PLEASE READ: VERY IMPORTANT: OK, here's the deal. This story takes place a couple weeks after the episode "Eye for an Eye" assuming my last story never happened, ok? And if you haven't read my last story, THEN DO IT! You'll love it~!

Seriously, read it. Now back to this story. Danny has been doing a lot of thinking about his relationship to Vlad and all the terrible things that have happened between them when suddenly, he has a revelation. It was all his fault…

Realizing this he struggles with a way to tell Vlad how he feels and that he's sorry, knowing that the other halfa would never believe him.

Having no other way of confessing his feelings he decides to write a letter to Vlad, and here it is-

*drum roll* Introducing, I'm Sorry

Vlad Masters was not a man easily shocked or caught off guard. Anyone who knew him was well aware of this.

And so it was no wonder why Vlad's butler almost tripped over his own feet as he walked back to the kitchen, the sound of glass shattering against the hard wood floor startling him greatly. The aged butler turned around only to find his master frozen to the spot, holding a plain white letter in his hand, one that the butler had just given him along with the rest of the morning mail. Looking down he found a broken china cup, steaming hot coffee pooling around the shattered pieces.

"S-sir?" The elderly man asked cautiously. "Is everything alright?"

His master sat there quietly for a long moment not moving or responding, not even blinking! It was as if he had been petrified. "Yes, Alexander, everything is fine." His master replied in a monotone voice not once taking his eyes off the letter in front of him.

"S-Should I call one of the maids to clean up this sir?" Alexander asked still worried about what had come over his employer.

"No. Just leave it for now." Mr. Masters answered still not glancing in his direction. "I wish to be left alone for awhile Alexander. Be sure to tell the others." (Warn the others is more like it.)

"Very well sir." Bowing, the butler quietly took his leave.

Vlad sat at a large dining room table, the five star breakfast in front of him untouched.

He read the name on the cover of the envelope again and again trying to make sense of it.

Danny Fenton.

With an almost expressionless look on his face he carefully unsealed the envelope not knowing what to expect. He probably should have been suspicious, with it being from Daniel and all, but then again how much harm could come in a letter?

He was about to find out.

Unfolding the letter Vlad looked at the neatly written, yet slightly smudged words, as if Danny had erased some and rewritten them trying to make them perfect.

The heading itself was interesting to say the least. It read:


To Mr.


I'm sorry.

I know you probably don't believe me but I am. I'm really sorry.


You must be wondering what I'm apologizing for. Well… in a sort of, round about way, everything. I'm sorry for everything.

But mostly, I'm sorry for lying to you.

Remember back when you tricked my mom and I into staying at your hunting cottage in the Rockies?

(Vlad frowned at the bitter memory of yet another one of his failures.)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure you do… And that night when my mom left the room I tricked you into thinking I would join you,

(Vlad's jaw clenched as his heart tightened in his chest. "You did a lot more than that Daniel." Vlad thought angrily. "You told me you wanted to be my son. You practically said you loved me only to-"

and then I put the specter deflector around your waist.

"rip my heart out." Vlad was holding the letter in a vice grip, the delicate paper crumbling in his hand. The billionaire forced himself to stay calm. He didn't want to destroy the letter before reading everything his 'little badger' wanted to say to him.)

I lied to you. I tricked you.

For just one moment I made you believe you had everything you ever really wanted. Only to pull it all away from you…

And I justified it all as being ok because I had already labeled you as a "bad guy."

That's when all this really started, but I only realized it just a few weeks ago when you became mayor. You cheated of course but it was partly my fault too. I provoked you.

It started out as a harmless prank. A practical joke. Just something to help pass the time and maybe get a few laughs.

I sent the "guys in white" over to your place knowing that they would destroy your mansion looking for any evidence of ghost weapons and stuff like that.

It didn't bother me that they would tear down your mansion because I knew you had more than enough money to buy or build another one twice as better.

Once again I justified something I was doing wrong.

I didn't even think about all the personal stuff you must've had in that mansion. All the things you couldn't just go out and buy.

Family photos, old movies, gifts from friends, all of that gone for good! And all for some stupid prank!

Vlad, I'm so sorry

(Vlad's grip on the letter lessened slightly. His expression softened just a bit. He had no idea Daniel had thought of it like that…)

It was after my little joke that you started trying to get even with me. And I couldn't blame you…

Our pranks started out harmless at first but quickly got more ruthless even to the point of us revealing each other naked in front of our peers, acquaintances, associates, and who knows how many others!

Thanks for that by the way. It's nice to know that the entire school saw my "tan lines". I still can't go to my locker without hearing girls giggling behind me…

(Vlad couldn't help but chuckle at that, picturing Danny's cheeks turn pink as two cheerleaders giggled at him only three feet away. Priceless.)

But that wasn't the worst of it. You went a lot farther then I ever intended to go.

You ran for mayor. And won.

I started the game, but now you were the one making the rules.

(A devilish smirk played across Vlad's lips. Daniel's words were simple, but oh so true. Vlad could still remember the feeling of utter satisfaction he felt when he called Daniel up in front of the entire town to "thank him" for helping him find his true calling.)

(The look of sheer panic and fear on Daniel's face was what had made the moment perfect though. The boy really was too cocky for his own good. And seeing him so defenseless and vulnerable, Vlad had to rub it in whispering to him, "I'm rubbing your nose in this mess you made Daniel. Doesn't it smell yummy?")

And the laws you came up with were unbelievable! No technology in school! School uniforms! And of course, tearing down NASTY BURGER!

I couldn't take it! And even worse, I couldn't stop it! I couldn't just fight you to make all of it stop and your laws weren't just affecting me. They were affecting my friends and the rest of the teenagers in Amity Park!

I was left with no other choice… I had to call a truce. I had to go to your office and apologize. So I did.

