A Kaleb Grim FanFiction

School Rumble

Pairings: AkiraXOC, HarimaXTenma, MikotoXHanai ItchijoXImadori and others as I come up with them

Summary: Now this is a redone version of Schoolrum 2nd semester where Tenma begins to remember things important things about our favorite delinquent and What's this a new transfer student enters the arena and is now a part of Yagami High school class 2-C. What delicious mayhem will ensue when the new guy also ends up in a romantic triangle with Yakumo and Akira? And this Guy just happens to be a former child soldier oh ho what will happen when Great Culture Festival Preparations continue.

Chapter 9: To answer a hard question

Harima had removed his glasses showing Tenma his face. "He's so handsome if he just took off his sunglasses once in a while then he could probably have any girl he want. Wait where did that come from he's still into Yakumo and I can't let him near her it's my duty as her big…..Wait his eyes they seem so familiar like,…..like I know him from somewhere else."

"Hey Harima have we met somewhere before?" That was when Harima realized he'd been tricked. "Damnit she outsmarted me and now she wants an answer oh crap." "Um what do you mean Tenma?"

Tenma had this forlorn look on her face "Harima please I know people think of me as a dim bulb but I know when someone is lying." Harima was furious that people thought of his Tenma as dim "When this little episode is over I'm gonna track down all those who think Tenma is stupid and really hurt them."

Harima found himself in between a rock and a hard place. Tenma had asked him how she felt he was familiar to her. He was about to answer when Karasuma walked by and then Tenma was paying more attention to him.

Though Tenma was wondering why her Karasuma was becoming such a jerk he was trying to provoke Kazemaru the new guy and the band was trying to practice without him. Both Tenma and Harima watched Karasuma walk right by them muttering to himself about unforeseen complications and how 'he' never should have come here. Both Tenma and Harima looked at the retreating form of Karasuma "How weird." They both thought.

Tenma looked back at Harima. He was trying to sneak away when Tenma grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. "Harima why are you avoiding me this way; what are you hiding from me?" Harima finally turned around and looked Tenma in the eye "I want to tell you Tenma really but I'm honestly afraid of how you could react and that it would ruin our friendship."

Tenma shook her head "Don't Harima just tell me I won't get mad at you or anything like that just talk to me please." Harima sighed alright but let's go to the roof for a little privacy ok Tenma?" She nodded and followed the dark haired boy in front of her.

They went up to the roof of the school and after Tenma shut the door He just stood there looking almost defeated. "Tenma what do you remember from a couple of years ago?" Tenma had thoughtful look on her face like she was deeply concentrating.

"Well I remember I was attacked and some cute boy saved me and beat up my attacker. I honestly thought it was Karasuma." Harima almost looked crestfallen at this. "But it wasn't him I don't know how to explain it but I know now that it wasn't him.

Harima's day went from good to better with this knowledge now if he could just get her to focus on the act of saving her instead of what followed he Kenji Harima would finally have his girl.

Tenma I was that guy that's why I've been coming to school so much that's why I try so hard to be close to you." Tenma was to say the least shocked at Harima's confession "So you've been trying your hardest in school…for me?" Harima nodded vigorously. Tenma had been so blind but if she was the one that Harima was into then what about her sister? "But what about what you've been doing with Yakumo?"

Harima shook his head "Tenma I have something I need to show you." Harima reached into his bag pulling out a manila envelope. "Tenma I need you to read this please." Tenma took the envelope opened to find that it was a comic "Harima did you draw this?"He nodded. Tenma flipped through the pages and after a half hour finally she was done with the comic she handed the book back to Harima "It was different but it was very well drawn Harima."

Harima was on cloud nine just on Tenma's praise "You really think so Tenma? The young brunette nodded "Yeah but the female lead, her character is so familiar." Harima just chuckled "Tenma I base the female lead on you that's why the character is so familiar to you." Tenma was flattered that Harima would use her in one of his comics. "Tenma now do you see this is what I've been doing with your sister she's my editor and I've been submitting to the local manga publisher under the assumed name of Hario Harima."

Tenma processed all this information "Harima who do you love?" Harima stood there slack jawed "Uh Tenma didn't I just?" "Tell me Harima Who. Do. You. Love?" Harima stupid as he was knew what she want him to tell her. What he felt for her now was his chance to tell her. "I love you….Tenma." Harima stepped forward and held his arms open.

Tenma ran to Harima and hugged him tight


Sorry it took so long guys I was working and things just got away from me