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Alex trembled by his father's voice "I-I am g-gay" he stuttered, it was quite for a while. "Well bro that's cool" Owen said smiling widely at his little brother. One by one everyone accepted Alex and in a few minuets they were eating happily besides Derek who was not even hungry anymore.

"Why" he asked clenching his fist after there lunch, "Why what?" Alex asked picking up everyone's plate and putting them in the plastic bag. Derek growled and slammed the cooler down.

"Why the fuck are you gay!" he yelled, Alex dropped the bag in fear. "I-I-I-I" he trembled tears filling his eyes, "Derek!" Chloe yelled shoving past her husband and embracing her son.

She glared at Derek who glared back "we didn't raise him to be gay!" he yelled once more. Alex flinched and tightened his grip on his mother's dress "No we didn't but we did teach him how to love, and if he loves someone who's a gay than that's okay!" Chloe yelled, running his fingers though Alex's black hair.

"He should not be gay! it's not right!" Derek yelled, Alex couldn't handle it. He moved away from his mom's grasp and ran into the forest. Chloe's own eyes filled with tears "Derek you heartless bastard!" she yelled.

The triplets, Alice, Jane and Eliza were staring in shock as Chloe cursed. "It's not my fault being gay is wro-"


Derek's eyes widened as he felt the sting on his cheeks, he slowly raised his hand to his burning cheek and stared at Chloe in shock "Don't you ever fucking dare that being gay is wrong" Chloe seethed.

"Go mom! whoo!" Owen yelled cheering, Eliza held his arm pulling it for him to stop yelled. "There older than us, we shouldn't interfere" she whispered to him. Owen frowned and pouted.

"Go and apologize to Alexander" she said "or your not coming home with us" she said walking off telling Oliver to pick up the cooler. Oliver went over and picked up the cooler after giving his dad a cold glare.

Derek sighed and ran into the forest "Alex!" he yelled, Derek stopped and sniffed the air. The faint smell of apple cinnamon pie drifted through the air, he changed course and headed towards the left running deeper into the forest.

"Alex!" he yelled, he cupped his mouth with his hands "Aleeexx!"

Derek stayed quite for a second and he strained his ears until he heard a slight sniffle, he turned towards the source of the noise and walked until the sniffles became louder and he could he hear the sobs of his son.

He sighed dejectedly his own eyes prickling with tears as he stared at Alex who was curled up against a tree sobbing into his hands. Derek quickly walked towards Alex and sat down next to him.

Alex froze when he felt someone next to him, "I'm sorry" a familiar deep voice whispered to him. He moved his hands away from his face and wiped his nose and tears on the sleeve of his hoodie.

"Its okay dad" he whispered.

Derek growled "Not its not!" he yelled making Alex jump slightly "I said those horrible things to you, I didn't even realize that I was hurting you. Alex I'm so sorry, I love you no matter what" he said.

Alex stared up at his father with a small smile, then laid his head on Derek's shoulder "thanks dad" he mumbled. Derek smiled and ruffled Alexander's hair softly and affectionately.

"So how's the boy?" Derek asked slyly, Alex moved away quickly, his face flushing a bright red "t-there's no g-guy" he stuttered and cursed his pale cheeks. "Don't lie, mostly everyone on this family got her poor lying techniques" Derek muttered knocking his knuckles against Alex's forehead.

"now tell me" he demanded. Alex blushed and hesitantly took out his iPhone from his jeans. Derek stared at his son who was playing with the phone until he smiled. "Here he is!" Alex exclaimed handing Derek the phone.

Derek looked at the picture and a small smile lit up his face. It was Alex and a really handsome man with long white blonde hair and amber eyes, he was grinning in the camera with his arms around Alex who had a lollipop in his mouth looking confused as ever

The boy looked to be around 19 or 18 with broad shoulders, perfectly masculine jaw, straight nose and perfectly pink lips against his porcelain skin. The boy was wearing a red and black striped jacket with black shirt underneath, his hair was styled to a side ponytail held back with a black ribbon. His bands still in his eyes and carassing his jaw.

"He's okay, good looker" Derek muttered not knowing what else to say. Alex smiled tenderly and took the phone back gently "I really like him dad, we've been going out secretly for a few weeks know" he murmured.

