noon. The three of them laughed while watching how funny the movie was when it came to Po, the Dragon Warrior. Shun clapped and laughed at it. Once the movie was over, Ichigo put the disc back inside the album and looked at the time. It was 15 minutes before noon. They all walked up the stairs and get ready for Senna and Shun's first Christmas Holiday.

Ichigo wore a long sleeved black shirt with white linings around the chest, blue jeans, and a dark blue scarf around his neck. Senna wore a long sleeved pink blouse with black shirt underneath it, black pants with fluffy cotton balls around the bottoms, and a white scarf around her neck. Shun wore a red shirt with a picture of Chopper the Reindeer on it, blue pants, and a Santa hat. Holding Shun in Senna's arms and making their way to the frontdoor, putting their shoes on. Ichigo wore a heavy winter black coat. Senna wore a heavy winter pink coat. Shun wore a black and gray thick jacket. Ichigo grabbed the house keys before they exited the house. Ichigo locked the door before making their way to Ichigo's previous house - which is just behind theirs.

Ichigo told Senna to wait by the gate entrance. Senna knows what was gonna happen as her husband approached the front door. Soon, there was a familiar feeling that never seems to end.

"WEEEEEEELLCOOOMMEEEE HOOOOOOOOMMEEEEE! ! ! ! ICHIIIIIGGOOOO! ! ! !" Isshin launched his rocket kick towards the door, breaking it open.

Ichigo dodged his energetic dad's kick and elbowed his face, dropping him to the snowy ground. He enters the house while dragging his dad along. Senna quickly ran inside the house from the freezing weather, with Shun in her arms. Entering the house before closing the door as she put Shun on the floor, taking off her jacket and hung it. After that, she took Shun's jacket and hung it up as well, leaving his Santa hat on before walking to the living room where Yuzu and Karin were at. Ichigo was sitting on the couch, chatting with his twin sisters while leaving Isshin on the floor. The twins were dressed up for today's holiday. Both Ichigo's siblings saw Senna's arrival and were excited to see her.

"Senna-neesan!" Yuzu called, getting up and running towards her. Senna put Shun on the floor and gave her sister-in-law a hug. The blonde girl released her hug and turned to her little nephew. "Hi, Shun!" she waved hello to him, but Shun hid himself behind Senna's legs. "Poor Shun... guess he's still shy, huh?"

Senna giggled, picking up her son in her arms. "Someday, he'll play with you and Karin."

Isshin heard what Senna said as he got back on to his feet. "What about me, Senna! ?" he whined.

Senna sighed. "Yes, you too as well." she added.

Isshin suddenly remembered today's schedule, turning to his daughters. "Yuzu! Karin! Go change! We're having our KUROSAKI... SNOWBALL FIGHT... CHRISTMAS DAY! !" he ordered them before running to the poster of Masaki, his wife. "MASAAKII, OUR FAMILY MAY NOW LIVE ON! ! I WISH YOU WERE HERE TO SEE OUR THIRD DAUGHTER AND OUR GRANDSON! !"

Ichigo groaned, seeing how his dad hasn't change a bit after he came back from his vacation and his wedding with Senna. Senna just giggled at it, seeing how dramatic and ridiculous his dad was.

Karin stood up from the couch, feeling pumped. "Just what I needed... a good old time snowball fight!" she dashed up to her room.

"Karin, wait for me!" Yuzu followed her twin up the stairs.

Isshin turned to his son. "Ichigo, make sure to call your friends and see if they can join us! I'll go change into my special Kurosaki snowball outfit!" he dashed his way up to his room.

Ichigo rolled his eyes as he took out his cellphone, calling his friends in order: Orihime, Uryū, Chad, Tatsuki, and Mizurio - minus Keigo. Ichigo knew what he'll do if he had come. He remembered the first time Keigo met Senna with her busty size - due to the pill Urahara gave him - and tried to leap and grope her. Luckily, Ichigo stopped the energetic weirdo when he brought Senna to his home. Senna just sat next to her husband, smiling with Shun in her arms. She put her son on the couch, laying him down with his head on her left thigh. Ichigo received a call from his friends that were invited: Orihime, Uryū, and Tatsuki. However, Chad couldn't make it 'cause he has to go on a airport to see his relatives. Mizurio has to be with his friend's house for a birthday party, plus a Christmas Holiday. He told them the exact location where they'll meet before hanging up his cellphone and putting it inside his pocket, waiting for his family to get dress.

