A/N: Finally got around to finishing this story up. I worked hard on this and I'm relatively happy with it other than probably the ending. Also as far as I know, same sex marriage isn't legal in Ohio but for the purpose of this story I made it legal. Several people questioned what was going to happen with Quinn and this will finally address that. I hope you all enjoy this. Sorry if it isn't all that great. Until next time… ~Jen

When the newly engaged couple entered the home, they were promptly swarmed by a watery-eyed Burt and an openly weeping Carole. Luckily Finn was off somewhere because, frankly, they didn't want to deal with him. Burt pulled his son into a bone crushing hug, whispering how happy he was for him. Kurt was then pushed into Carole's waiting arms where tears of joy were shed and giggled over the happy event. Everyone was slightly shocked when Burt grabbed Puck into a hug similar to the one given to his son. The two separate couples gravitated to their significant other's arms.

Burt cleared his throat, "Noah I want to welcome you wholeheartedly into the family. I couldn't have asked for a better man to love my son and granddaughter both. I will be proud to call you my son-in-law."

"Thank you Burt. My family deserves the best and I intend to do everything in my power to ensure that happens. I want to thank you and Kurt though. I never had a father figure growing up, but the both of you have taught me so much. I was able to become the man I am today thanks to you," Puck spoke from the heart. The emotion from that speech causing both Hummel men's eyes to water even more.

"Dad," Kurt began, "Noah told me how you wanted me to have mom's ring. I can't begin to describe how much that means to me, but I have to ask. Are you sure? I understand if you want to change your mind."

"Son, your mother and I both talked about this when she was still alive. She wanted you to be able to have a piece of her with you. Actually, she wrote you a letter the day we had that conversation. She told me to give it to you once a suitable man popped the question." Burt turned and grabbed an envelope off the table that had previously gone unseen. Kurt, with shaky hands, took the offered letter. He couldn't believe he held another gift from his mother in his hands.

"Thank you dad," Kurt whispered. Seeing how emotional his fiancé was getting, Puck wrapped an arm around him more firmly.

To give the boy a moment to compose himself, Puck looked to his future mother-in-law and asked, "Where's Beth?"

"Don't worry honey. She was a little fussy so I fed her a bottle and she's downstairs asleep."

"I hope she wasn't any trouble."

"She was an angel. She always is."

Puck couldn't help but smile thinking of his little girl. Kurt's voice brought Puck out of his thoughts, "I was wondering if everyone would be willing to not tell Finn about our engagement. At least until we have the beginnings of a plan. He hasn't been too happy since he found out about Noah and Beth. I just want one less thing to worry about right now."

"I agree. When Finn's unhappy about something he becomes a pain in the ass. Sorry," Puck apologized to Carole. He really didn't want to offend her.

"You don't need to apologize. What you said is very true. We don't have to tell him until you two are ready. It's your decision who you tell and when." It was precisely this moment that Finn entered the kitchen.

"Tell who what?" he inquired.

"Nothing, just their plans for college," Burt improvised.

Puck grabbed the baby monitor that was set on the counter and turned to his fiancé, "I think I'm going to head down. I want to check on Beth and there are some things I need to get in order."

"Right. I'll come with you. Good night everyone," he hugged his father and step-mother, whispering a quiet 'thank you' into their ears.


In the privacy of their basement, with the door locked behind them, Kurt fisted Puck's shirt into his hands and pulled him flush against him. He wasted no time in claiming his partner's lips in a gentle kiss which quickly became heated and passionate. When the need for air got to be too much, the boys separated gasping for breath.

"Not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?" Puck questioned.

"I was hoping to convey how much I love you."

"Message received. And in case the proposal wasn't proof enough, I love you too baby."

"So was there really something that you had to come down and take care of?"

"Not exactly. I wanted to check on our daughter and make sure you were holding up okay. And I really didn't want to deal with Finn. I didn't want him to ruin our happy moment."

"Good point. He tends to have foot-in-mouth disorder whenever we're all in the same room. What did you mean about me?"

"There was a lot going on, especially about your mom. I wanted you to know I'm here for you if you need me."

"That's very sweet of you Noah and I'm so grateful to have you. To be honest, I'm a little apprehensive about reading this letter my mom wrote and left for me." Puck guided Kurt to sit on the edge of the bed and slid an arm around him.

