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Important note to readersLet it be clear that absolutely NO kind of romantic relationship will be taking place in this story until Ginny is an adult. That being said view their relationship like that of Henry and Clare (from The Time Traveler's Wife) when he visits her as a child. Or most closely probably resembling that of Jacob and Renesmee in Twilight. As I stated previously they will be strictly platonic with a twist until she is much older. Keeping that in mind, please enjoy the story.

A Different Kind of Brother

Harry Potter at nineteen years old bore a lot of labels, an auror in training, boyfriend of Cho Chang, godson of Sirius Black, and mostly known, the Chosen One.

At nineteen he was around five eleven, with unruly black hair and bright green eyes. After realizing what a hindrance glasses could be in a duel if lost, he had taken a long term sight correcting potion at fourteen and as a result of the long and somewhat painful process, no longer needed them.

He sat at his desk across from his newly found friend Ron Weasley as they shifted through paper work. He and the red headed boy had met at intensive training and had become quick friends. Harry believed that had he been allowed to attend Hogwarts the two probably would have gotten along fabulously.

Harry Potter had not had many friends his own age, save his sister, being so isolated in childhood as he was home taught by Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Albus Dumbledore, he was no enjoying stretching his new wings of young adulthood even though the stress of Voldemort still loomed over his head, despite nothing being heard from the dark wizard in the eighteen years since he met what many believed to be his end at the Potter's.

Sirius still checked in on him every day making some excuse or another for his arrival, excuses Harry saw right through but didn't mind, he knew how hard it was on the old dog to have Harry out on his own.

Besides, Harry's apartment was the most strongly warded place in Britain save Hogwarts. Sirius with the help of Remus and Dumbledore had put up every protection and intruder charm known to man. The four of them were the only ones who could even enter the place.

As the release bell rang the two boys hopped up rather like school children so thankful to be able to leave work as soon as six.

"So what are you doing tonight?" Ron asked as he gathered his cloak by the door.

Harry thought about it, probably having a small dinner by himself in his apartment and then trying to get some sleep instead of constantly tossing and turning exhaustedly but restlessly as he often did.

Outwardly he just replied, "Oh not much, you?"

"Having dinner with my parents. Just me and them, you know Mum's been about going spare since I moved out. Good thing she still has Ginny." Ron laughed.

"Ginny?" Harry looked over at Ron.

"My sister."

"Oh, didn't know you even had a sister, blimey Ron how many siblings do you got? She at Hogwarts?"

"Nah she's only nine. And I only have six siblings, that's really not that many...if you think about it."

Harry thought about that doing some quick mental math as they headed out of the Auror department.

"Wait she's nine, don't you have a brother that's like twenty eight or something? Bit of an age difference, how old were your parents when they had her?"

"Well she was a bit of a surprise, and besides you know witches can have children later in life than Muggles."

Harry nodded, and then to a bit of his embarrassment his stomach growled.

"Hungry?" Ron laughed.

Harry nodded as they walked through the atrium. "Say Harry, you want to come to my folk's place for dinner. My Mum is a great cook and she makes enough food for ten. I'm sure they would love to meet you."

Harry thought about his pitiful supply of one can of Ramyun noodles and decided to take Ron up on his offer. Sirius would disapprove, but then again Sirius wanted Harry to live in a padded room guarded by Dumbeldore for the rest of his life, or just short of that anyway. Besides, the Weasleys had all been in the order, he highly doubted they would hand him over to Voldemort for a resurrection ceremony during dessert.

After that deliberation he turned towards Ron who was waiting for an answer, "Yeah sure mate, that would be great. You positive your Mum won't mind?" He asked, not wanting to intrude.

"Are you kidding me, she'll be delighted. She loves having more people to smother—I mean mother." Ron caught himself.

And so the two of them departed for the Burrow, neither having any idea of the repercussions this would have on the rest of Harry's life.

They arrived at the front door and Mrs. Weasley immediately took her youngest son in her arms giving him a firm hug before noticing they had company.

"Who is this you have brought with you Ronald?"

"Oh, Mum this is Harry, one of my friends from work. He was just going to spend tonight alone and I invited him to join us, I hope you don't mind."

Mrs. Weasley looked over at the green eyed boy immediately recognizing him as Harry Potter but deciding not to comment on it as she did not wish to make him feel uncomfortable about his fame.

"No that's fine, besides the more the merrier! Now Ron if you could be so kind as to go get your father out of the shed. Merlin knows what he out there tinkering with, that fool Muggle obsession of his." Mrs. Weasley shook her head at her husbands antics as Ron left to go retrieve the dear old Mr. Weasley.

"You have your mother's eyes you know." Mrs. Weasley smiled kindly.

Harry smiled back, he had been surprised when she did not comment that he was Harry Potter. Surprised but rather glad, it was refreshing.

"Thank you, you have a lovely house."