At the park where the meeting is

The Kurosaki family waited for Ichigo's friends to arrive while Senna, Yuzu, and Karin were sitting on the bench, chatting. Shun has his gloves on while playing with the snow with Isshin. Ichigo just stood there and watched his family.

"Kurosaki, your hair is lame." a voice spoke to him.

Ichigo turned to the voice next to him. It was Uryū and Orihime. Uryū was wearing a heavy dark blue jacket and white pants. Orihime was wearing a heavy pink coat and sky blue pants.

(A/N: Timeskip version!)

"Shut it, Uryū."

"Kurosaki-kun! How are you doing with Senna and Shun?" Orihime greeted.

"We're fine. Taking care of Shun's going well. At least Senna's out of the hospital." Without knowing, a snowball smacked the back of Ichigo's head. He turned, betting it was his dad. "Who threw that! ?"

"That would be me, Ichigo." Tatsuki answered, holding another snowball in her right hand. She was standing next to Karin on the bench. She was wearing a heavy winter black coat and black pants.

"When did you get here?" Ichigo asked; He was a bit surprised that she had gotten here without being noticed.

"While you were chatting with Ishida and Orihime." Tatsuki threw her snowball at Ichigo, but he dodged. The snowball landed on Uryū's face. "Whoops."

Uryū wiped the snow off his face and glasses before kneeling down, grabbing some snow in his hands and balling it. He was definitely pissed; he smirked and threw it at Tatsuki, but she grabbed Isshin and used him as a human shield. The snowball smacked his face before Tatsuki dashed her way to Ichigo's side. Senna quickly carried Shun in her arms before Isshin took him and thought he might use him as a snowball by mistake. Isshin wiped the snow of his face and stared at Ichigo and his friends with a glare. Soon, he yelled out...


Now, everyone grabbed a snowball and threw at different person. Yuzu and Karin joined in and threw their snowballs, enjoying the fun. They haven't had so much fun for a long time. They all continued throwing snowballs at each other, getting hit in the faces and dodging them.

Senna joined in while carrying her son in her left arm. She grabbed a snow with her right hand and threw it at the gang - without dropping Shun from her left arm. Everyone aimed their snowballs at their targets without knowing whom they're throwing at. They all wanted to have some fun without knowing if they are acting like children at their current ages. They've been going on for hours until they're all wiped out, laying on the snow in a clockwise motion: Ichigo (with Shun laying on top of him), Senna, Karin, Yuzu, Isshin, Tatsuki, Orihime, and Uryū. They were all panting heavily while laying there. Soon, Senna flapped her arms and legs on the snow, making snow angel.

Senna got up and saw her first snow angel. "Yay! My first snow angel!" she squealed happily as the others got up.

"After all that studying I've been through, I'd never have this much fun before." Uryū said, pushing up his glasses with his middle finger as usual.

"Me too! This is the first time I have fun with you all in a snowball fight!" Orihime added.

Yuzu and Karin stood up, stretching their arms and legs after all the fun they had. Isshin stood on his feet and looked at the time. It was now 2:30pm. "Would you all like a hot chocolate in our house?" he offered Ichigo's friends.

"No need, Mr. Kurosaki. We have our own in our houses." Tatsuki answered the man.

"We'll be heading home." Uryū said, bowing down before leaving.

"Arigato (Thank you) for the wonderful time!" Orihime bowed before leaving.

Ichigo put his son on the ground before standing up. Then he felt some snow smacking his legs; he looked down and saw Shun tossing snows at his own father - just for fun. He wanted to join the fun as well.

"Sho foat." Shun said in mispronounced words "Snow fight". Ichigo found how funny his son said that as he picked him up in his arm. "Pa... pa... "

Tatsuki stretched her arms in the air. "Ah~ I'm heading home now. It was fun playing with you all! You guys take care! Including you, Ichigo!" Then she ran off for home.

"Onii-chan! Senna-neesan! You two want some hot chocolate before you head home?" Yuzu offered.

"Sure, why not." Ichigo answered his blonde younger sister.

"Oooh~ I haven't had one in a while." Senna hugged her husband. "Come on, sweetie! Let's get going!"

