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3 years later

"Sienna. Come on bub time to get up." Lara said as she walked into her 3 and a half year old daughter's room.

"I'm up. Are we going to the park today?" she asked as they walked downstairs into the kitchen.

"Not today. It is raining sweetie." Dean said placing her breakfast in front of her and handing Lara her coffee.

"Thanks." Lara said stealing a piece of toast out of the toaster.

"Hey. That was mine." Dean said.

"But why?" Sienna whined as she ate her breakfast.

"Because it is raining. We can't go to the park if the weather is bad. Okay." Lara said reasoning with her daughter.

"Ok mummy." Sienna said as she went upstairs to get dressed.

"Come on. Go get dressed then we can get out the door before it downpours again." Lara said ushering Dean into the bathroom.


"Aunty Heidi!" Sienna yelled as she made it to the top of the stairs, leaving her parents running after her.

"Hey Siena. Where is mummy and daddy?" Heidi asked.

"Right here." Dean said running up the stairs, Lara following behind him.

"Sienna. Please don't do that again." Lara said breathless as she sat down at her desk and pulled Sienna into her lap.

"Sorry mummy. I won't do it ever again." Sienna said before se wriggled out of her mother's grip and ran over to Chase and

"Okay everyone. We have a call out to a car stuck under a truck on Olympic Boulevard. Everyone but Sienna is going." Vince
said grabbing the little runaway.

"Come on. Pwease." Sienna said, using puppy dog eyes on Vince.

"Oh. How can I say no to that look." Vince said placing her in Lara's arms.

"Come on baby girl. Do you think you guys can handle it while I look after Sienna?" Lara asked Dean as she buckled him in.

"Yeah. But we will need your help still." Dean said as they took off out of the driveway.

20 mins later

"Sienna. Daddy and I are—" Lara said as she came to the back of the patrol only to find Sienna missing.

"Sienna!" Lara yelled searching frantically for her before breaking down into tears.

"Lara. Hey what's wrong?" Dean asked before looking into the back of the patrol where his daughter should've been.

"Sienna!" Dean yelled.

The whole team started calling out, but to no avail she didn't show up.

"Call the police." Lachie said knowing this had turned out to be a kidnapping.

Cliffhanger! Will they be able to find the little 3 year old? Stay tuned for chapter two!