Title: When Peacocks Fall

Pairings: Hermione/Lucius

Summary: Lucius finds an injured peacock in his garden, not realizing it is Hermione Granger in her Animgaus form. What happens when Hermione reveals herself to him and feelings appear on the surface? Takes place after the war.

He held Narcissa hand as they walked behind Voldemort and in front of the other surviving Death Eaters. He held her hand, making sure that she never left him. As soon as they found Draco, they were leaving. He couldn't bear the thought of losing either one of them.

They were listening to Neville making his speech when he suddenly took out a sword from The Sorting Hat and Harry jumped out of Hagrid's arms when Voldemort turned to face them, his red eyes filled with furry and hate.

"You lied to me!" Voldemort hissed at Narcissa and Lucius was about to pull her behind him for protection when Voldemort shouted. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" And a brilliant jet of green light hit Narcissa square on the chest. That was when the battle continued.

But not for Lucius.

He watched the body of his wife fall down in slow motion, before it hit the ground he caught it and with Draco running over to him, tears were streamed down his face.

"No," Lucius said, rocking Narcissa back and forth. "No, No, No."

"Father, we have to get out of here," Draco said urgently, trying to pull him up.

"Leave me here," Lucius said, at lost at what to do as he knelt beside her.

"Father!" Draco said urgently, finally able to pull up Lucius and Lucius turned to face his son. "We have to get out of here before either one of us joins her,"

"Let me join her. I have nothing to live for after this," Lucius pressed, staring in shock at Narcissa cold body, She was alive and well couple of minutes ago, but now, dead. Draco sighed and made his way to pick up Narcissa body. "We're leaving and no buts. Help me carry Mother's body,"

Lucius obeyed him, he wanted to cry over the loss of his wife but he would not. Not now. He was a Malfoy and Malfoy's do not cry in public. Narcissa...

Lucius awoke in cold sweat and panted as though he ran for miles. He swallowed something at the back of his throat and he turned to face the left side of his bed, where it was empty and cold. He hesitated for a minute when he put his hand out on the cold spot next to him before sighing and getting out of bed.

Life wasn't the same anymore, not after Narcissa died. Now, it was a daily routine everyday. You sleep, you wake up and survive. That was all Lucius did.

A house elf appeared in front him as he made his way downstairs, fully dressed. "Yes Mickey?"

"What would master like for breakfast?" Mickey asked nervously. Why were the bloody house elf痴 were always so bloody nervous?

Lucius sighed. "What I normally would have, but leave it for another hour. I am going for a walk,"

Mickey bowed and left Lucius to put on his long thick fur coat and he closed the door behind him and admired the white peacocks that were strolling elegantly across the courtyard.

Narcissa was the one who wanted white peacocks in Malfoy manor. Few months after they got married, she thought it was too quite and so they decided to buy some.

Lucius hadn't regretted it since.

He walked along the edge of the forest when he heard panic squawking around the corner. He frowned and ducked low underneath the brambles until he found one of his peacocks caught in an animal trap.

"Bloody animal traps," He said angrily and he walked closer to it. It was one of his female ones and it's legs were caught causing it's long delicate tail and wings to become blooded.

He slowly bent down and patted it's head, trying to soothe it so he could use his wand to open the trap.

The peacock managed to calm down and Lucius took out his wand and destroyed the trap, setting the peacock free.

She tried to stand up but her legs were weak and he sighed, taking off his long coat and wrapped her up gently and picked her up.

"Mickey!" He called once he was inside, the female peacock looked worriedly around her surroundings and began to squirm a little but Lucius held a firm grip in his arms.

The house elf appeared in front of him, his eyes wide in shock as he saw the peacock.

"Yes master?"

"I need equipment to care for my peacock and make sure you get a large cage, fitted in the dining room where she will be rested and where I can heal her," Lucius replied as he began to make his way.

"At once sir," The house elf disappeared on the spot and as Lucius walked in, all ready there was a large metal cage with beddings on the ground, large enough for the peacock to have space and sleep.

