This is my first story. I happen to like getting strait to work. It's a one-shot.

An Awkward Situation

Ahsoka Tano, the perky padawan of Anakin Skywalker, placed a trembling hand on the chest of a restrained E.V.O., it's slithering tenicals crawling to meet her arm.

"Now concentrait," Said a calm, male voice behind her.

She closed her eyes and, with a deep breath, lit up the creatures upper body in a sharp-angled pattern. It slowly reverted to a Human man with dark hair.

"Wow," Ahsoka breathed, taking a step back. "I just cured someone." She smiled, lept around and hugged the form behind her.

Rex Salazar nearly passed out at the amount of pressure that she put on his ribs as the air escaped his mouth. "Ahsoka-" He managed.

"Oh, sorry!" Ahsoka apologized quickly, releasing her grip on Rex's chest.

He took hurrid breaths, the chill of the cold air in the base filling his lungs. After regaining his breath, he held out his hand to Ahsoka. "Shall I esscort you to the training room?"

She laughed and took his hand, holding it firm, but caring.

The two traveled down a few corridors before reaching a slightly distressed Rebecca Holiday and Anakin Skywalker.

"All I'm saying is, we should set a code for the portal," Anakin said, seemingly annoyed.

"I agree, if anyone but the Jedi found a way through it, it would be a catastrify." Holiday replied. "But we can't simply put a lock on a portal, we need a plan!"

"But we should do it now!" Anakin argued, temper rising. "Do you or don't you agree?"


Rex and Ahsoka both cleared their throats, making their presents known. The arguing ceaced and the grown-ups looked at them then at their linked hands.

Before a word could be said, Rex and Ahsoka pulled their hands away from each other, their cheeks turning slightly rosier as they blushed.

"Uh, I was just helping Ahsoka to the training room," Rex said.

"I hit my head and my sight was a little blurry," Ahsoka added in a lie.

"Shouldn't you be getting to a medic, then?" Anakin questioned, taking a couple steps forward to exaimen her head. "If your vision is off, it might be serious."

"No," She said, ducking from his hand. "I'm fine now." She moved forward down the hallway. "Come on, Rex."

He followed Ahsoka to the end of the passage, turned left and vanished behind the corner.

"That was picular." Holiday commented.

"Yeah," Anakin agreed.

Ahsoka wiped a bead of sweat from her brow. "That was a little awkward,"

"We're lucky. Grown-ups can be oblivious sometimes." Rex smiled and the Togruta beside him returned it.

"Let's get to the training room before anyone else stops us."


The End

That's it. Nothing special, just a story. I apologize for misspelled words if there are, I can't seem to spell correctly and I do not rely on spell check. Please review, ~Amaritha