Truths of reality

Reality in itself is very harsh. Even without the truths hidden by reality, our lives already suffer from what is being offered. Reality hurts you inside out if you are not prepared to face and/or accept it. The real reality lurks at every corner of our environment. We just have to face it accordingly.


"Are you sure this is the right decision, Tsuna?" Takeshi asked worriedly. He just can't believe that Tsuna would choose that option rather than being with them. Tsuna sighed. They are already 4th year middle school and yet his guardians still don't want him out of their sight,"I'll be fine. I won't do anything reckless while I'm studying there, I promise".

Now it's his guardians who sighed. "But Tsunayoshi, we can't have you all alone in a place where you don't have anyone to trust." Hibari countered Tsuna. These past years, Hibari had already adjusted with the lot of them. He can even express his feelings now. Heck, he can even say "I Love you" to Tsuna straight forward, with everyone watching them. "Do you think of me that lowly, Kyouya? I'm a good judge of character, right?" Tsuna countered back."NO .YOU .ARE .NOT" came his guardians reply.

"After all Tsunayoshi-kun, you accepted me and Hibari-kun in your family. Everyone who has heard our name knows that WE are not the people you want to be associated with. That just proves that you are not a very good judge of character" Mukuro breathed. He was right, He and Hibari, though they are already tamed by Tsuna, are still dangerous people.

Tsuna smiled tenderly this time, though it is filled with love, it also shows how much he cares for every single person in that room. He got up and walked to the space before Mukuro and Hibari. "That may be true, Mukuro" Tsuna paused as he reached the desired place he wants to be. While Mukuro just smiled at what his precious boss had said but that quickly turned into a frown when Tsuna continued. "But, if I may say so, look at the two of you. The two of you are my strongest guardians. Feared by many, not because of your attitudes before but because of what you are right now. Before, the two of you doesn't care about other people but now, the two of you will sacrifice your life just for me." And for them, I think "Then that means I didn't make a mistake when I accepted you two" Tsuna said in a tone filled with deep emotions. Emotions that words cannot express thoroughly.

With what Tsuna said, no one can find the right to argue back. All of what he said is true. Mukuro and Hibari might be questionable before, but not now, now that they have already proven their undying love… erm… loyalty for Tsuna. "Tsuna, I still think your guardians are right. Maybe you should think it over again" Reborn suggested. Tsuna shook his head signaling that he wasn't backing down from what he had already decided," No, Reborn. I'm sorry but this is the right choice. Everyone should be separated from each other so as not to attract the attention of the Pope. We had already been seen and are being monitored. We can't let innocent people get involved. " Tsuna breathed in" Now, as Vongola Decimo I am ordering all of you to obey my order; To enroll in different schools; To reveal nothing regarding Anew to outsiders; To avoid the unneeded attention of the pope and his cardinals; And to take care of yourselves with no one to supervise you; Avoid getting into worthless fights; Am I clear?" Tsuna breathed his orders in a tone of great superiority, dignity and love. His guardians, being utterly defeated by Tsuna, just got up and bowed with their left hand at their chest. "As you wish, Vongola Decimo -sama".