"Kurt, it'll be okay. From everything you and your dad told me about her, I know you meant the world to her. She'd be so proud of the amazing man you've become." Several tears slid down the smaller boy's cheeks as he tucked himself into Puck's side.


"Yeah baby?"

"Will you stay with me while I read the letter?"

"Of course. I'm not going anywhere." Pressing a gentle kiss to Puck's cheek, Kurt took a deep breath before carefully opening the envelope in his hands. His breath hitched upon seeing his mother's handwriting on the paper. He unfolded the letter and began to read in a whisper…

To my darling little boy,

By time your father gives you this letter I will have been gone for quite a few years and I'm sure you're not so little anymore. Though you could be 80 and I'll still say you're my little boy. Anyway, back to the point of this letter. I gave your dad strict instructions that you were to be given this when you get engaged to a darling man and not a moment before. The fact that you're reading this should also mean that my wedding ring is perfectly in place on your left ring finger. You probably don't remember, but when you were younger you told me numerous times that you wanted a prince to come and give you a pretty ring just like mine. I'm thrilled to know that your prince came and did exactly that. I must say, my angel, that I wish I could be there for you at this wonderful time. Fear not because I will always be there in some way or another. I have no doubt that I'm standing over you, proud of the man you've become. I want you to make sure you don't worry about me. I'm in a happy place and am in no pain. Do me a favor? Make sure your daddy's happy. We both know he deserves it.

There is another reason for this letter. I'm sure you'll start planning your wedding very soon and I have a bit of an idea. There is this breathtaking clearing a few blocks from the house. We used to go there often and have picnics. You'd also pick the wildflowers and make a wreath that I always wore with pride. About an hour before the sun sets, a light fog will spread across the clearing making you feel like you're surrounded by clouds. Maybe you and your love could go see for yourself. If I was able to be with you, I would definitely suggest it for the ceremony. Ask your daddy about the spot. He can take you there.

Son, you have no idea how proud of you I am. My greatest accomplishment will always be you. You're a Hummel, I know you're strong. Never give up. Stand up for what's important to you. Never forget that you always make mommy proud.

As for the gentleman who was lucky enough to earn your love, I have no doubt that I would have loved him. Tell him I'm leaving you in his hands and that he'd better make me proud. Welcome to the family young man. Look out for my boy. Love him like he deserves.

Until we're able to be together again.

I love you, Kurt Ethan Hummel.

I'm proud and honored to be your mother.



Kurt laid against Puck's chest, sobbing over his mother's words. Puck held him tight, his own tears sliding down his face. He was right: Kurt's mother was one amazing woman. Trying to calm himself, Kurt brushed aside his tears and looked to see that his fiancé had a very similar reaction.

"Kurt, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'll be okay. You were right before. She would be proud of me."

"Kurt. I want to see the spot your mom was talking about."

"You do?"

"Of course. I won't lie. I haven't even seen the place yet, but I already want to get married there. Plus, there we'll be more connected to her."

"You, Noah Puckerman, are amazing. I don't know how I got so lucky. I agree; I want to get married there too. I have flashes of memories of there and I remember how beautiful it is."

"Then that's settled." Puck leaned over and placed a loving kiss on the smaller male's soft lips.

"At breakfast I'll ask dad about it. I'm sure he'll take us. Do you think we can have a small ceremony?"

"Sure babe. That's fine with me. However you want to do it."

"What about dad, Carole, your mom, Sarah, and Beth?"

"As long as my ma and Sarah are there I'm good. We could go to city hall and do it if that's what you wanted."

"Nah. The clearing is going to be the place."

"I love you so much."

"I love you too Noah."


Kurt was once again making breakfast with Beth sitting in her highchair attempting to sing along with the radio when Burt entered the kitchen. "Morning dad. Breakfast should be ready soon."

"Morning son. Hey little angel, how's grandpa's girl?" Burt asked with a kiss to Beth's head making her giggle.

"Dad, there's something I wanted to ask you about. Preferably before Finn gets up."

"Sure. Is everything okay?"

"Things are great. Noah and I read mom's letter last night. Have you read it?"

"No. The way I saw it was that if you or your mom wanted me to know anything then you'd tell me when you're ready."

Kurt turned the heat on the stove down and joined his dad at the table. "I want you to take Noah and I to mom's clearing."

"You remember that?"

"Not really. Only slivers of memories. Mom wrote about it in the letter. We want to get married there. She said you could show it to us."

"If it's what you want then I'll be more than happy to take you."