Derek nodded not liking the idea of his son going out with a guy he didn't even know about "So uh what's his name?" he asked standing up. Alex stood up as well pocketing the phone.

"Leonardo but he likes to be called Leo"

All along the way back, Alex told him how all his dates and how all the time he left to go study at the library he would actually go to Leo's manor and study there. When they arrived back, Chloe immediately lunged for Alex hugging him and smothering him with kisses.

Alex flushed with embarrassment but hugged his mom back, then Chloe rounded onto Derek "you mister will be getting the couch for three days" she said grabbing her son's hand and stomping off leaving her husband dumbfounded.

Everyone climbed in the car, since there was three extra people. Cassie sat on Oliver's lap, Jane on Orion's and Eliza's on Owens. Once they reached him, Oliver and Orion helped there mom un-load everything from the van and pack up.

"Okay it's 8 now time for bed" she said shoving them upstairs "Bye Mrs. Souza!" Eliza, Jane yelled as there family came to pick them up from Souza's house. Cassie signed she was going to stay with Oliver tonight "alright, does your brother know?" Chloe asked going upstairs, handing Cassie an extra pillow and blanket.

Cassie nodded and smiled, kissing Chloe on the cheek. "Good night" she said giving Cassie a kiss on the cheek as well "and no funny business like last time" Chloe yelled over her shoulder going into her room.

Shaking her head Cassie walked into Oliver's room. "Hey" he said coming out of his walk in closet only wearing boxer pants, he went over and kissed her soundly. "Go change" Oliver said taking the pillow and blanket from her. Oliver handed Cassie one of his longest shirts, she quickly changed and went over to his bed, slipping into the warm sheets.

"Good night" he whispered kissing Cassie softly.

good night she signed back with her hands and they both fell asleep holding each other.

Next Morning! :o

"you want me to invite Leo over for breakfast" Alex said staring at his dad, Derek nodded "Hurry up or we'll leave without him" he muttered tossing Alex his phone.

Alex quickly called his boyfriend who answered immediately on the first ring.

"Helloo my cute boyfriend" a deep husky voice drawled through the phone. Alex blushed and answered "hello...um I told my parents about us" he said through the phone.

Leo was quite for a second but he laughed "that's awesome," Alex smiled "well not really, I only told dad and he wants to meet you. So he's inviting you to breakfast with us. We're about to go to I-hop that's next to the movie theaters"

"hmmm what will I get in return" he asked. Alex sighed "anything you want just get you ass over there" he said chuckling. Leo laughed "okay, okay I'll think about what I want when I get there..." he trailed off.

"Um be there around 9am we're about to leave" Alex said

"kay bye!"

"bye" Alex whispered and shut the phone, "so is he um coming" Alice coming up behind her brother ruffling his hair "yeah...are you sure you're not mad?" Alex asked fiddling his phone.

Alice giggled "no know go upstairs and change" she said smacking his back, he smiled and ran upstairs quickly taking a shower. Alex decided on wearing a black and white plaid shirt, and dark gray skinny jeans.

He quickly grabbed a comb through his hair while brushing his teeth with his other hand. "Alex we're heading outside the door, hurry up" Owen yelled from downstairs just as Alex spat out the paste in his mouth.

"Damn" he cursed and quickly pulled on his combat boots and ran down the stairs, Alex ran out the door and Orion locked the door behind him both of them getting in the car. "I can't believe it!" Alice cooed pinching Finny's cheeks.

"You guys got yourself girlfriends" she said, Felix scowled "shut up" he growled and crossed his arms. Alice pouted and turned away "fine" she mumbled then giggled "I can't believe your dating your best-friends since diaper years how cute!" she squealed.

"Mom" Felix growled "could tell her to shut up" he added. "Alice leave him alone" Chloe said. As they continue to bicker, Alex looked down at his phone and smiled

hi! - Leo

hey - Alex

I miss you! :'( - Leo

me 2 :'[ - Alex

so you how long till you come here, I just got here :) - leo

idk?0.o - Alex

:D hehehe okay - Leo

-_- what are you planning? - Alex

What! planning, i'm not planning anything *whistles innocently* - Leo

...- Alex

hehe you'll see ;) - Leo

I'm scared! :o - Alex

-.- meany at least have some trust on me - Leo

:) I do, oo! where here - Alex

:D - Leo

Alex looked out the window and smiled instantly when he saw Leo leaning against his Black convertible Mercedes. He was wearing a dark green sweater that stretched slightly across his chest, with dark jeans and boots. He had his hair up in a loose ponytail, his bangs still in his eyes and caressing his jaw.

