They're Back…

Chapter 1

Cliff and Clair have been married almost 50 years. Tomorrow they can officially celebrate their 50th anniversary. After all these years, they are still so madly in love. They're both retired and all of the Huxtable children are out of the house!

Cliff and Clair are both relaxing in their living room expecting their children to come later in the day.

"Can you believe it's been fifty years?" Clair asks with enthusiasm.

"No dear, I still feel like a newlywed… You know what, all of these years with you have been a wonderful journey and I could do it all over again as long as I'm doing it with you." Cliff responds.

"Aww Cliff." Clair goes to kiss her husband then the front door opens.

"Hi mom! Hi dad!" Sondra says entering the family home with Elvin, Winnie and Nelson who are now twenty-three and their other three children Malcolm, Ben and Fred.

"Hey! You all are here early!" Cliff said as they all hug and greet each other.

"We figured we might as well get a move on it." Elvin says.

Sondra, Elvin and their children go upstairs to settle in.

"You know we're going to have to break the news to the children sooner or later." Cliff says.

"Yes, we have to tell the children that we're selling the house soon." Clair says.

"The house that they like to play peek-a-boo with, 'I'm moving out, I'm moving back.'" Cliff says.

"That's just because this is home. We've had so many good times here. Do you think we're doing the right thing? The children may feel like they have no where to turn to." Claire says.

"Dear, our youngest child is thirty-two years old. They are out and standing on their own two feet. It's wonderful. They will always have us. They have each other and now it's time for us to get away and do some of the other things we've always wanted to do." Cliff says.

"You're right. I just don't think they're going to take it too well…You know, I never got my kiss." Claire says leaning in for a kiss and the door opens again.

"Hey mom and dad! Happy fiftieth!" Denise says as she entered with Martin and their son Russell, who is twenty years old.

"Hi! We thought you all weren't coming until tomorrow." Claire says.

"We got an earlier flight." Martin announced happily as they all hug.

"Where's Olivia?" Cliff asks.

"She's coming later. You know she's always so busy." Russell informs.

The three of them go upstairs and settle in.

"I am so happy to see them. I did not expect to see them so soon." Claire says.

"I am proud of Denise. Do you remember everything we went through with her?"

"I can never forget it but she made it. I never doubted her though."

They both try to kiss again but once again the door opens.

"Oh just forget it." Cliff says as Theo walked in with his wife Tessa, his daughters Claire and Annalisa and his son Theo Jr. who they call Teddy.

After greeting, Tessa and their children go upstairs.

"I am so excited to be home. I think I'm going to go make a sandwich. I'm starving." Theo says as he walks into the kitchen.

"Feels like old times." Cliff announces.

"They all said they were coming later. How much do you bet that…Vanessa walks in this house in five minutes?"

"I bet it'll be Rudy."

"Cliff, look at the pattern here."

"I'm looking at the pattern and that's why I say it'll be Rudy. What are the chances they'll all come in order?"

"We'll see."

"Yes we will see. We'll see that I'm right."

Clair laughs.

"Ok, Cliff."

The door opens.

"Who is it?" Cliff wonders.


"Vanessa! I told you!" Clair says excitedly.

"Did I miss something?" Vanessa asks.

"Darling, we are just so happy to see you!" Clair says as she hugs her daughter.

Vanessa isn't married and has no children but is a very successful writer. She travels all over the world constantly promoting countless successful books.

"I saw Sondra, Denise and Theo's cars outside. Where is everyone?" Vanessa asks.

"Everyone's upstairs. Theo's in the kitchen." Cliff responds.

"Of course Theo's in the kitchen." Vanessa laughs. "I'll see you in a little while." She says heading upstairs.

Not long after that Rudy entered the home with her husband…Kenny and their three month old baby girl, Kennedy.

Rudy and Kenny have become very successful business owners together and Rudy was actually the only Huxtable child to never move back into the family home.

"Aww Rudy! Kenneth! Look at my grandbaby! She's so beautiful and has grown so much!" Clair says.

"Tell me about it." Rudy says handing her over to Clair."

"Yes, the youngest of the Huxtable line, little Kennedy. Our baby has a baby. Sorry, I have to break it to you but Clair, we're getting old."

"I'm not getting old. Speak for yourself. Rudy, Kenneth you can go settle in. We'll keep little Kennedy for a while."

"Ok. Thanks mom. Come on, Bud."

"Yes dear." Kenny says following his wife upstairs.

"We have a full house with one more on the way." Cliff says.

"You know what, it's kind of nice. Now how are we going to house all these people?" Clair asks.

"They'll figure it out."

"Cliff, we have five children, four of them are married and eleven grandchildren. Instead of doing what we planned, maybe we need to sell the house and get a mansion." Clair jokes.

"You know I get the feeling that they are all up to something."

"Why is that?"

"They all came early and right now there is an unspeakable amount of people in this house, most of them are under eighteen and do you hear that?"


"Exactly. It's quiet."

"You're right. That is strange. You may be on to them but if that's true, don't go snooping around. Let them surprise us."

"I don't snoop."

"Oh, please. You're the king of the snoopers."

"Fine, I won't 'snoop.'"