"Thank you." Kurt reached into his back pocket and pulled out the letter, extending it to his shocked-looking father. At this time, Carole and Noah both entered the room. Kurt and Puck shared a small smile and kiss. Once everyone was settled Kurt continued, "I want you both to read what mom wrote. Carole, I would love it if you came with us when we go check out the clearing where we want to have the wedding. I'd love to share this with you… mom." Three heads snapped up at that last word. Kurt blushed and waited. He was unsure how his step-mother would take the declaration. Carole's eyes swelled with tears as she scrambled around the table and pulled her step-son into a fierce hug.

"Oh Kurt, I would be so honored. I would never try to replace your mom, but I can tell you right now that I love you just as much as I do Finn."

"I love you too." Kurt pulled back and locked eyes with the woman before him. "My mom would have loved you. You made my dad and me whole again."

"Thank you honey."

"Oh, I better check on the food."

"No let me do it. After last night you deserve to relax with your dad and Noah. Please let me take care of it."


"So, have you boys made any other plans?" Burt questioned.

"Well the clearing obviously, and we know we want it soon and small," Puck stated.

"How small were you thinking?"

"Really small. The two of you, my mom, my sister, and Beth."

"Okay. And a date?"

"This upcoming Saturday about an hour before sunset. Mom said that's around the time when the fog will roll in," Kurt said.

"Well it seems like you boys have figured everything out. I'm surprised you don't want Finn and your friends there."

"With the way he's acted recently we don't want to risk it. As for the rest, well, we just want family. The location itself is very sentimental. It feels like the right decision for us."

"Do you think you can do it all in only a week?"

"Dad please. I did a fantastic job for yours and mom's wedding if I do say so myself. This will be a piece of cake compared to that."

"You know I never once thought I'd see Kurt Hummel do anything simple," Puck pointed out. Burt barked out a laugh at his soon-to-be son-in-law. The boy had a point. Puck earned himself an elbow to the ribs for his wise crack. Yeah, this was totally going to work.


True to his word, all wedding preparations were made throughout the week and everything was set for the ceremony. When Burt showed the boys the clearing – or the meadow as Kurt came to call it – they both instantly fell in love. Just the right amount of sunlight lit the area, and at least a dozen different wild flowers grew throughout. A justice of the peace was glad to officiate during the ceremony, matching rings with the date inscribed within were bought, Puck's mom and sister were quickly brought on board for the event, and outfits for everyone were chosen and bought. Since the boys weren't able to have a honeymoon, the families made arrangements to allow them to have the house to themselves for their wedding night. Burt and Carole were conveniently taking Finn to visit some of Carole's family. Ruth was more than happy to take baby Beth home with her and Sarah after the ceremony and keep her overnight. Everything was set for Kurt and Puck to begin the rest of their lives together.


The evening of the wedding was absolutely perfect. It wasn't too hot or too cold, the fog was slowly gliding over the ground, it was the perfect time for the lightning bugs to start coming out (making the evening feel all the more special), and the ambiance felt complete. Carole, Ruth, and Sarah were each dressed in violet-blue dresses and carried bouquets that were quite similar to the flowers growing in the meadow. Beth wore an adorable deep purple and blue dress (that matched both her fathers) with a few plucked flowers pinned in her hair. Burt looked quite handsome in black slacks and a deep blue button-up dress shirt. Surprisingly enough Kurt and Puck decided against wearing complete tuxes. They each wore black dress pants, Kurt wore a dark purple button-up shirt with a blue handkerchief in the shirt pocket, and Puck wore a blue shirt with a purple handkerchief in his shirt pocket.

The three parents watched as their children promised to love and honor each other until death they part. Rings were placed on fingers with love shining brightly in two sets of watery eyes. "By the power vested in me by the state of Ohio, I now pronounce you legally married. You may now kiss your partner," the justice of the peace announced. The newly pronounced husbands stepped together and shared a sweet, meaningful kiss to the applause of their families.

Ruth and Carole took turns rotating bodies, taking several dozen photos. They each took photos with their families, but the boys made sure to get a few of them with Beth. They had talked earlier about how they wanted a good family photo that they could frame and put it on display.

As it was getting darker, Burt obtained everyone's attention, "first I want to say that the ceremony was beautiful. Second, we've all talked and Carole and I are going to pick Finn up at Rachel's and visit Carole's sister Mary. Ruth is going to take Beth with her tonight. We'd love to send you on a honeymoon but this is the best we could come up with. We want you two to just enjoy your time together. No responsibilities, no nothing. From the beginning of your relationship you've both been moving constantly. You deserve this time together."