It didn't go so well. For me at least, I'm sure you remember. I held out my hand to you but you just yelled at me and sent in some "guys in white" to try and blow me outta there. I still remember everything you said to me, "How nice, a gentlemen's handshake. But you forget, where you and I are concerned, I AM NO GENTLEMAN!"

"Oh come on!" I argued. "Can you even pretend to have a heart? ! I'm making an effort here!"

"I know! And even though the apology is a welcome departure from your usual childish arrogance it belies a greater truth. YOU HAD THIS COMING!"

I didn't know it at the time but you were right, I did have it coming.

When those "guys in white" burst in and I was blown out threw the wall I told Sam and Tucker what had happened. Together we came up with a plan that would get you voted off as mayor. It worked out, sorta. You stayed mayor but you also took back all those lame laws you had passed and that was victory enough for me.

But even after all that was over and things started going back to normal I still couldn't stop thinking about what you had said and why you hadn't accepted my truce.

I mean sure, my pranks did go a little too far but so did yours! And you were the villain, not me! So why wouldn't you accept a truce with me! I was willing to let down my guard and not fight with you! For a little while at least…

And it wasn't like you couldn't trust me or anything. I mean I had never…

That's when it hit me. That's when I remembered that night in the Rockies.

You had already wanted a truce with me. A permanent truce. You had let your guard down and you were ready to welcome me with open arms. Literally. But I pushed you away. You were willing to forget all the fighting and hurtful things we had said to each other in the past just so we could have a truce. Just so I could join you and be by your side.

But I ignored it. I threw it back in your face without a single care. Without a single thought to how you felt.

Just like you did to me in your office that day… It all made sense.

The situation was the same only our roles were reversed. And yet there I was fully expecting you to just shake my hand and act like everything was fine between us.

I was so clueless. No, more than that, I was heartless.

(Vlad frowned a little at those words. Everything that Daniel had written was true and the older halfa had been cut deeply by the boy's betrayal just as well as he had been furious at the boy's proposal of a truce the second time. Yet somehow, heartless just didn't seem like a word that fit Daniel. Clueless maybe. But not heartless.)

I didn't think about your feelings at all the night I lied to you. I was only thinking about winning. About how I could get the upper hand to beat you. I treated it all like a game because that's all it was to me.

You were the villain and I was the hero. Someone had to win and someone had to lose. And everybody knows the hero is suppose to win so the villain gets stuck losing. But the only one that wins is the one that hits the hardest. So I hit you in a place that I thought would have the most impact.

And it worked. By some insane amount of luck, I actually beat you.

(Vlad scoffed lightly. 'Insane amount of luck' is right. There was no way Daniel could actually defeat him on his own.)

But it wasn't a real victory. It just lead to more fights.

I knew it would too and, in a way, I was happy about it. Because I didn't think you would give up on trying to win me over. Some insane thought in my head even told me you might actually be proud of the why I beat you. That you would be proud of me for being so clever.

Pfft, yeah right. The thought was insane alright.

(The billionaire sat back in his chair a moment crossing his legs. "I guess it was a little clever." Vlad mussed silently. "And I did teach him the last time we met to use an opponent's weakness against them." The thought didn't completely erase the pain of Daniel's lie but it eased it slightly. Perhaps it was a clever move.)

But what was crazier was that I thought it was a game! Like everything between you and me was nothing more than something out of a comic book!

I never thought we would be real enemies, if that makes sense. I thought we would just fight every now and then, exchange witty banter, I'd try to stop you from doing something evil and you would try to get me to "come to the dark side" or whatever.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

But that day in your office. It changed the way I looked at everything. Including you.

The way you looked at me that day. I can't describe it… I mean, you had glared at me before and even shot lasers from your eyes at me but this was different. Much different.

It was like… Like I was the enemy. Not just in a hero, villain sort of way, but just your enemy. Like I was everything horrible and wretched in your life. Like I was the cause of all your pain and suffering. The very vain of your existence.

("Bane Danny," Vlad corrected softly in the empty room. "The bane of my existence…" Yet somehow, despite all the pain Daniel had put him through, it sounded like a lie.)

And it hurt. I think it hurt a lot more than it should have… And I couldn't help but wonder… if that was the same pain you felt that night when I tricked you.

(Vlad kept scanning the letter. There was a long blank pause after that, but at the bottom in smaller writing it continued.)

I'm sorry Vlad. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I'll say it a thousand times if you'll let me. I. Am. Sorry.

I'm sorry for all the hurtful things I've said, for all the pranks, for the lie and everything else in between. But I need you to know that I don't hate you. I never did. I swear. And I'm not asking you to forgive me either. I don't deserve it.

This is just to let you know I'm sorry. An apology, short and sweet. Well… maybe not so short… or so sweet.

Vlad. I'm sorry for hurting you.


Danny F.

P.S. This doesn't mean I've forgotten how you tried to kill my dad and steal my mom. And I'll still stop you from trying to do either.

I'm also not planning on joining the dark side any time soon. I still want to use my powers for good. So if you're wondering about me regretting turning you down on your offer the answer is…

Yes. But only because I regret the reason why I didn't want to and because of how I turned you down.

But no matter what, you're still my fruitloop, and hopefully, I'm still your little badger.

Alexander had silently crept back into the dinning room to see what was taking his employer so long with his breakfast and to see if he now wished for the shattered cup and coffee to be cleaned up.

But what he saw when he entered the room left him speechless.

Vlad Masters was not a man who cried easily. Anyone who knew him was well aware of this. And in all the years Alexander had worked for Mr. Masters he had never once seen the man shed a single tear.

And yet, clutched in the man's hand was a simple letter in black and white that appeared to have moved the infamous Vlad Masters, to tears.

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