Sorry for the wait! This goes back a little during the four days that Vlad was ignoring Danny. These are some of Vlad's thoughts and how he was struggling on deciding what to do.

Chapter 4: Arguing With Myself

It still doesn't make any sense! The thought repeated in Vlad's mind for the hundredth time. It had been four days since Vlad had last seen Danny. Four days of him utterly refusing to go see the dear boy and work things out as he so desperately wanted to.

A soft growl escaped the billionaire's lips as he forced himself to sit down at his desk once more. The once neat piles of paper on his desk were now scattered and mixed together. It would take a half an hour alone just to sort out which papers he had already signed and that which he hadn't.

But Vlad didn't care.

Keeping himself busy with his duties as mayor was all Vlad could do to keep himself from rushing back to the ghost boy and pleading for forgiveness and a chance to start over.

"I'd only be making a fool of myself." Vlad grumbled under his breath as he shuffled some meaningless papers together.

Vlad had gone over his encounter with Daniel over and over again in his mind and each time the man had convinced himself that the boy's motives were sincere, that Danny truly wanted a non-hostile relationship with him, that old bitterness he had held onto for so long would slowly start to rise leaving him more vengeful and unforgiving then before.

All of Danny's jibs and insults would start flooding back to memory.

"Shouldn't you be getting home to the love of your life? Oh that's right, dad married the love of your life! You're bitter and alone!"

"Bye Vlad! And as a lonely single man in your forties might I suggest internet dating? Or a cat!"

And perhaps the worst of all, the one that really got under Vlad's skin no matter how he tried to ignore it:

"Dude, you are one seriously crazed up fruitloop."

Vlad pressed a hand over his eyes as he felt them flash a burning red. Then, as always, came the loathing. He just couldn't help it. He hated that accursed nickname! How in the world had Daniel come up with it anyway? !

"Too much television I'm sure." The halfa muttered scribbling his name down at the bottom of a paper and sighing when he realized he had signed it twice.

But even with all the spiteful bitterness raging in his heart Vlad would still reach into the inside pocket of his suit and pull out Danny's letter. Vlad kept his little badger's letter with him at all times for fear of misplacing it, having it stolen or simply leaving it out in the open where it could fade into oblivion altogether.

The fear of Daniel's letter disappearing for no logical or explainable reason was all too great for Vlad. In fact, the first time Vlad had blindly reached into his suit and had not immediately felt paper his heart skipped a beat. The fear of having lost the precious letter making him frantic for a few seconds as he nearly ripped his $5,000 suit open only to sigh in relief when he saw the paper still there.

Since then there wasn't a day, or two hours for that matter, that went by without Vlad reading Danny's letter. He probably knew every word by heart now. Every sincere, pleading, precious word Daniel had written.

And every time he read it his resolve would grumble to the ground like the weak wall it was. His loathing and bitterness would disappear only to be replaced by longing and understanding and more often then not, guilt.

What are you doing Masters? Daniel is putting forth the effort to become friends and you're just going to ignore him for it? The boy is willing to forgive and forget. Why aren't you?

"Because it's just too good to be true…" The man sighed broken heartedly as he pulled out the younger halfa's letter staring at the first two words that caught his eye.

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too Daniel," Vlad whispered feeling the corner of his eyes burn as he struggled to keep the tears at bay. "You don't realize just how much."

Turning the letter over he read the final words, "But no matter what you're still my fruitloop and hopefully I'm still your little badger."

Vlad chuckled softly through his tears wiping them away with his finger tip. "Yes, you'll always be my little badger." He set the letter down on his desk with a sigh. "If only I could be more than a 'fruitloop' to you."

You could be if you tried, and now would be the time to do just that. Strike while the iron's hot.

Vlad nearly groaned as he began arguing with himself again. Normally he didn't mind such selfish thoughts. They were often the beginning of his most brilliant schemes however as of late they were driving him mad.

"Now would be the time to strike." The man whispered to himself in agreement, sinking deep in thought. "If Danny is telling the truth then his guard will be down, it would be easy to win him over. Or to get revenge for all he's done to me…"

But is that really what you want?

A picture flashed in Vlad's mind, one of Daniel's face as 'Plasmius' told him the truth after weeks of gaining his trust and pretending to be his friend. A scene where Jack was dead due to his cunning planning and Daniel's naïve trust, where Maddie was finally his for the taking and he had gotten all he ever wanted.


The love of his life.



All of it. And there he was rubbing his victory in the boy's face.

He could almost hear himself saying, "So tell me Daniel, how does it feel? How does it feel to be lied to? To be tricked and betrayed only to be left with nothing?"

And he could see Daniel much to horrified to speak. Shock written all over his features as white hot tears filled his eyes. Then the boy would fall to his knees in anguish, hands over his eyes as he wept bitterly, tears endlessly streaming down his face.

He would have no answer.

Vlad shuddered forcefully. He couldn't do that. He just couldn't do that. Not to Daniel.

Why not? You would be getting everything you ever wanted, wouldn't you? Vlad's own thoughts seemed to be taunting him now.

"No," The man whispered. "Not everything."

Exactly. Because you want Daniel just as much as everything else you can't seem to obtain in life. Sweet revenge, Maddie as your wife, an heir to all your wealth and knowledge.

"I know." Vlad growled.

But now you can obtain an heir, a perfect half-ghost son! And you're just sitting here! You don't have to get revenge on Daniel. That would be pointless now, the boy has obviously learned his lesson.

"But how? ! What's changed the boy's mind all of a sudden?"

Does it matter? The boy is in your grasp! Do you realize how easy it will be for you to take Jack's place now? Daniel is willingly allowing you into his life. Now all you need to do is take your rightful place in his life, as his mentor, as his father. And should Maddie see what a liking Daniel has taken to you…

Vlad groaned standing up from his desk to pace back and forth in the room. As much as the billionaire wanted to blame Plasmius for all these self-centered thoughts the man knew he'd only be fooling himself. Plasmius was no more than an alter-ego. They were one in the same and so his thoughts remained the same whether in human form or in ghost form.

Well, what is it going to be Masters? What is it you want most… His own voice echoed in his mind.

Vlad stopped pacing. He had finally made up his mind.

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