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Chapter 4 - See No Evil

Jackal was not someone who would stand down from a challenge, many would think that after spending so many sleepless nights in a dank old cell, with nothing to do but claw his fingers to the bone he was able to feel the vibe between father and son, he understood that the father expected nothing more from his son but a five-minute tantrum that would cause the world to come crumbling down. Jackal knew that the BOY would not dare go against his father once his over sized foot had left a dent in the floor, but the man was not his father so Jackal was going to help the boy out.

He was going to get the glasses back.

Moving around the tight cramped apartment was nothing new, though there was many things that caught his attention and almost made him forget the reason, for him to be out of the "safety" and "comfort" of the young BOY's room. One of these things was the scooter that laid on its side by a large bookcase that seemed to be just covered in old photo's of a woman that he saw to be as -

The Withered Lover.

How he hated that bitch. He bared his teeth and spat at the photo, the corner of his eye twitched as he could have sworn that the once charming smile turned into a frown, shaking his hair causing his rat tailed ebony hair to wrap tighter around the bars that prevented him from biting he looked away from the picture and took one last admiring glance at the scooter, he was about to walk towards the cooker where he noticed something was hissing and spitting fat onto the buttons that changed temperature when he heard the voice that he had waited for.

"Kathy, don't forget to take Bobby to the park hopefully he will leave his scooter there!"

It was meant to be a joke but it had been one that had been used so many times, that Kathy couldn't even bring herself to smile, instead she ran from where she stood which happened to be just outside the smaller bathroom and towards the cooker when she noticed once again that she had allowed the scrambled egg to burn not only the pan but the cooker its self. Unaware that the cold chill she felt down her spine was the buckle of the Jackal's straight jacket that brushed against her thigh, she set to work quickly serving up another burnt breakfast. Many would find it strange how the family was able to get back on their feet so quickly, but after the fire and the constant moving they were prepared for anything even if it was a haunted glass house.

Jackal found himself in a room that was only a few inches larger than the young BOY's room, he saw the man standing in front of a mirror sorting out a badly coloured tie which lay against, an even uglier coloured buttoned shirt. Resisting the urge to lunge and slice the fabric he began to look around for the glasses, if the BOY was going to be able to help him he would need to see him it would make things so much more easier for himself. He was selfish that way. Tugging at the straps to insure that they would not wrap around anything again, he ignored the mumbling behind him coming from the man and looked around obvious places on where he could have placed the glasses -

Bed Side Drawer. On top of a lamp. On a book. Even on the floor.

Nothing. Nothing was there and it was only causing the tips of his teeth to become blunt as he started to grind his teeth rather loudly, the sound was enough to make the man pause and Jackal's face to flush as he had to remind himself constantly that even though he couldn't be seen he could very well be heard. But it seemed that the sound of his grinding was a good thing as the man turned himself briefly around and Jack was able to see, the glasses in his back pocket.

It would not be easy to grab onto the valuable object, Jackal would have to be quick and stealthy if humans were still as idiotic as they were, when he was a lad then he clearly wouldn't have any trouble.

He moved quickly using the powers that he gained from being a spirit but also the tricks that he learnt, when he was hunting down prostitute's when he was alive. As the male turned back to gaze at himself in the mirror Jackal used the broken strap of his jacket to wrap around the males ankle causing him to trip and land onto his stomach harshly, which would surely have knocked the wind out of him. While the male would be dazed and confused Jackal swiped the glasses from his back pocket, and quickly made his way back to where the young BOY would be hopefully waiting for him.