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I cautiously opened my eyes; Angela was staring at me like I had a second head, her jaw slack and her blinking rapid.

"He's, he's, you know," Angela said.

"Yes, Ang, Cullen comma Edward is the father."

"You sleep with a teacher?"

I sighed; I knew these questions were just in the heat of the moment, because I knew she knew the whole story.

"He wasn't my teacher at the time, he was still in school," I shrugged my shoulders. "He doesn't know."

"Well, duh," Angela laughed. "Otherwise you wouldn't have made a mad dash outta class."

"What do I do?"

"Go back ask for a pass to the nurse? Or go back and say you just really had to pee, I mean, you are pregnant, if he doesn't believe the whole pee thing, than you're screwed."

"Should I stay in orchestra?"

"Please, you took an oath last year with the leaving senior to guard the orchestra's integrity. You, as president of the club can't leave us. Now, come on, we have some hazing to do."

"You're right, maybe Edward won't even realize what is going on," I said, smiling.

"Honey, you can't hide that belly," Angela laughed.

"But I was a player in Phoenix, I don't know who the daddy is," I smiled.

"Right, now, let's go, we need to have the freshies vote for their council rep, also Addie left over the summer," Angela said as I stood up and we walked to the room. "Her father transferred in July, total surprise so the juniors need a new rep as well."

"Joy," I muttered as we walked the twenty or so yards back to the room.

I gulped as I opened the door, the students were all talking, and I didn't see the teacher yet, so I assumed he hadn't heard the bell a few minutes ago.

"Talk to the teacher," Angela said as she pushed me into the small room that separated the office from the music room.

I lifted my hand to the open door and knocked, Edward had his back turned towards me, I had a chance to see his unique red hair and the muscles on his back ripple under his shirt.

I'd love to fuck that again, I thought. Damn, pregnancy must really be getting to me.

The chair swung around and as Edward saw me, a smile lit up his face.

"Bella," Edward said.

"Hi," I tried to smile; I had to keep the fear out of my voice and the guilty look off my face. "I'm the president for the orchestra. We have a council that helps the director choose music, if we have a movie/fun day; we choose what we're doing."

"I know, Mr. Haydon left all that for me in instructions," Edward said, his eyes still looking at my face. "How have you been, god, it's been what? Seven months since you moved here. Jazz hasn't said much about you."

Was he just playing stupid? Really, Edward, I'm standing here, with a very pronounced belly and you haven't noticed.

Then his eyes dipped and my heart dropped.

"Now I understand why Jazz hasn't been talking about you, he's pissed at you," Edward said. "Wow, you're really pregnant."

"Thanks," I said and turned around to go back to my seat and wait for homeroom to begin.

"Bella," Edward called after me. "Can you come see me after homeroom?"

I nodded and continued walking, I feared the worst.

Edward Cullen had just figured out what Angela had known all along. He was the father to my unborn baby girl.

"I promise, peanut," I whispered as I set down. "Nobody, not even your dick for a daddy will hurt you."

"He seemed distant," Marisol was saying to me, I was watching her, but in blurred vision, Edward was in his office, watching me.

"Seemed kind of cold," Heather agreed, patting down her pleated cheerleading skirt.

"I think it's because we're all so use to each other, and he's new," Angela said.

I could hear the whispered around the room about Edward as a teacher, I'd surprised him today and he'd been off his game, this was all my fault, but I couldn't tell him that he was the father, the school would fire him, he seems like a great teacher, my belly just caught him off guard.

"He wants to talk," I muttered to Angela, causing the entire violin section to look at me. "What? I'm prez, maybe he just wants to talk strategy?"

"Sure, we've still got ten minutes before bell," Angela said.

I stood up, took a very deep breath and headed into the office.

"Mr. Cullen, you wanted to see me?"

"Yea, shut the door, we have some things we need to discuss."

"Music selections and such?" I said as I shut the door.

"You know damn well what I want to discuss," Edward growled, I gulped; this was turning out to be the worst first day ever. "Who is he?"

"He, he who?"

"The dick that knocked you up," Edward said.

I nearly took a sigh of relief; Edward didn't even think it was his child, thank god.

"I don't know," I said, I'd told the lie so many times that it was starting to feel like the truth. "Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you. You only see me as a little sister."

"Do I? That night that we…" he trailed off and I knew in that instant he figured it out, his face turned red, fury and confusion present in his eyes. "Am I? Am I the father? Am I the dick that knocked you up?"

"I told you, I don't know," I said, hoping he wouldn't see strait through the next lie. "There were many before you and many after you."

"Now, little Isabella," that stupid much hated nickname that he'd dubbed on me when I was younger and the best friends little sister. "I know you're lying, because I deflowered you and the next day you moved here, I'm going to assume that you aren't as much of a slut as the guys thought, since I know you, you wouldn't have sex with just anybody you just meet."

"I don't know the father," I stated again.

"I know I am, Bella. I won't hesitate to tell your father that we did it."

"I don't know who the father is, if you tell Charlie that we had sex, he'll slap the cuffs on you faster than you can say statutory rape."

"Hate to say it, honey, but it was consensual on both parts. Doesn't matter, that's my kid and I plan on being in its life," Edward threatened.

"You're not the father," I sneered.

"DNA, the moment that child is out of your womb," Edward said. "I'll get a court order."

I stood up, heading towards the door and turning the knob, but not before my parting words, "you take me to court, the entire world will know you sleep with a student."

I didn't smile as I walked out, I knew the words cut deep, it wasn't that I wanted them to hurt, I hated hurting him, but I couldn't let his reputation go down with the lies I'd brought on myself.

I set down next to Angela and sighed.

"He threatened court," I muttered. "Can I be sick yet?"