"Oh this old thing," Mrs. Weasley waved her hand around her dismissively but nevertheless smiled at the complement.

So far she liked this boy, he was not at all the conceited, arrogant fool Severus depicted at school during meetings about the twins trouble. But then again it was Severus.

At that moment a tiny red headed girl came bounding down the stairs, taking two at a time despite her pint-sized stature.

"Mum is Ron really coming?" She asked excitedly and quickly, not noticing Harry's presence behind her.

"Yes dear, now don't be rude we have a guest." Molly nodded towards the nineteen year old.

Ginny turned and stared at him with wide, light brown eyes, like the color of milk chocolate. Her uniquely tomato red hair tied in a bun, it was more red than the more orange shade of her siblings and parents.

She really was an adorable little girl, but she looked as if she was six instead of nine with her petiteness.

"Hello my name is Ginevra Molly Annette Weasley, but you can just call me Ginny, everyone else does." The little girl held out her hand with a large smile.

"Harry James Potter, but you can just call me Harry, everybody else does." Harry mimicked the funny little girl.

She gasped a bit at the revelation of Harry's identity but recovered quickly and what she would have said next was lost on the both of them as when Harry took her hand to shake, the whole world went black and both passed out cold on the floor.

Mrs. Weasley rushed over to them, dinner burning on the stove.

"Ennervate, ennervate, dammit why isn't this working. ARTHUR, ARTHUR!"

Shortly Afterwards, Hogwarts Infirmary

It was lucky it there was currently no Hogwart's student in the ward, a rare occurrence indeed, as Ginny Weasley, now Potter although no one knew it, and Harry Potter were rushed into the infirmary.

"What exactly happened?" Albus intoned after Poppy had done a quick evaluation and shockingly found absolutely nothing physically wrong with the pair, but had discovered some strange, although powerful and certainly light magic at work. The only question now was exactly what magic was this.

"We were all just sitting there, and Ginny introduced herself. Harry and her shook hands and then they collapsed on the floor immediately."

"That's all?" The old wizard asked.

Molly nodded tearfully being held by a worried Arthur standing beside a puzzled Ron.

"Did they collapse on the moment of skin contact?"


"One so young...and such an age difference." Albus said quietly to himself, his face loosing color. On other circumstance he would consider this a blessing, which perhaps it would one day grow to become, but right now as a child this would just add yet another burden to Harry and he didn't even know what to Ginny.

"Albus what is happening?" Arthur finally spoke up.

"Let us wait until Mr. Potter awakes, it should be any moment now and he needs to hear this. I will explain everything then."

Arthur nodded.

"Will they be alright?" Mrs. Weasley asked.

"They will be physically fine, but I'm afraid this will have a long reaching impact on the both of them."

He raised his hand to stave off any more questions, "When Harry awakes."

They didn't have to wait to long, as Albus predicted both Harry and Ginny woke only a few moment later. Both awoke with cries of pain.

Molly immediately rushed over to soothe Ginny but Albus had already put her under a sleeping spell before she reached her bedside.

Upon noting the matriarch's panicked look he explained, "I put her under a sleeping spell."

He turned to Harry who was grimacing but holding in his screams, "Ginny's hand."

He looked questioningly at the headmaster but obeyed, reaching across the way to the be beside him and taking the nine year old's hand.

His pain immediately vanished.

"I will explain everything in my office," Dumbledore went on before anyone else could question him.

"Harry why don't you carry young Ginny, be sure to keep contact with her or the pain will return, one again I will explain when we reach my office." Dumbledore went on upon seeing several mouths open to begin their interrogations.

Harry obeyed although warily and the six of them made their way to the office.

Settling in their chairs, Harry made sure to keep hold of Ginny's hand as the burning pain he had experience in the hospital wing was not a feeling he wished to relive.

"What exactly is going on Albus?" Arthur began.

Dumbledore took off his glasses tiredly, and did a quick spell over Harry and Ginny to confirm his suspicions.

He was right, as the pair was engulfed in a strong golden glow.

"What in Merlin's name?"

"I solemnly swear by my magic that everything I am about to tell you is the truth as I know it, I swear this to all people in this room and it is a binding magical oath."

The room lit blue from Albus's wand as the oath took place.

"Albus what—" Molly started, shocked at what could be so serious for him to go under oath just to tell them.

Albus once again held up his hand.

"Are any of you familiar with soul bonds?"

"Soul bonds, aren't those a myth?" Ron spoke up for the first time.

"No they most certainly are not. Very rare, hasn't been one in quite a while, but when true soul mates meet they occur. True soul mates however are exceptionally rare, but not a myth. When they occur the recipients upon first contact, according to all records of one, experience a brief loss of unconsciousness."

Harry already seeing where this was going started shaking his head, all color gone from his face. "No, no, no, you've got to be joking...she's nine years old. NINE DAMN YEARS OLD ALBUS!"