"Thank you dad, mom, Ruth. You guys have been so supportive of us. I don't know how we can even begin to thank you."

"All we want is for you guys to be happy, support each other, and continue to make us proud because we are very proud of you. Now go. Celebrate. And Puckerman I am going to do everything within my power to pretend like I have no idea what you'll most likely be doing to my son tonight," Burt teased Puck making Kurt blush a bright red.

"That works for me sir. And you don't have to worry Burt I'll always take care of Kurt. Oh and it's Hummel-Puckerman now." Burt rolled his eyes in a very Kurt-like fashion. Puck and Kurt shared hugs and kisses with their families, and then covered Beth in kisses. It was their first time being away from her overnight and it was hard. They finally managed to pull themselves away and headed home.


Upon unlocking the front door Kurt yelped when Noah took him by surprise, lifting him up into his arms and carried him across the threshold. Puck couldn't help but chuckle. "Noah, what are you doing?"

"Carrying you across the threshold. I know you're all male, but what the hell it's tradition."

"Oh, thank you then." Placing the smaller male back on his feet, Puck locked the front door and the boys leisurely made their way downstairs. "God Noah, can you believe we're actually married?"

"I know, it's unbelievable. Do you think anyone would believe that we didn't engage in premarital sex?"

Puck's comment made Kurt laugh. His husband did have a point though. Not many people would believe it. "Wow. People really wouldn't think that's true. You are Lima's sex-shark after all."

"Damn straight. Lima's sex-shark is a father and a husband. Lucky for you, you're stuck with all this hotness," Puck teased, wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist, kissing along his long, pale neck.

"And lucky for you I plan on keeping you around." Kurt turned around so he was facing his husband, his arms making their way around his neck.

"Mmm… I'm good with that."

Placing nipping kisses along Puck's jaw Kurt asked, "so Mr. Hummel-Puckerman, if I may ask, what exactly are your intentions for tonight?"

Puck slowly undid the first three buttons on Kurt's shirt, kissing the exposed skin, "well Mr. Hummel-Puckerman I have every intention of making love to my incredibly sexy husband. By the time this night is over, I plan to be able to map out his entire body with my eyes closed."

"Sounds like you're going to be quite occupied."

"Yes and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it."


"Yeah babe…"

"As we both know, I'm a virgin. You'll be gentle the first time right?"

Puck connected his gaze with the man's in his arms, "I know it's your first time, and it's my first time with a guy too. You have to know I will do everything I can not to hurt you or make you uncomfortable. I give you my word baby that I'll be gentle and take things as slow as we need to in order not to hurt you."

"I know and I'm sorry. I'm just a little scared that it won't be good for you."

"It'll be perfect for both of us. The fact that it'll be you I'm with is what's going to make it even better. I love you babe."

"I love you too, and you're right. There is absolutely nothing to be worried about."

"Exactly. Now I have a surprise for you. I'm going to run you a nice bubble bath, and when you get out you can do your moisturizing routine and by the time you're done I'll have the rest of the surprise set up. How does that sound?"

"Noah you don't have to go through any of this trouble just for me."

"I want to do this and it's really no trouble at all. You deserve it. You have been my rock and my best friend these past few months. Next to Beth, you're the most important person in my life. Tonight is our wedding night, and I want it to be perfect. I want it to be a night neither you nor I will ever forget."

"Oh sweetie. You always find ways to keep me on my toes." They shared a chaste kiss before Puck pulled Kurt into the bathroom after him. He started filling the tub, pouring in some strawberry scent bubbles into the water, and dimmed the bathroom lights a tad. "How long will it take you to set everything up?"

"Not too long I don't think. You may want to do a slightly quicker routine."

"I was thinking the exact same thing. When you're done, will you come back in here?"