Derek parked there car a few slots away, they all got out. "So where's you man?" Alice said giggling then her mouth formed a perfect 'o' when she saw Leo walked towards them a predatory smirk on his face.

Alex blushed and looked away "Hello" he drawled shaking Derek's hands "Hi"

"Mrs. Souza" he said giving his head a small bow and handed her a single yellow rose. "Oh!" Chloe blushed and took it smiling at Leo "thank you" she said. Derek grumbled and looked obviously jealous slightly.

"Alice" he said handing her another yellow rose "aw this is so beautiful" she whispered taking it and touching the petals gently. "Your welcome" he said to both "My name is Leonardo Knight, Alex your supposed to introduce me right?" he said with a teasing smirk.

Alex flushed "sorry" he mumbled "So can we go and eat" Owen mumbled rubbing his stomach "I'm hungry"

"oh yes come on" Chloe said walking inside, Derek wrapped his arm around her waist then turned to glare at Leo who flashed Derek a small grin. Everyone walked in but Leo held Alex back "Here's your flower" he said handing Alex a dark red tulip.

"Wow it's so pretty" he whispered "Thank you" he murmured. Leo grinned "Your welcome now come on your parents might be wondering where we are" he said. Leo grabbed Alex's hand and they both walked inside.

They both found the table and sat down, "So uh Leo what are your hobbies?" Chloe asked giving the waiter her menu. "I really do nothing at home to tell you the truth, my father wants me to take over the business" Leo said shrugging as if it was no big deal, but Alex knew it bugged him badly. His father was demanded and would get anything he wanted.

"You don't want to take over the business do you?" Derek asked taking a sip of his water "yeah I don't" Leo said "I really want to become a artist, you know those BL artist" he said and smiled at the waiter who handed him his pancakes.

"BL? what's that?" Derek asked cutting into his sausages, Alex's eyes widened and he knew that was the wrong questions to ask. Leo smirked "BL as in boy lover which is like Yoai which is basically gay porn" he said smirking when Derek, and Oliver chocked on there food. Chloe almost did a spit take, Alex blushed and covered his face with his hands.

"Ah that's uh nice" He coughed out glaring at Leo "yeah it is and Alex is my muse" Leo purred stroking his boyfriends head who still had his face covered. Derek gritted his teeth, Chloe frowned and quickly grabbed Derek's hand from underneath the table.

"So uh is that all you do?" Derek asked still glaring at Leo who looked smug "no, I own a book store" he said leaning back against the seat and sipped "my other job" he said and leaned forward to eat a few bites of his pancakes.

Alex flushed and quickly ate his eggs trying to ignore his brothers smirking gazes, he knew that he would be teased when he got home. For the rest of the time, they mostly did was talk. Leo liked it that Derek got so riled up that he almost laughed out loud, he was like an overprotective father who saw his only daughter hug a boy, "So uh how old are you again?" Chloe asked.

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"I'm 18 going to turn 19 a few weeks before Alex's birthday" he said kissing his boyfriends head, Chloe and Alice both 'awed'

The brothers just smirked and looked away, however Derek looked like he was ready to pop a vein, "Um Derek why don't you drink some water" Chloe said handing him a glass of cold water, he drank quickly and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"I'm good" he whispered taking deep breathes, it was quite for a while until Derek asked the question he was dreading to ask. "Do you...do you l-love him?" asked quietly.

Leo stared at Derek with a smile "with all my heart" he said softly ruffling the little boy's hair, Derek looked at Alex "do you?" Alex nodded quickly.

Everyone stared at Derek who sighed deeply throwing his head back then sat up straight, everyone was surprised to see a few tears in his eyes "j-just d-don't h-hurt him okay?" he croaked looking away.

"Awww Derek" Chloe cooed, "shut up" he muttered wiping his tears "There's something in my eyes that's all" He murmured. "Daddy I love you" a soft timid voice whispered. Derek's head snapped to Alex who was staring at his father smiling largely "and thank you for accepting me and Leo even though he's a bit of a jerk" Leo frowned "am not" he muttered.