"I realize that Mr. Potter, but age regardless your souls are no merged. You two are legally married." Albus said seriously, gazing at Harry with a very solemn expression.

"I DON'T GIVE A FLYING SHIT, SHE"S A BLOODY CHILD! WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, SOME KIND OF PERVERT PEDOPHILIAC !" Harry burst out, releasing Ginny's hand only for a moment to gasp in pain and then grab it quickly again.

"I am sorry Harry but it's the truth. And although I know it is little comfort, a physical relationship you can, and must put off until she is an adult."

"Obviously." Harry said bitterly.

Molly and Arthur who had been too shocked to speak finally intervened.

"There's no reversal, surely this can be stopped." Molly asked desperately.

"I'm afraid there is nothing we can do, besides being impossible to break any intervention with the bond would result in the death of the bonded."

Molly broke down in sobs at this, Arthur tried his best to comfort her.

Ron just sat quietly in the corner, he didn't know what to say and had learned when that happened to simply shut up, something his current girl friend Hermione Granger had taught him.

"Why am I in so much pain when we aren't touching?" Harry finally asked after a couple minutes of silence only being broken by the noise of Mrs. Weasley's sobbing. Needless to say it had been an awkward few minutes.

"That is only temporary. Just for the next twenty four hours you and Ginny will have to be in constant contact. After that you two will only need to be in contact for about eight hours, so basically just at night during your sleep."

"JUST AT NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT?" Harry asked, yelling once again.

"I'm afraid so, but it will be manageable."

"Manageable? Manageable! How is that manageable?" Harry was on the verge of shouting again.

"Harry, I realize this is difficult, but your temper won't make it easier." Albus sent him a warning look. Ignoring him Harry went on.

What happens if we don't?" he asked, clutching his head with one hand, the other still holding Ginny's.

"Don't what?" Arthur asked.

"Keep contact every night?"

"Well, both of you will be in considerable pain and die within a few weeks." Dumbledore said bluntly.

"So in other words you will go through with this." Arthur spoke up with an unusual steel in his voice.

"I didn't ask for this to happen." Harry said harshly.

"And she did?" Arthur responded just as venomously.

"Stop, the both of you. This is unfortunate, but unavoidable and irrevocable. Arthur I'm sorry your daughter will have to bear such a fate but Mr. Potter is not to blame and he is struggling with this just as much as yourself. The two of you will be in each other's lives a great deal in the time to come so I expect you grow accustomed to each other."

Arthur nodded stonily at Harry who returned the gesture.

"Now for arrangements."

Harry broke down into angry tears at this finally, "I can't do this. She's nine years old dammit! Why is it always me! Why?" he said sounding very much the angry teenager he really was.

Albus reached out to place a hand on the angry young man's shoulder, "It'll be alright Harry, you'll see."


"Simple, don't be a husband to her. Let her be your little sister or even daughter if you like, there is such a thing as platonic love, find if with her until the time is right. You will find you have no romantic interest in others now, and neither will she when she is older, and when she is an adult you two will find each other perfect for one another. Just be patient, a soul mate is a rare thing, and while it may seem this way now, it is not a curse but a blessing. Be the best big brother you can be and when the time comes then she can be your wife."

Harry dried his tears on his sleeve quickly saying nothing.

Arthur looked over at the young man feeling pity, Harry really had not asked for this stressful and difficult situation.

"We'll support you," Arthur said quietly but sincerely, "Every step of the way," A red eyed Molly added.

"Thanks, and I'm sorry for..everything." Harry looked over at the older couple.

"Don't worry about it lad, it's not your fault."

Harry gave them a weak smile and then was unable to stifle the large yawn that escaped him.

"Well why don't you come back to the burrow tonight with us? We'll worry about the details in the morning." Molly said.

"No, the burrow is not warded well enough, and Sirius would never forgive me if I let Harry stay anywhere not warded to well enough to keep out Merlin himself." Dumbledore joked with a sympathetic smile.

"I'm sorry Molly but Ginny will need to return back with Harry to his apartment for the night." Albus continued.

Molly looked upset at this but did not protest.

"Why don't you two come with me, I have an extra room and I'm sure Ginny will be worried when she wakes up. She'll need you two to explain things." Harry added hastily.

"Alright." Arthur agreed, much relieved that they would not be simply sending her of alone with the boy they barely knew.

As they left the office, Harry carrying Ginny while Arthur and Molly walked ahead Ron stepped over to Harry.

"Don't try anything with my sister mate." Ron told him in a hard voice.

"She's nine," Harry said disgustedly. "What kind of person do you think I am?"

"I'm sorry," and Ron truly looked as he glanced around the halls with a lost expression on his face.

"I just...I dunno, didn't think I would have to say that for another six years. Well this is just all so bloody weird, I don't know what to do."

"You're telling me." Harry said, and Ron clapped him on the back supportively as they headed to apparation point.