"Sure babe. Now scoot," and with a quick swat to Kurt's ass, Puck was out the bathroom closing the door behind him. He ran upstairs to the hiding place he and Carole decided upon and grabbed the bag Carole promised would be there. Bag in hand he then made his way to the kitchen and placed the bag on the counter. Puck reached into the bag and pulled out a box that contained two champagne flutes with the boys' names and their wedding date etched into the glasses. He pulled out the sparkling cider Carole left in the fridge and filled up both glasses. With the cider returned to its previous place, Puck and the two glasses and the bag made their way back to the basement. Depositing the bag onto the bed, he placed the drinks on the bedside table for when he was joined by Kurt. Puck knew Kurt was a virgin, so because of that and his love for the smaller boy, he wanted the night to be just right. Next Puck withdrew the candles he had hoped for and placed and lit at least a dozen throughout the room. A smaller bag of rose petals were removed and sprinkled on and around the bed. Puck took a moment to remove his shoes, socks, belt, and dress shirt, leaving him in his pants and a wife beater. The final thing he needed to do was place his iPod into the iHome and pressed play to start the playlist he specifically created just for this night. Knocking on the bathroom door, Puck entered to check on his husband. When he entered the room he found Kurt wrapped in a thick white robe, standing before the mirror rubbing in some kind of lotion or something. "How was the bath?"

"Wonderful. If it weren't for your surprise I would have dragged you in there with me."

"And I would have liked that, but we have all the time in the world. Are you ready for the surprise?"

"As ready as can be." Puck grabbed the boy's hand and began to guide him to the door.

"Close your eyes baby." Seeing that his request was followed Puck flipped the bathroom light off and slid the door open. Standing in the center of the room he instructed Kurt to open his eyes.

The boy's jaw dropped with a loud gasp. Wide, questioning eyes turned to the tan teen. "Noah?"

"Tonight is our first night as a married couple and I wanted it to be romantic and memorable."

"I don't know what to say. This is incredible."

"I'm glad you approve." Puck grabbed the two flutes and returned to the boy's side. "Here. I had these engraved for us. I also got Carole's help with the cider. Let's make a toast." He raised his glass.

"A toast. To the beginning of our future as a family. To many years to come; our love and marriage growing stronger. To us."

"To us," Puck echoed, tapping his glass with Kurt's. They slowly slipped their drinks, enjoying the company of the other (both inwardly nervous about what was to come). Returning the glasses to their previous location, Puck wrapped his arms tightly around the smaller male, enjoying the feel of their bodies pressed together. Lowering his head Puck ghosted his lips across Kurt's. Reveling in the sighs escaping the pale boy's mouth, he continued to press their lips together.

"Do you know how long I've dreamed about this Noah? Don't get me wrong, I love falling asleep in your arms, but sometimes…"

"Me too… There were times I wanted to just ravish you, but I think its better this way. You're unlike anyone else I've ever been with Kurt. Before, if I wanted to sleep with someone, all I'd have to do was talk them up, get them into bed, and then run out the door. Now, with you, it's more than that. I'm not going to sleep with you then run. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side. I want to be able to make love to you, hold you as we fall asleep, and wake up with you in my arms or to the sounds of you with our daughter for however long you'll have me. You're it for me Kurt." That being said, Kurt wrapped an arm around Puck's neck pulling him into a sweet, loving kiss. A tan hand slowly made its way underneath the robe's neckline as Puck swiped his tongue across Kurt's bottom lip begging for entrance. The night for them was only just beginning. They were looking forward to the long night ahead of them and planned to enjoy every single minute of it.


Nothing really changed since the wedding took place. The only real differences were that their marriage was legal and recognized by the state, actions were taken in which they would have legally adopted Beth (that should be finalized soon), and that they had to get used to having and using their new last names. They weren't hiding the fact that they were married, but they didn't make a huge announcement about it either. It was two weeks after the wedding, in the middle of glee club, when the choir room door flew open and slammed against the wall causing everyone to jump in their seats. "Porcelain!" a voice boomed from the doorway, "front and center."

He scrambled to do as asked, "yes Coach Sylvester?"

"I recently got my hands on some surprising information. So I ask you, what is this I hear about you now being legally tied to Mr. Lughead over there? Tell me I heard wrong."

"I'm afraid I can't do that Coach."

"Sperminator, get over here!" Puck walked leisurely to his husband's side. "Explain yourselves."

"There's not much to explain," Puck shrugged.

"Are you playing Porcelain? Because if you are, you're going to be begging me to put you out of your misery."

"I can assure you that I am not and would not hurt Kurt. I love him very much. He and our daughter mean everything to me. Besides, if I ever did do anything Burt would bury me alive."

"Porce?" Kurt, at a loss for words, just nodded. Sue took a moment to observe the two teens. "Fine, but if jock-for-brains here does anything out of line I expect you to find me first. Clear?"

