A/N: This is just an idea, it's like a drabble, only a few words too long. Of course, this is the Spectre's Black Ending (If you couldn't already tell)

Disclaimer: I do not own Twisted Metal or any of it's characters.

Mary Mary, Quite Contrary

I'm sure there were quite a few sour faces in town when all the girls learned I'd won the contest. I demanded my prize from Calypso, I wanted to meet my true love. To this day, I still can't believe what he said.

"I am your prize."

My god! HIM? My true love? I couldn't believe it. He was so…appalling! His bald head, his glass eye. I couldn't imagine myself being with him!

"I could have all the women in the world, but I've decided to choose you. You are the most beautiful bride I have ever laid eyes on. Every other man is a fool not to love you."

He was right, all the other men in the world ARE fools not to pick me as their bride. Looks aren't everything, I suppose. Calypso might be the smartest man in the world, choosing to marry me over all the fat ugly bitches in the world.

And from that day forward, I became the queen of Twisted Metal, sitting on the throne next to Calypso. If anyone should take that away from me…well…I'll just do to them, what I did to Kristen.