"Be patient, will ya?" Ichigo laughed.

"Let's get going! I don't want Shun to catch a cold." Karin said.

"Don't worry, Senna! Your father-in-law will give you the perfect medicine to prevent you from catching a cold during this winter!" Isshin gave her a thumbs up with a smirk. The Kurosaki family began walking their way to Ichigo's previous house.

Along the way, Shun fell asleep on Ichigo's arm while carrying him. Senna noticed something at the store where one of the mannequin was wearing an outfit that caught her attention. An idea came into her mind for Ichigo's perfect present. She turned to her husband, wanting to buy her Special Christmas Present.

"Ichigo, you guys on ahead. I found something I need to buy. Is that okay?" she asked, wishing he'll say yes.

Ichigo turned to his wife. "Sure. Try not to stay too long."

Senna kissed his left cheek and smiled. "Don't worry. I promise I'll catch up! Be back soon!" she went inside the store.

"MY THIRD DAUGTHER~ ! ! PLEASE BE SAFE~ ! !" Isshin cried in tears, seeing Senna walked off, and walking backward dramatically.

"Shut up, idiot Dad!" Karin kicked his left shin.

Senna began searching for the outfit she was looking for earlier. Soon, she found the outfit and noticed how sexy it is. "Excuse me!" She called a female staff.

"Yes?" a woman approached to her in a cute Santa outfit.

"I would like to buy this, please?" Senna pointed at the outfit she pick.

"Sure. Follow me." the staff replied as Senna followed to the back of the store. She took the outfit that Senna wanted from the clothing rack in a small package. "Please, come this way." She walked her way to the cashier as Senna followed, waiting for Ichigo's Christmas gift.

Senna paid the outfit, waiting for the woman to put her special outfit in a small red shopping bag. After Senna's shopping was done, she made her way back to the Kurosaki's house. Giggling to herself, she couldn't wait to see the look on Ichigo's face when he sees what she brought for their first Christmas night.

Kurosaki's House

Yuzu and Isshin were making hot chocolate for the family while Karin and Ichigo were watching "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon". Shun was still sleeping in Ichigo's arms, breathing lightly. Thankfully, the volume was low when Shun was here. They were taking a break and waiting for Senna to come back for her hot chocolate.

Isshin groaned dramatically. "Senna-chan! Please come back safe!" he whined, wishing for her to come back as soon as possible.

"Otou-san! Shun is sleeping!" Yuzu said to her whining father.

The frontdoor was heard open, Isshin quickly stopped his whining as he waited to see who was coming to the living room. Senna came into the family with a small red shopping bag in her right hand.

"MY THIRD DAUGHTER IS SAFE AT LAST! !" he leaped towards Senna and gave her a bear hug.

"Y-You're choking me, D-Dad!" Senna tried to push him away; almost couldn't breathe.

Both Ichigo and Karin groaned, rolling their eyes at this scene.

"I'm so glad Senna-chan is safe and sound!" Senna tried making Isshin to release his grip until she accidentally kicked him between his legs. "OOPFH!" Isshin felt the pain consuming him as he fell down on his knees, holding his private.

"Ahh! Sorry, I didn't mean to!"

Isshin tried his best to raise himself up due to the intense pain. "N-No need, S-Senna... A-Accident happens... " he finished and passed out on the floor.

"What have you got in there, Senna-neesan?" Yuzu walked towards her with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands.

"It's a secret." Senna winked at her.

"What's the matter, Senna? Can't tell to your own family?" Ichigo said jokily.

Senna put the small red shopping bag on the table. "Ichigo, it's Christmas. You're suppose to keep it a secret until the person shows it to you." she replied, taking the hot chocolate from Yuzu. "Arigato." she walked to the couch and sat next to her husband as Yuzu sat between Ichigo and Karin.

The four of them are watching "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon", leaving the unconscious Isshin on the floor. Senna rests her head on her husband's left shoulder while watching the movie. She couldn't wait for her Christmas surprise for Ichigo tonight, smiling to herself.

She's gonna give Ichigo the best Christmas present ever!

End of part 1

Part 2 will be the last part of this story. I'll update it in the next day or two. Will Senna surprise her husband, Ichigo, with the outfit she brought? Please review or comment!