"Crystal." That being said, Coach Sylvester left as swiftly as she came. They both released a sigh of relief, temporarily forgetting they weren't alone in the choir room.

"Um, excuse me, but would either one of you care to explain what Coach Sylvester just said? Also why did no-one know about this?" Rachel asked.

"You mean nobody else noticed the pretty shiny rings they've been wearing?" Brittany questioned in one of her more lucid moments. Everyone shared confused looks while Kurt and Puck shared fond smiles over Brittany. "Oh! Does this mean Kurtie's going to have cute dolphin babies? Can I play with them? Please!"

"Britt, sweetie, I can't have babies," Kurt said gently.

"But you could always play with Beth. I'm sure she'd love you. And Beth could really use someone to teach her how to play dolls," Puck offered.

"Oh yay! I totally love playing dolls. I'd love to teach Beth. This is so awesome!" She flew out of her seat and hugged the two boys, oblivious to everyone else in the room. "Kurtie, can I see your shiny ring?"

"Sure Britt."

With Britt thoroughly distracted, Mike spoke up, "how long?"

"Two weeks, give or take a day or two," Puck said.

At this point, everyone was talking over each other firing questions at the boys.

"Why didn't you tell anyone?"

"Don't you think you're too young?"

"Have you lost your minds?"

"Is this a sick joke?"

"What did ya'll do, run off and elope?"

"Don't you think you're making a mistake?"

"Puck you're not even gay."

"Enough!" Puck yelled. Brittany jumped at Puck's raised voice so Kurt wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. "Did you even stop to think that this would be a valid reason for us not to say anything? We wanted to enjoy the special occasion without having to deal with any of this shit. Just because we didn't announce it to you all doesn't mean we hid it or that no-one knew. Burt, Carole, my mom and sister all knew and were all at the ceremony. And Santana, no I'm not gay. If anything I'm bisexual or maybe even pansexual. It doesn't really matter though because I love Kurt. That's what's important."

"The bottom line is we're in love and legally married. Beth is legally and officially ours. Whether you support our decision or not doesn't matter. It's our lives and our choice. Nothing you say or do will change anything. We're a family and we're happy," Kurt stated bluntly.

"Kurtie, I think you and Puck are totally hot together. I'm so happy for you. If anyone deserves to be happy, you do Kurt," said Brittany.

"Thank you Britt-Britt. We're glad to have your support."

"Anyone else have anything else they'd like to say? If so, say it now," Puck declared the room at large. Everyone exchanged glances until mike and Tina got to their feet. They made their way to the couple with Artie wheeling at Mike's side. The three congratulated them on their nuptials, exchanging hugs and fist-bumps. One by one the rest of the glee club and Mr. Schue made their way to extend their congratulations, the most hesitant being Finn (but they still weren't all that worried about him). Out of nowhere someone (Rachel or Britt) suggested they should throw a little reception/party in the couple's honor. By unanimous vote, a party would be held the upcoming Thursday after school.


The party went off without a hitch. Puck talked with Carole beforehand and arranged for her to drop Beth off at the school for the party so the glee club could officially meet her. Beth was placed inside her favorite walker so she could move around the room and at the same time gives her something to play with. Kurt and Puck were bombarded by Rachel, and neither one noticed when Quinn slipped into the room. When Quinn pulled Beth out of her walker, the baby let out a cry gaining her fathers' attention. Seeing what was going on, Sam and Mike were quick to block the exits. Kurt and Puck hesitantly took a few steps towards the crying baby in the blonde's arms. "Why won't she stop crying? I'm her mother. She shouldn't be acting like this," Quinn rambled.

"Quinn, you do realize that if you try to take Beth out of this room you could be charged with kidnapping?" Mr. Schue asked. Kurt really wished Mr. Schue had kept his mouth shut.

Kurt figured he'd try to reason with the girl. "Quinn, you love Beth. Am I right?"

"Of course I do, she's my daughter."

"Noah and I love her just as much. We understand. When Beth gets to screaming like this, it takes Noah to get her calmed down. She really wants her daddy. If you give her to Noah, I give you my word that nobody will call the cops."

"What?" Puck hissed.

"Tell her Noah. Shake your head yes if you agree." Puck was hesitant but nodded anyway. "See? Please Quinn. Give her to Noah and you and I can talk. If you love Beth as much as I think you do, give her to Noah." Kurt was all but begging when Quinn slowly stepped to Puck, placing the baby in his arms. Kurt made quick work of pulling the crying Quinn into his arms in a hug and slowly guided them to a set of chairs on the opposite end of the room.