Derek smiled and Alex "I love you to and you welcome" he said then cleared his throat blushing softly "Okay now hurry up and eat" he muttered, everyone smiled and ate quietly, once in a while Leo would say something that made Derek clench his fist, obviously it was something perverted or just plain out wrong.

"is that all the questions you wanted to ask?" Leo asked looking smug at Derek who nodded confused "okay" he said in a sing song voice stuffing his mouth with pancakes the smug still look on his face.

Chloe quickly paid for them since Derek had accidentally forgot his wallet at home "doofus" she muttered glaring at Derek who grinned sheepishly scratching the back of his head, "alright okay bye Leo!" Chloe called hugging him tightly and pecking Leo on the cheek. Derek huffed and wrapped his arm around Chloe dragging her off glaring at Leo who smirked and did a cute little two finger salute.

"Okay you hurt our little bro you're so dead meat!" Felix growled at Leo who nodded not even seeming the bit fazed, it took Oliver and Finny to hold him back to say even more threats.

"Bye Leo" Finny yelled waving at him, "bye!" Oliver called still dragging Felix who kept on yelling threats to Leo, "See you dude" Owen called and ran off after the two brothers. Orion nodded to Leo and walked off with his hands in his pocket.

That left Alex, "now my little dove" Leo growled picking up Alex easily in his arms and gave him a passionate kiss. "Hey!" they heard Derek and Felix yell from far away, Alex pulled away from Leo who pouted not even done kissing his little boyfriend.

"Stop it people are staring" Alex whispered blushing madly his eyes darting to the people staring at them, most in amusement, some in pity, and some in disgust. "Fuck em" Leo growled pulling Alex back into a kiss "Stop molesting him!" Felix and Derek yelled, "Oh hush up!" Chloe yelled at them both. Took all the boys to pull the two back and into the van.

"Bye love you" Leo whispered once he let go of Alex "I love you too" he said softly hugging Leo tightly, tears forming in his eyes. He was so happy that his family finally found out the truth and was happy to accept him for who he was.

"Now go your dad is probably worrying that I might rape you" Leo said chuckling kissing Alex's cheek, he smiled and returned the kiss and ran off to his family and jumped in the van. Alex grinned and waved with both of his hands through the mirror.

Leo waved back and got in his car, driving off.

"I can't believe you two guys made out, in front of everyone" Felix muttered crossing his arms, his eyes glaring at the trees that flew passed them, "no time to act like a over protective brother" Finny said softly placing a hand on his twin brother's shoulder.

"You right" he muttered and leaned back in his seat then smiled "I miss Emma" he said chuckling taking out his phone to text her goodmorning, Finny did the same.

"Well it's not like they had sex right" Owen said nonchalantly placing his skull-candy headphones over his ears and blast up the music, at the same moment. Alex flushed a bright red that you could clearing see the whites of his eyes.

Derek immediately screeched to the shoulder of the road "don't tell me!" he growled turning back to stare at Alex, who covered his face with his hands and nodded. "That bastard!" Felix and Derek yelled at the same time "that's why he was so smug when he asked after I was done asking all the questions" Derek yelled thumping his fist on the steering wheel.

A few miles Leo was laughing so hard that people from other cars were giving him weird looks.

"I'm going so kill him" Derek said and got the van back on the street driving him "oh Leo" Alex whispered smiling faintly leaning his head against the window.

"Oh!" Chloe exclaimed "what!" Derek cried in panic

"We have a Halloween party tomorrow, so we need to hurry up and get things ready!" she said quickly texting Tori and Simon to come over, at the same time. Felix was inviting Emma, Finny was inviting Anne.

Alex already had texted Leo about the party, Alice was inviting Jane, Eliza and a special friend of hers.

"Well hurry up and get to the store we need supplies!" Chloe yelled at Derek shaking him by the shoulders "alright, alright, alright!" Derek yelled pulling her hands away and did a quick U-turn to Party City

Whoo I love that place! :D

"what are you going to be?" Chloe asked Derek who grunted "what we were on our first Halloween" he said giving Chloe a roguish grin which made her blush "oh okay" she squeaked. Derek chuckled and pulled into Party City

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