Funerals. The Doctor had been to many of them. The day had come when he went to see Sarah Jane's, and the sorrow that he saw Luke go through... He never wanted to do that again.

He did thank the Tardis for bringing him through to this universe with Jack. They arrived in 2043, and it was a joint funeral. When they walked into the church, there weren't many people. Two women and a man who looked like they were in their thirties or forties sat in the front row, crying silently. An old man sat in a wheelchair to one side. Others, dressed in t-shirts with the Torchwood logo on the back sat at the back of the hall, giving the Smith-Tyler family space. The Doctor and Jack went for the third row. They sat through the funeral, barely listening to the vows that didn't suffice for what Rose had been. Jack was crying, something the Doctor never saw him do before. Hopefully he would never see it again.

The Doctor perked up when mention of a slideshow of photos was mentioned. A monitor was brought down from the ceiling and the photos began. Some had just Rose, pictures of him and her on faraway planets. Others of the metacrisis and Rose outside famous Earth landmarks, like the Pyramids of Giza. Others, of hospitals where Rose and the metacrisis were holding children. The photos flipped by, showing the children growing up, Rose and the metacrisis's hair growing thinner, getting gray. The adventure photos still went on, one outside the Eiffel Tower, another on top of the Empire State Building. Rose and the metacrisis grew older in each photo, until they were old, wrinkled.

Then the adventure photos stopped.

There were pictures of them with their grandchildren, and celebrations like Christmas, but no more of them travelling. The metacrisis's disease was still spreading.

And then the photos stopped.

They proceeded outside, where people were standing and bowing their heads in sorrow. The man in the wheelchair came up to them. "Tony Tyler," He said, introducing himself to the two men. "You are?"

"The Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness," The Doctor said, pointing at himself and the captain.

"The Doctor? They told me you could change face but I never..."

"I'm sorry." The Doctor said and the first tear slid down his face.

"Don't be. Rose and John lived a very good life. Though the money they spent travelling!" They all laughed at that. "They could never keep track. It was just travelling for them. John always had a thirst for it and he gave it to Rose. Or maybe it was the other way around." He lost himself in his thoughts. "It's worse for the three kids. Donna, Sarah and Jack." The Doctor looked at Jack, and he just shrugged. "They all became doctors, for the stories they told them. About you, I guess. They're travelling too, now. Still. Life goes on." Tony looked at the children. "I must go to them. Thank you for coming." He rolled his wheelchair over to the children.

"We need to go." The Doctor said to Jack. "The walls are closing."