"I'm so sorry. I never meant to upset her. I love her so much Kurt," Quinn sobbed.

"I never once doubted how much you love that little girl. She will always be a part of you. For the rest of your life you'll be connected because she is your daughter. She always has been and she always will be. But Quinn, you need to get your life back on track. You could have such a bright future ahead of you if you'd just reach out and take it. Do it for you, do it for Beth. Do you think, if Beth were to look at your life right now, that she'd be proud to have you as her mother?"


"Quinn, when Shelby died Noah and I decided that as Beth grew up, we'd always make sure her memory never fades. She may not have given birth to Beth but she was her mom. Beth will never be short on memories or stories or pictures of Shelby. I haven't brought it up with Noah yet, but I was going to do the same thing with you. I'd tell her how much you love her, how you only wanted the best for her, that there was never a day you didn't think of her. She will know all about her mother, the amazing Quinn Fabray. Noah and I would never try to say anything but that."

"So what happens now?"

"Now you get your life straight. Make a future for yourself. Give Beth a reason to be proud of you. Make it so she will be able to say 'that awesome woman is my mom, I couldn't be more proud of her.' The next step is all yours Quinn."

"You're right. God Kurt I screwed up royally. I am so sorry. I can't believe I was going to kidnap Beth. I don't deserve to be called a mother. I promise you I will earn that right."

"I believe in you Quinn, I know you can do it. Hold on a second," Kurt turned in his seat towards his husband, "Noah, will you please bring Beth here? Just trust me." Puck was pretty unsure, but did as his husband asked.

Before Kurt could continue Quinn spoke, "Puck I already apologized to Kurt, but I want to do the same with you. I am so sorry for my behavior. If Beth was old enough to understand all that's been going on she'd be very disappointed in me. I'm going to turn things around. Beth is very lucky to have amazing fathers."

"Thanks Quinn. That means a lot. I've seen what an amazing person you can be, you just need to find her again," Puck stated.

"Quinn, would you like to hold Beth?" Kurt asked.

"Are you sure?" She received her answer when Puck gently passed the baby to her. Holding the girl in her arms made the blonde teen cry. It was a moment none of them would ever forget.

"Quinn, like Shelby, you're her mom. Beth is going to know everything about both her moms. I was thinking that maybe once you get yourself together (as long as Kurt agrees) you could be a part of Beth's life. She has every right to have her mother in her life."

"Noah's right. We'd never keep her from you. We could all do stuff together down the road, and we'd always keep you updated. What do you think Quinn?"

"I think that I really don't deserve this, but I'd be honored. You guys are her parents and I'll always respect that. I'm just blessed that I'll get to know her. Puck, all the mean things I said to you when I was pregnant were wrong. You are an amazing father, as is Kurt."

"Thank you Quinn. Just curious, do you have any idea as to where you want to go to college?"

"Actually I do. What about you guys?"

"What do you say babe, should we spill?" Puck asked Kurt.

"Sure why not." With Beth still in Quinn's arms, Quinn, Puck, and Kurt stood and obtained everyone's attention. "The three of us have an announcement to make. Quinn, would you like to go first?"

"Sure. Puck, would you take Beth?" Once the baby was passed to her daddy, Quinn straightened out her clothes and stood proud and tall. "My news is that come fall, I will be attending Yale University." Everyone clapped and congratulated her.

Kurt decided he'd go next, "I found out last week that I will be attending school at NYADA." Once again the room erupted into cheers.

All eyes then turned to Puck. "Well I am shocked to announce that I was accepted and will be attending NYU." A few of the other members of the glee club also announced their post high school plans. Mike was headed to a major dance school in Chicago. Mercedes would be making her way to California. Rachel was not accepted into NYADA so she managed to find a school in Florida that bother her and Finn could get into. Sam missed his family and decided to go back to Kentucky to attend a university there. Santana and Brittany decided they wanted to go to San Francisco; Britt for dance and San for whatever she could find in the television industry.

That night, after Kurt and Puck put Beth to bed, they talked about how you may think life is headed in one direction but could quickly lead you elsewhere. The boys are only 18, they have a beautiful daughter, they're married, and they still have their whole futures to look forward to. No matter what life throws their way, they'll stand side-by-side and get through it. As a family they can survive anything. Who knew that one good influence could make all the difference in the world?

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