He put her in there, taking the coat away from her as he did so and Mickey appeared next to him, with the right equipment.

"Thank you," He said. Lucius has learnt his lesson with Dobby now. Never mistreat your houself's. Otherwise they'll end up insane or try and kill you.

Or both.

Mickey then disappeared and Lucius went to heal the peacock. First, he cleaned up the wound, making sure it didn't get infected and then, he wrapped a bandaged around her legs. He sat back, satisfied with his work when he studied the peacock.

It was beautiful, all of his peacocks were but yet there was something different about this one. Like the markings around her eyes and the way she looked at him, yet he couldn't quite place what was different about her.

The peacock tried to stand up, but failed and promptly sat back back down again, letting out a long cry of sorrow.

He shivered at the sound, reminding him of the music that played at Narcissa funeral and he looked at away at once and cleaned up the mess he made.

He would have to leave it here for now, before it healed completely.

He sighed.

Can't he just have one day without anything getting injured?

Hermione Granger was furious. Completely furious. She clenched her fists as she watched her now ex-fiancee and the woman in their bed, hurriedly get dressed.

"I want you both out of my house," She seethed. Ron cringed as he pulled on his shirt and the blonde woman looked weary at her. So she should be.

"But Hermione-"

"No but's Ronald! I've had enough! You cheated on me and lied and dishonoured me! I want you out and never to see you again!" She shouted much louder this time, her hands pointing in the direction of the doorway. The woman grabbed her coat and quickly got out before Hermione could cast a hex or curse on her or worse, punch her.

"How could you do this to me Ron?" Hermione whispered faintly. "What happened?"

Ron just shrugged as he stood up. "Fell out of love," He replied and with that he walked out of the house, slamming the door behind him.

Hermione let out a sob and she clenched at her t-shirt as she did so. Shaking slightly, she took of her engagement ring and threw it in the bin.

What had she done wrong? Was it her that did something?

Stupid bloody bastard.

She growled and ran outside, before screaming and kicking and punching the tree. She shook violently.

She had to get away from here. Now.

She closed her eyes and apparated away and she found herself in a forest, somewhere she doesn't know.

She sighed and closed her eyes and felt herself transforming into her Animgaus form. The world suddenly seemed much smaller and in black and white.

Just liked how she preferred to see things. Black and white. No in between.

She stretched her neck and legs and wings, it has been a long time since she has been in her animgaus form and somehow, she felt glad to be back.

She took some steps forward, testing out her legs again and she nodded approvingly. She then continued to walk, her long white tale trailing behind her when she suddenly stumbled upon an animal trap, her legs caught in the metal bars and she squawked in pain.

She squirmed and tried to change back, but it was no use. Her legs were trapped and injured.

She mentally cursed herself for not being alert and she started squawking for help when Lucius Malfoy came into view.

"Bloody animal traps," Lucius seethed and he bent down to help her while Hermione squirmed. Not Lucius Malfoy, please anyone but not him!

Too late. The animal trap was destroyed and she felt relief flooded through her when she felt herself being lifted up and being placed in a long fur coat, which felt very comfortable. She felt safe and content, being in Lucius long arms, yet he has no idea who she was.

They came in front of the manor, the very same manor where Hermione was tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange and she shivered at the memory.

Then, she suddenly found herself in a cage, being attended to by Lucius and while his hands moved alongside her legs, cleaning the wound, Hermione closed her eyes, imagining herself what it would be like for him to touch her in her normal form.

No Hermione! Get a grip! You are nothing more than a mudblood!

She snapped her eyes wide open and turned to face Lucius again.

As soon as she's healed, she's out.

Lucius cleaned the mess around him and looked at her, as though studying her.

"Think that should do. Don't you think Narcissa?" Hermione's heart broke when he said his dead wife name and saw the look of hurt when he realized that she wasn't there.

He was a very lost man.

Her eyes softened.

She hoped to make a difference once she was out of this bloody form.