Happy 50th Anniversary

Final Chapter

Everyone gathered in the living room.

"Mom and dad, we have a surprise for you." Theo announces and pulls up two chairs for them and turns them toward the stairway. "Have a seat."

"What have you all been up to?" Claire asks.

"Mom, dad, your love has inspired us all. It's beautiful and pure and we all love you so dearly. So sick back and relax. We have something for you." Theo says, walks over to the radio and presses play.

The intro to Michael Jackson's Remember the Time began to bump through the speakers. They all began to do choreography they had come up with then Nelson comes into the forefront and gives a very animated performance lip-synching the first verse. Theo then steps out and lip-synchs the chorus. The second verse comes up and Olivia lip-synchs but also adds her MJ impressions in as well. Kenney lip-synchs the chorus the next time around and then Theo's youngest daughter Annalisa lip-synchs the bridge which reminded everyone who was there when they had done this for Cliff's parents, Russell and Anna of Rudy. It's so cute how Annalisa performed with so much energy and expression while throwing in things she knew about Michael Jackson performances into the mix.

Cliff and Claire claps when it is over. They loved every minute of it and thought it sweet and special that their children and grandchildren would do for them what they did for Cliff's parents.

"We wish you many, many more years of beautiful and fun times to remember." Theo says.

"Happy 50th Anniversary!" Everyone exclaims.

"Thank you all so much!" Cliff says happily.

"This is not all." Sondra starts. "We made a montage video of every video could find of your lives together and…"

"We are sending you two on an all expenses paid vacation, first class!" Denise excitedly announces.

"Really? Where?" Claire asks.

"Hawaii!" Rudy yells in excitement.

"We know how much you both love the ocean and would love to get away." Vanessa says.

"Aw! Thank you all so much! Cliff, we have raised wonderful children." Claire says.

"Yes, indeed we have." Cliff agrees.

Sondra hands over the first class tickets to Hawaii and then they all engage in a group hug.

"Now, I would love to see the video you've all made." Claire says.

They all gather around the huge flat screen television and watch the video montage of Cliff and Claire's fulfilling life. There's laughing and tears of joy.

"The video was absolutely beautiful." Cliff says.

"We're so glad you both enjoyed it." Olivia says.

The next day was the last day before everyone went home so everyone spent a fruitful amount of time together.

"I have an announcement." Theo says. "After mom and dad's bombshell about selling the house, Tessa and I talked and I and the rest of us, I'm sure, cannot bare the thought of letting this house go. We have so many memories here and only saw more to come. I can see how it could be maybe just a little too much for mom and dad at this point so to keep it in the family Tessa and I want to buy the house."

"Really?" Cliff asks surprised.

"Yes." Theo says with enthusiasm.

"In that case, it's sold to you my son." Cliff says.

The news really made the family's day.

"I pass the torch to you." Cliff says to Theo and then hugs his only son. "I love you. I love all of you and I must say that your mother and I are so proud of what all of you have become and we know that you all will continue to make us proud… We can't wait too long before we all get together like this again."

"I second everything your father said." Claire says. "Now, we better get going. We have a plane to catch. Hawaii, here we come!"