I sighed and kicked a rock in the path on the way down to the baths. I figured that, since Jason would probably patch things up with Reyna, I might as well drown my grief in a nice roman bath. As I was turning towards the huge building, I heard rapid footsteps behind me. It. Was. Him. Jason. I immediately forgot any anger or sadness. Just the sight of him-his gorgeous blue eyes, and sandy blond hair, flowing perfectly to give him the perfect surfer guy look. And then it hit me. I loved him. I loved everything about him. I forgot all about Reyna, or about the fact that in a few short hours we would be off to camp half-blood to begin our impossible mission.

I had made up my mind before he even opened his mouth.


As soon as I walked up to her, I almost forgot everything that had just happened. For that one second, I didn't envy Percy and Annabeth, who were strolling along the beach and goofing off. I thought I was the luckiest guy on the planet. "Piper I—" but I never finished my sentence. Her lips interrupted me, crashing against mine, her tongue sliding into my mouth. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could get a girl like Piper, and yet, here I was, making out with my best friend, and I was completely and utterly happy.


I sighed as we pulled away from each other, gasping for air. What I thought would be an awkward silence was just…. right. Without any words we had expressed all of our feelings. It was a perfect moment, which only got better as he gently took my hand and led me off towards the beach.